Are Paid Blogging Courses Worth It Or Just A Waste Of Time In 2022

Ok, So you have decided that blogging is a career that you might be interested in OR you have tried already only to be frustrated by your lack of success.

You may have gotten to the point where it is time to acknowledge that you may not know everything and you are either considering quitting or getting some professional help.

I got into creating Authority Sites because I was making a lot of spare cash from Digital Marketing and was looking for a quality place to invest and multiply it.

I stumbled upon a course, invested heavily and achieved some success without really knowing what I was doing too much.

That course did give me a foundation that I used to build multiple niche sites and I took multiple subsequent courses on the subject too.

The truth of the matter is, once you are ready and willing to put in the effort, a paid course can absolutely make sense but the WORK is the golden ticket, you HAVE to make a commitment to yourself that you are willing to make an honest commitment in direct proportion to the returns you want to get.

If your money is tight and you are wondering if you should invest it in a course or in hiring writers and learning the full process online from free resources, I would say it depends on your level of knowledge.

If you are complete beginner, you know that you are probably making a ton of mistakes and you have some money to invest, A paid blogging course is definitely going to help you to achieve the results you want in a much quicker timescale.

If you have made an attempt at blogging already, you have a good idea of what goes into a good blog but you know that you are probably missing a couple of the insider tips and tricks that can help you achieve success quicker. You are also unhappy with the lack of progress you have made but money is tight, you can probably get the knowledge you need without investing in the course.

For anybody lucky enough to be one of the first 50 people to join the Insider Growth Blogging community, you should definitely get enrolled in our course.

You might ask why you should sign up for my course and the answer is simple, I’ve created 6 real life, successful blogs already and I’ve done all of the best courses in the industry.

All Models Assume A Willingness To Put In The Hard Work Required:

  • Knowledge Low + Money High = Definitely Worth It
  • Knowledge High + Money Low = Maybe Look For The Free Tips
  • Knowledge low + Money Low = Worth It If You Can Afford
  • Knowledge High + Money High = Definitely Worth It

Does The Content Exist Already For Free?

The content you are looking for is almost always going to be available for free online through blogs and increasingly on Youtube.

The biggest problem for you is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

Catchy video titles like ’10 Ways To Succeed With Your Blog’ are almost always going to be leading you to a paid course anyway.

Once you learn the key steps to blogging, you can systematize, scale and sell blogs over and over again so it is worth invest acquire these skills if you do not already possess them.

Ask any successful person and they will tell you to invest in relevant knowledge before something like a house because they understand that the relevant skills can lead to your ability to purchase many houses in the future.

In a recent article, we talked about whether Blogging itself was still worth it or is it finally dead in 2020 and the conclusion is that blogging is just as lucrative as it has always been but the competition is becoming more intense, making the old ways of doing things outdated and ineffective.

The Quality Of The Course Is Going To Make A Huge Difference:

If you want to take a course about creating an Authority Website, you NEED to take one from someone who is actively involved in building niche sites.

1 thing that you have got to understand is that created I niche site about creating niche sites, is a very profitable niche.

There are plenty of people who have never created a niche site that want to tell you how to create niche sites. Even if they know their stuff, you still want to go with courses where the tutors are running a niche site, niche site and other niche sites at the same time.

This game is changing all the time. The tactics I used to build my first Niche site were crude yet effective. It was following up and building the 2nd , 3rd, 4th and 5th Niche sites that really made me an expert.

The TRUTH is, I held off for years before become an online coach because I wanted to make sure that no body could do it better than I can.

Certain people are good at certain things when it comes to niche sites but nobody does everything perfectly.

Some courses will teach you how to garnish a whole ton of traffic but their monetization and design skills will be lacking.

Others will great at design and have a high level of focus on monetization without knowing how to get the highest levels of traffic to the website.

I created and ran a digital marketing company for years before I got into Niche sites and I am setting up this course for two reasons:

Reason 1: I believe that I can create A Niche Site just as well if not better than anybody else.

Reason 2: I can teach you things that nobody else is teaching.

If I didn’t believe these things, I wouldn’t be doing it.

What Are You Looking To Gain From The Course?

Are you looking to learn everything there is about blogging or do you already have traffic and a good blog but are worried you are missing out on some nuggets.

To learn everything about blogging and start from scratch with little knowledge, a course is probably the only way you are going to learn.

If you are already advanced and are looking for the golden nuggets, you can probably find them for free and may be underwhelmend when you pay to sign up for a course.

Mistakes People Make With Niche Sites

Ok, so know we are on the same page when it comes to building Niche Sites, lets dive into some of the common mistakes people are making with Niche Sites, before we start recommending some courses.

Mistake Number 1: Picking The Wrong Niche

The Niche is the foundation for any site and we want to get it right before we proceed any further.

You want to avoid sub niching too narrow at all costs and that means picking topics where Google AI can easily give the answer like a weather blog.

Or maybe it is taking a particular topic in a good niche and leaving yourself no room to grow create a boxing shoes authority instead of a boxing gear authority site.

Remember folks, The riches are in the niches so choose wisely.

The best niche will be something you are passionate in AND:

  • Large Numbers Of Other People Are Interested In It
  • You Have Room To Grow And Scale
  • People In The Niche Have Money And Are Willing To Spend It
  • You Can Create Courses, Membership Sites And Digital Products For Your Audience

Mistake Number 2: Expecting Things To Happen Too Quickly

Niche sites take time. If you could start writing blog posts and be making income within 2 weeks, everybody and their mother would be creating sites. Nobody would do anything else and it would be a whole lot tougher to make a space in the market for your website.

In reality, the way it goes is that you start writing articles and Google will discover and index your site within a couple of weeks.

Most people give up when things don’t happen straight away but the fact of the matter is Google is going to take at least 3 to 6 months to trust your site enough to start giving it some serious traffic.

In all honesty, you should be HAPPY things don’t happen overnight, it provides a barrier to entry and once you know that if you keep pushing you will be rewarded, it makes it a whole lot easier to TRUST THE PROCESS.

Truth be told, I gave up on my first site after creating content religiously for three months, things just weren’t happening quickly enough and I started building another site.

At around the 9 month mark I checked again and saw just a little increase and that was enough, I pushed all in as hard as I could for 6 months and got to 100k pageviews per month. God knows what would have happened if I had stuck with that site the whole time.

Mistake Number 3: Writing The Wrong Type Of Content

There a couple of sub points in this one and it is probably the most common reason people go wrong. After years of research we finally know how to create the content that Google WANTS it’s users to see.

Lifestyle Blogs

Blogging is certainly not dead, but it is changing. Writing about random things that happen in your life isn’t going to work anymore.

You need to be structured. You need to pick your niche, break it into sub categories and write articles for each category.

You cant just write about random tv shows you watched, restaurants you visited and how you celebrated your cats birthday. This may have worked in the past but times have certainly moved on.

Your visitors need to be the star of the show and your blog needs to reflect that by giving them the value they want, deserve and expect.

Not Weighing Up The Competition

Competition in blogging is at all time high and you need to BOX SMART to get the top spots.

One thing we have discovered is that Google appreciates longer content over shorter blog posts and we can use this to our advantage.

While we cant go head to head with’s 4,000 word best golf club sets for beginners article, we can create our own best golf club sets for seniors article with 4,000 words and take the top spot.

There may be a lot of competition for certain keywords but there are also different variations of how it is searched that you can take advantage of.

Writing The Wrong Articles

Just plain writing the wrong articles that can get you the highest amount of quality traffic is something we see all too often.

Key word research matters. Having short Urls with the correct search term matters and have the right Meta Titles to signal to Google want you want to Blog to rank for also matters.

We know the best way to do your keyword research that nobody else is teaching including Google Auto Complete, Keywords Everywhere tool and our Patented Vs. posts.

There are 5 Main types of Articles we like to write:

  • Authority Articles
  • Best Lists
  • Product Reviews
  • Vs Posts
  • Common Question Answer Posts

Mistake 4: Depending On Amazon Affiliate Too Much

You could say Amazon Affiliate created the Affiliate Industry with their large commissions for referring traffic.

The program has been running for 20 years but it does look like it is coming to an end slowly.

The writing is on the wall! – It’s an old phrase from Ancient Babylon when a king was warned his time was up by writing on his palace wall.

Amazon have again slashed their fees to 3% for almost everything and 1% for some categories, destroying a lot of people incomes, right in the middle of a pandemic too!

The first course I did was basically creating niche sites and referring all the traffic to Amazon for the commissions.

It’s a solid strategy but it is not always going to be around so you need to sign up to other affiliate deals in your industry or Ebay to mitigate your risk. The problem is that these programs don’t tend to convert as well.

The Amazon Affiliate Authority site is not a strategy we can promote anymore so we need to be more clever in how we structure our site.

Online courses, Digital Products and Private Affiliate Programs are the way forward.

Mistake 5: Trying to Write All Of The Content Yourself

When I started out in entrepreneurship, I read a book called Life Leverage by Robert Moore and that book told me to outsource everything that somebody else could do 80% as well as I could.

That is something that stuck with me and has allowed me to build successful businesses time and time again.

The same is true for content writing. Our strategy is to write the first 20 or 30 posts yourself but then you need to start finding writers that can help to accelerate your growth.

Our course provides easy to use templates that make it is easy for the writer to deliver what you actually want 99 times out of 100 and we show you exactly how to find the very best writers for your project.

If you blog is a hobby on the side, fair enough you can write all of the content yourself but once you make the decision to expand and go full time, it is time to start considering bringing new people on board, just like any real business, starting with the writers.

The good thing is these are going to be contractors with no legally binding legal agreements like employees,

Mistake 6: No Internal Linking

Google runs on links and Internal linking has three distinct advantages over External Link Building:

Internal Linking Costs Nothing: You can add your internal links as you are creating you content. It’s easy, hassle free and cost free.

Internal Linking: Allows your audience to flow from one article to the next and reduces bounce rates.

Rankings: Internal Linking increases the rankings of your posts considerably.

In our course we go over things in more detail like topic selection, theme selection and content writing but this should be enough to get you moving if you don’t want to fork out on a course and have an idea what you are doing anyway.

The last thing you want to do is pay money to sign up for the wrong course that will teach you the basics of SEO with no meat on how to really jump start your traffic and monetization.

Courses We Recommend:

Insider Growth Authority Site Course:

We aim to give you all the support you need from setting up your website to select you theme and picking your niche and we even help you to pick your blog titles and how many words to write for each blog post.

Income School

Income School offer a great course that teaches you how to generate a ton of relevant traffic and a sustainable business that will last you for years to come.

Income school pride themselves on their exclusive community which is really helpful and they offer courses on Youtube, Pinterest and Digital Products that will help you to maximise your earnings without relying too heavily on Amazon Affiliate.

This course will cost around $500 bucks but it is well worth the investment.

Authority Hackers

These are some good people in Alex and Lauren who it appears made 1 authority site and started this Authority Site course which is really good.

It will teach you almost everything that Income School will teach you without the awesome community but it is still definitely worth looking at.

This course will set you back $297 and is definitely worth you investment to get your niche site set up.