About Insider Growth, Aidan Lehane & How It All Started

I remember waking up and going into the same office everyday, eating the same food and doing the same boring job week in and week out.

I felt like an outsider looking in, wondering how these people could be happy doing this for 40+ years just to get a pension and some time off when they are already too old to really enjoy the freedom.

I made up my mind to quit and start a business, I started devouring information on how to make money online on my drive in and out of work and used to sneak away at lunch break to listen to my favorite Audiobooks, Youtube Channels, Podcasts, and Online Coaches so that I could build up enough knowledge to quit and start my own business.

I gave myself 6 months and learned like a mad man everyday until it was finally time to hand in my notice to Microsoft and tell them I would no longer be working there.

What followed was the biggest down and then up rollercoaster of my life where I went through a painful break-up and went dead broke before clawing my way back and eventually getting my Digital Marketing Agency to 6 figures.

I still wasn’t satisfied and wanted to keep learning more and more so I got into blogging and have since grown 5 successful blogs earning 5 figures per month along with Affiliate Marketing, Print On Demand, Youtube Channels, Agency Clients, and E-Commerce stores to where I am earning enough Passive Income to dedicate my time to building out this site which I hope will be the legacy that I leave to the world.

Sure this site is already earning passive income through Affiliate, but the real goal is to help others to reach their potential, Escape the Rat Race and create online passive income of their own.

There are plenty of different ways to earn online but what we really want is to create online brands that can grow, scale, and eventually be sold for at least 6 figures.

Eventually, we all want to obtain financial freedom so that we can pursue our passions and true callings in life.

That is what this site is for me.

Blogging is one of the very best ways to create lasting and truly passive income.

It will also enable you to build a brand on top of it.

I recommend you get started by reading my latest E-Book: Blogging 101 – Become A Full-Time Blogger In 12 Months.

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