Cat Amazing Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

What Is Cat Amazing?

Cat Amazing is an interactive puzzle toy especially designed to increase in difficulty as a cat uses it over time.

Cat Amazing toys have three levels of difficulty, providing mental stimulation and engaging indoor cats’ natural hunting instincts.

Cat Amazing toys aim to keep cats active, encouraging play and foraging for treats while slowing down their eating for healthier digestion and weight management.

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Overall Score: 96/100

What Is Cat Amazing Net Worth?

Company Name

Pet Amazing, LLC


Andrey Grigoryev


Lori Greiner






Fort Lee, New Jersey

Who Is the Owner of Cat Amazing?

Andrey Grigoryev arrived in the United States as an eight-year-old Russian boy and from his parents, he learned to seize opportunities when they present themselves.

Andrey told Sharks Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John that creating cat toys was just a hobby–he wanted to entertain his bored cat Mooky–that grew into a business.

By 2017, Andrey decided to quit his six-figure corporate job to start Pet Amazing, the company through which he and his partner Natalie market and sell Cat Amazing puzzle toys.

Why Is Cat Amazing So Popular?

Cat Amazing toys were inspired by Andrey’s cat Mooky and they are designed in purple, yellow, and green, which are the colors that cats see best.

Cat Amazing toys come in three varieties and are often sold out both on the company’s website and with other suppliers. Cats and their owners love these interactive puzzles and vets recommend them.

Cat Amazing interactive toys are made of 100% recyclable cardboard and use color inks that are free of metal and therefore safe for cats and the environment.

Shark Tank Appearance – Did It Go Through?

Cat Amazing had one of the most successful pitches of Shark Tank Season 13.

Every Shark but Mark Cuban put in an offer for Cat Amazing and Lori Greiner made the most appealing offer of $200,000 for 22% of Pet Amazing.

She also committed to donating 5% of her share to cat shelters, which Andrey would match from his shares–a promise he made Mooky when he started Pet Amazing.

Where Is Cat Amazing Today?

Cat Amazing is now also available on Amazon and on Chewy where the toys often sell out.

Pet Amazing has also implemented a shelter and rescue program to improve the well-being of cats and supply foster homes and shelters with interactive puzzles.

Pet Amazing hasn’t forgotten about cats that have families and provide helpful information to enrich your cats’ environment on the Cat Amazing blog.


No matter what stage of life your cats are in, Cat Amazing has a toy that will engage and stimulate them for months and years to come.

Cats are guaranteed to have a pawsome, fun time hunting and foraging for their favorite treats in a Cat Amazing Classic, Sliders, or Mega interactive puzzle toy.

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Overall Score: 96/100