Aerodrums Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Dragons’ Den?

Founders of Aerodrums Yann Morvan and Richard Lee appeared on Dragons’ Den to pitch their idea of a unique drumming system.

The idea was to make a revolutionary air-drumming instrument to allow users to practice their skills using virtual reality and they have gone on to create a highly successful company with an estimated net worth of over $10 million.

But did the deal go through and where is the company today? Find out more in today’s article.

What Is Aerodrums?

Aerodrums is a virtual drum set that operates through your computer. This technology understands your drumming intent by detecting your movements through a high speed camera.

Since this is a virtual air-drumming instrument it allows users to practice their drumming anywhere without the hassle of transporting a physical drum set.

What’s more, the virtual air-drumming instrument won’t disturb the people around you with your drum beats because you can hear your drumming through headphones.

The product works with Windows or Mac operating systems and you can download the product’s software after purchasing your Aerodrums.

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Overall Score: 93/100

When Was The Company Founded?

Aerodrums was founded in 2011 by Richard Lee and Yann Morvan to solve the problems that drummers have when transporting their instrument.

The duo launched their first product in 2014 which consisted of drumsticks and reflective markers for the user’s feet to imitate drum peddles.

The high speed camera then picks up on the reflective markers and drumsticks to detect the intent of the drummer’s movements.

What is Aerodrums Revenue?

The Aerodrums company net worth would need to be estimated but their recent revenue is £12 million per anum.

What’s more, the price value for an Aerodrums kit is $160 or €120, giving the company as estimated net worth of over £10 million.

Why is Aerodrums so Popular?

Aerodrums is a popular product because it allows users to practice using the drums anywhere and at anytime provided they’re connected to a computer.

This virtual reality product is ideal for amateur and professional drummers who live in small apartments that can’t accommodate a large drum set.

Dragons’ Den Appearance – Did the Deal Go Through?

The founders of Aerodrums appeared on Dragons Den in 2016 and asked for £75,000 investment in exchange for 5% of the company’s stakes.

The first Dragon to back out was Touker Suleyman because he thought there was no value in the business.

Lee and Morvan were offered the £75,000 investment between two Dragons but with a 40% stake in the company. The founders declined the offer because they believed it was too much equity to give up.

Where Is The Company Today?

When the company appeared on Dragons’ Den it had already sold over 3500 Aerodrums.

The company is still extremely successful and sells its products through online retailers and through its own website.

Final Thoughts

Through Aerodrums you can create drum beats to make your own songs. Since it utilizes digital software you can add your drum beats to other songs through music production software easily.

What’s more, Aerodrums are ideal for people who want to learn basic drumming techniques before using an actual drum kit.

Currently, there is a free 3D/VR software update for all Aerodrums users that provides a more realistic drumming experience.

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Overall Score: 93/100