Bundil Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

With the world fascinated by cryptocurrency, it opened up many new business possibilities.

Dmitri Love is someone who grabbed this opportunity by creating Bundil, a crypto investment app.

With Bundil it’s easy for almost anyone to start enjoying the age of crypto. Dmitri headed to the tank to obtain funding to make his idea a long term success. Did it work out as he planned?

Bundil Quick Facts



Company Net Worth:

$1.5 Million – *Estimated


App to invest spare change in crypto


Dmitri Love

Asked For:

$100,000 for 10% equity


$100,000 for 50% equity


Kevin O’Leary

What Does Bundil Do?

When you download the Bundil app you can link it to your credit and debit cards.

Then, each time you make a purchase with a card, it will take the amount you pay, round it up and deposit that difference as an investment in a crypto currency.

Why is this so important in the crypto market? Because many people want to take part in cryptocurrency investments but they don’t understand the ‘how’ and ‘what’ very well.

The app makes it effortless to invest without knowing much about the market, coding or crypto mining.

Who is Dmitri Love?

Dmitri Love is the brain behind the app and his mom was his inspiration.

While helping her with cryptocurrency transactions he realized there are many people like her—they simply don’t have the know-how and it’s difficult to figure out the complex market. So, he designed an app to make it easier to enjoy crypto investment benefits.

Dmitri was a biochemistry student in Arkansas but learnt to code while in bed after a knee injury. This empowered him to create an app—Bundil—to help his mom and many others.

The app did the work on their behalf, all for a small monthly subscription.

Why Did He Need Sharks’ Help?

Dmitri knew he had a good product but even though he launched it, getting customers was a challenge.

This was his motivation to visit the tank, hoping for $100 000 investment and willing to give away 10% of the company.

What did the Sharks Say?

No doubt, the sharks were impressed and they knew the product was relevant to today’s market.

However, not many of them have had experience in the app market. Only Kevin O’Leary had done it before, so eventually he was the only one willing to take a chance with Dmitri.

Unfortunately, Kevin didn’t want to agree to Dmitri’s original proposal. For his investment of $100 000 Kevin wanted half of the company.

What did Dmitri Decide?

Dmitri knew he needed help. Kevin also listed all the problems they would still need to solve for the app to be truly successful.

So, Dmitri relented and gave up 50% of Bundil for $100 000.

Does Bundil Still Exist?

For the long run, Dmitri made the smart choice. Over the past few years you may have seen him at CES or on platforms like Forbes, reports CES.tech.

His Bundil app is still available and you can download it for Android on Google Play or get it from the App Store. You can set up your preferences and you can even invest larger amounts of your choosing.

Dmitri saw a gap in the market and he created a viable plan to meet consumers’ needs. And that’s what makes a good business plan! And Kevin had another winning idea on his portfolio!