Cup Board Pro Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

During one of the most emotional Shark Tank episodes, three children who had lost both their parents to cancer pitched their late father’s idea.

The Cup Board Pro was a brilliant concept developed by late fire-fighter, Keith Young—who was also a two-time winner on the cooking competition show, Chopped.

Since carrying on their dad’s legacy and bagging the investment they were looking for, how is the company—and the Young family—faring today?

The company has since been acquired and its individual net worth can be estimated at around $17 Million.

Cup Board Pro on Shark Tank

The pitch itself by the Young family’s children got one of the most emotional responses ever seen on the show.

The three told the story of their dad’s invention, and then went on to describe how their mother and father passed away from cancer.

To continue their family’s legacy, the Young children asked for a $100 000 investment to take their dad’s product to market and make it accessible to food lovers around the world.

These kids got more than they bargained for.

Instead of getting one investment from a Shark, they got a resounding response from all 5 of the Sharks, each of whom offered $20,000 each. But the investment was even more unconventional than that.

The Sharks suddenly declared that all profits they made from their shared 20% stake would be given directly to a charity that supported sick fire-fighters.

The three Young children accepted the offer, and the deal was struck. So, how is the Cup Board Pro doing today?

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Cup Board Pro’s Net Worth

To date, the Cup Board Pro is the best selling cutting board option at Williams-Sonoma, a leading kitchen brand company that has since partnered with the three children and their dad’s invention.

Between being on the show and the episode airing on ABC, the Cup Board Pro had completely sold out.

The popularity of the product was accelerated by the partnership with Williams-Sonoma, and has since skyrocketed sales.

Then, in 2019, the young entrepreneurs released an updated version of their dad’s invention, and have since sold even more of the product.

Because Cup Board Pro is now a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, their Net Worth is tied in with the multibillion dollar company, which is now valued at over $12 billion.

Update On The Young Family

In a video update on the Young family, we hear that they are doing exceptionally well thanks to the success of their product.

Keira, Kaley and Christian Young continue to profit from the Cup Board Pro, and living out their lives in California.

They continue to live out their dad’s dream of cooking with convenience by promoting the Cup Board Pro on YouTube, by showing innovative ways to make meals using the product.

Final Thoughts

A charity that helps firefighters experiencing illness has benefited from the 20% stake the Sharks have donated since the launch of the product.

This is one of those real life fairytale stories of how a family’s love for each other can make a massive difference in the lives of those in need.

Young family, we salute you.

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Overall Score: 95/100