Blueland Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Sarah Paiji Yoo and Syed Naqvi co-founded Blueland with a dream to make the world a better and greener place with “green” and eco-friendly cleaning products.

They appeared on season 11 of SharkTank with the hope to get an investment of $270 000 to grow their company.

The question is, were the sharks impressed? Let’s find out!

Quick Facts About The Blueland Shark Tank Company

Blueland Shark Tank Episode

Season 11 Episode 1

Business Type

Eco-Friendly Subscription Service For Cleaning Tablets And Supplies


Sarah Paiji Yoo & Syed Naqvi

Asked For On Shark Tank

$270,000 for 2%

Offer Accepted On Shark Tank

$270,000 For 3% + $0.5 Per Kit Royalty


Kevin O’Leary


In Business

Net Worth:

$10 Million

What Does The Blueland Company Do?

Blueland was created with an idea to make “green” cleaning products.

They have four products in their line: a bathroom cleaner, a window cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, and hand soap.

How it works is that their customers buy their “forever bottles” once and refill them with tablets that dissolve in water.

Where did the Blueland Idea Come From?

Co-founder Sarah Paiji Yoo wanted to create a product focused on eliminating plastic waste in the environment.

She got the idea to develop the products while feeding her baby on formula made from water. She read about the dissolved microplastics in the world’s waters and this bothered her.

Before Blueland, Sarah was a partner at LAUNCH. She also held the CEO position at Snapette, a mobile platform for fashion shopping that was later acquired by a price comparison site in 2013.

Mr. Naqvi has vast experience in the consumer product arena because he worked at the Research and Development (R&D) division of Johnson & Johnson.

What are the Blueland Products Made Off?

The Blueland tablet refills come in compostable and recyclable packaging, so there is truly zero plastic waste in these products.

The spray “Forever Bottles,” as their name suggests, are designed to be reused and are made from non-leaching and shatterproof BPA-free plastic. 

What Offer Did They Walk Away With After Their Shark Tank Episode?

The shark, Kevin O’Leary made an offer to the Blueland team for $270,000 For 3% for the company + $0.5 Per Kit Royalty.

This was an offer that Sara and Syed could not resist, they were happy and made the deal!

Where Is The Blueland Company Today?

Blueland has been featured on various international news websites since their SharkTank episode and has just become more and more popular.

Their products can be bought online on Amazon, their website, and other international retailers.

In February 2020, Blueland released a hilarious commercial featuring O’Leary. They convinced “Mr. Wonderful” to clean a toilet on TV. Watch it!