Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2022

When it comes WordPress, plugins are crucial to making your website perform optimally, have the functionality you require, be secure and load quickly.

In this guide, we are taking a look at 10 of the best plugins available for free on WordPress in 2019.

1. WP Smush

WP Smush

Nowadays, people want the information, they are looking for as quickly as possible. Slow loading pages are a big no-no, especially on mobile.
People also want the information to presented in an appealing manner with relevant images. These images can contain, info, charts or just look nice on the page.

Large images are a sure fire way of slowing down your loading pages. Stock Images can be extremely large files, so it is up to you to optimise them for the web.

Step up, WP Smush which automatically reduces the files sizes of your images and makes them load a lot quicker with out losing the quality of the image.

This is an easy win for WordPressers and it’s free.

2. Classic Editor

Classic Editor 1

Classic editor is pivotal for wordpress. Without an editor, your pages on the backend will be full of Shortcode content that you won’t understand and that’s very hard to update as you can’t see what will actually be rendering on the screen in the backend.

Classic editor gives you text editors as well as two pains. Visual and text. The text will contain the html code while the visual will contain how the page will render in someones browser.

If you see gobbledy gook in your pages on the backend when you go to edit, you need classic editor.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Ads for Show, SEO for Dough. While this certainly holds true in a lot of situations (not all), Having good SEO is how you build traffic for free.

Yoast SEO will guide you to this end, allowing you to enter a focus keyword and see how you will rank for it. Green, Orange or red star.

Don’t obsess about getting the green star. The most important things to focus on are the Meta Title and Meta Description.

This is how you tell Google what you want the page to rank for. Make sure The meta title contains the keyword that people are actually looking for.

4. Duplicator

Duplicate Page

As you get more advanced with wordpress, you will often need to create the same types of pages. (All you service pages will have the same layout etc.

Duplicator allows you to copy one to a new page as a draft. Change the name and URL and you have effectively copied the template from page to another.

Very effective for saving time.

5. File Manager

File Manager

Ever heard of FTP? If you have worked with any developers, you more than likely have. It’s how you get into the files in the background of your site.

File manager performs the same task, allowing you or your developers to change any background files right there in wordpress.

This is more advance so dont go playing with this unless you know what you are doing.

6. Image Replace

Replace Image

As your site gets bigger, you may be using the same image in a number of different places. If you fancy changing this image, it might be a few hours work doing it in the backend.

Instead, you can just replace the image once with this handy plugin and you are done.

7. Wordfence


Security is paramount to maintaining your website. Plenty of hackers and malicious actors will be more than happy to steal your information or infect your website with a virus.

Wordfence gives you tons of options for blocking, limiting and restricting access to your site as a whole or even certain actions like locking a user out after a number of failed log in attempts.

8. Updraft

Updraft Plus Plugin

Take a backup of your site and download to your computer or send it straight to the cloud. This handy plugin can do just that.

Your hosting company should keep back ups for you, but even still it is prudent to keep copy yourself somewhere completely unrelated, should worst come to worst.

Check out Updraft for this.

9. All In One Migration

All in One Migration

Need to move your site from one domain to another. There a few tools out there to do this and All In One Migrator is one of the best.

Give this a try if you ever need to move a website.

10. W3 Cache

W3 Cache

W3 Cache, preloads all the content on your page so when a user visits the page opens as quickly as possible. Fast loading times are essential to a low bounce rate
and an engaged audience.