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Dana White is the legendary owner of the UFC and he is a heavyweight name in the fight industry with a Net Worth of $600 Million.

Dana White has been around fighting for as long as he can remember and turned down a chance to go pro as a boxer when he saw the negative side effects of the fighters as they got older and developed health problems.

Dana Whites destiny was set to be different and he ended up bring a whole new sport to the light in UFC and generating a Net Worth of over $600 million in the process. The truth is that almost everybody thought the UFC was too barbaric but Whites relentless persistence eventually paid off and the sport went big.

Dana White Net Worth

Dana White’s net worth is close to $600 Million and he made it all through UFC.

Source Of Wealth

  • Building UFC into a global monster
  • Selling UFC for a whopping $4 Billion
  • McGregor V Mayweather Mega Fight
  • Building It Further

“I Was Extremely Luck In Life In That I Knew I Always Wanted To be In The Fight Game And People Thought I Was Crazy.”

Dana White Quick Facts




Manchester, Connecticut, USA

Martial Status



Anne Stella


3 Kids

Top Tip

There Will Always Be Criticism Before Success


UFC President, Entrepreneur


Las Vegas, Nevada

Net Worth

$400 million

Dana White 10 Success Tips

  1. Having Success Has A Lot To Do With Timing

  2. You Will Always Be Criticized Before You Achieve Success

  3. You Need To Have A Game Plan To Succeed

  4. Outworking Everyone In The Room Is The Only Option

  5. Be Relentless In Obtaining Your Goals

  6. Incentive Others To Achieve Success

  7. Believe You Are Going To Be Successful

  8. Create Content That People Will Love

  9. What’s The Worst That Can Happen If Try To Achieve Your Goals

  10. If You Are Dreading Monday – Quit, Because You Are In The Wrong Place


  • Building UFC from 0 to $7 Billion

  • Nevada Sports Man Of The Year 2009

  • World MMA Awards – leading Man Of The Year (2008-19)

  • Armed Forces Patriot Award

Dana White Success Story

Dana White Bio – Early Life

Dana White grew up in Manchester, Connecticut, USA with his sister and was largely raised by his mother after his father left the house in his childhood.

The family is of Irish Descent and White graduated from Hermon High School in Maine before trying his hand at college and dropping out almost immediately.

White got into boxing in his teenage years in Massachusetts where he set up a boxing gym for at risk kids and became a boxing coach.

White eventually got caught up in some gang altercations and when the local mob tried to extort him, he booked a flight to Las Vegas and the rest is history.

White continued his love for boxing, often hanging out at the Mayweather gym in Las Vegas and even carrying the bags of Floyd Mayweather at one time.

Dana Whites Life And Family

Dana married his high school sweetheart, Anne Stellar in 1996 in Las Vegas.

The pair had met at Gorman High school and would go on to get married 10 years after graduating.

Dana’s wife tends to keep a much lower profile than her husband and the pair have three children, Aidan, Dana III and 1 Daughter named Savanah.

Dana Whites House

Dana and family live in a huge mansion in Las Vegas. Following Dana’s various successes with UFC, they bought a massive plot containing 3 houses, levelled them and built a $6 million mansion.

The mansion includes a Basketball Court, Gym and home games room system.

It’s hard to know how much Dana gets to use these things as he is a happy workaholic who hates time off.

First Steps Towards Wealth

Dana was working in a job as a concierge at a hotel to support himself and one day he simply decided that it wasn’t for him and he handed in his notice to quit.

The guys he worked with thought he was mad and had no belief that he was going to find success with his new company, Dana White Enterprises.

Dana began managing two local fighters at the time in Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell as he began expanding his horizons past the sport of boxing and into other disciplines like Muay Thai and Jiu Jitzu.

He heard about the company who owned the UFC, Semaphore Entertainment Group, and heard that they were looking to sell the company.

White saw the potential and put in a call to his childhood friend Lorenzo Fertitta who had made his name in las Vegas as a hotel executive.

They ended up buying the company for $2 million dollars although there wasn’t much of the company left. They had sold everything to avoid bankruptcy, even the companies website UFC.com to a company called User Friendly Computers.

Upon purchase of the company, Dana White was installed as its president, a role he carries to this day.

Early Days Of The UFC

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Dana White and the Fertitta brothers starting off.

They couldn’t get any states to give them a license as the sport was too barbaric.

Venues wouldn’t hold the events for the same reason and Tv networks refused to pick up the UFC because they believed in was to violent for TV.

Indeed the UFC before Dana White was a lot more violent, there was headbutts allowed, no weight classes and it was pretty much lawless combat.

Dana White envisioned the UFC as a proper sport and he made a lot of changes in the early days to make it more acceptable like introducing new rules and weight classes.

Dana White was relentless in ringing up the television networks to get the show on live tv and he persisted tirelessly in getting the sport licensed in all the states.

He flew around the country for years meeting with anyone of importance to promote the sport.

The UFC was $40 million in the hole and about to go broke before it even got started but Whites persistence paid off and eventually the show gained some ground with initial events carried out in Donald Trump’s Taj Mihal venue.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship Show

One of the key reasons for UFC turning the corner and becoming successful was the first season of the ultimate fighter show.

The show basically involves a bunch of UFC fighters living together in a testosterone fuelled house in Las Vegas and competing against each other for a contract with the UFC.

Fighters compete against each other as two teams with a famous coach each in a tournament style competition.

Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin made it to the final of the first event and what followed was one of the greatest fights in UFC history with two warriors going toe to toe for the full fight.

Both fighters were awarded contracts and the fight brought millions of viewers in and more importantly it created die hard fans and catapulted the show to success.

The show aired on Spike TV who only chose the show as a last resort and because it was the only sport they could afford.

Dana White credits Forrest Griffin And Stephan Bonnar, claiming the sport would probably not be alive if it wasn’t for their amazing fight.

Moving To The Mainstream With Fox

After the 14 seasons on Spike Tv, UFC was ready for the mainstream and Fox was ready to give MMA to legitimacy it had craved for so long.

UFC signed a 7 year deal with Fox in 2011 said to be worth $100 million per year.

The agreement saw Fox airing the UFC on Friday nights and putting on 32 live events per year.

The Big Sale To WME-IMG

During this time, the UFC had a major sale from Zuffa Inc. to WME-IMG for over $4 Billion.

Whites 9% stake holding brought him in almost $360 in personal revenue after taxes and propelled the sport to an even higher level.

Dana White was the biggest winner in the deal, he retained his presidency of the company and he was also given a stake in the new company, meaning that he had made a ton of money plus kept his initial positioning.

The biggest jump in Danas Net Worth To Date.

New Deal With ESPN

The Fox deal coming to an end was worrisome to the new owners but it worked out very well in the end with ESPN coming in and agreeing a whopping deal worth $1.5 Billion over 5 years.

Another big win for Dana and the UFC under the new owners as it increased the companies value to over $6 Billion.

10 Biggest Fights In UFC History


PPV Viewers


1. McGregor Vs Nurmagomedov

2.4 Million

$180 Million

2. McGregor V Diaz 2

1.65 Million

$90 Million

3. Lesnar V Mir 2

1.6 Million

$82 Million

4. McGregor V Diaz

1.5 Million

$80 Million

5. McGregor V Aldo

1.4 Million

$80 Million

6. McGregor V Alvarez

1.3 Million

$83 Million

7. Tate V Nunes

1.2 Million

$71 Million

8. Lesnar V Carwin

1.16 Million

$55 Million

9. Rousey V Holm

1.1 Million

$60 Million

10. Nunes V Rousey

1.1 Million

$60 Million

Dana Whites Involvement With Boxing – Mayweather Vs McGregor

As mentioned, Dana White was well associated with the Mayweather’s and at the time, Conor McGregor was the biggest draw in MMA, his loud trash talking style building huge popularity and following.

Rumours began to surface of a mega fight between McGregor and Mayweather but hardcore fans couldn’t believe it until all of a sudden it was on.

Dana White had a huge hand in making the fight happen and what followed was one of the largest press tours in history and an epically lucrative fight between the pair.

While Mayweather won the fight, everybody won financially including Dana to a very big extent.

As Floyd Mayweather eluded to during the press conference roastings that.

“Me And Dana are making good money, but you not making shit, cos your Dana’s bitch. Only me and Dana are making the money.” Which was probably only partially true.

Fight Facts

  • Fight Date: Aug 26 2017

  • PPV Buys: 4.4. Million

  • Gross Revenue: $600 Million

Dana White Success Quotes

“If You Are Dreading Work On A Monday – Stop And Get Another Job. That Feeling Is Not Natural And It Is Not Good For You.

“Whatever It Is That You’re Passionate About, Whatever It Is That You Absolutely Love, Whatever It Is That You Would Get Up Out Of Bed Every Day And Do For Free, You Should Try To Figure Out A Way To Make Money At It And Give It A Shot.”

“People Often Talk About Fuck You Money, It Doesn’t Exist. If I Sold The Company And Had All The Money In The World, What Would I Do. This Job Is What I Love, It’s What I Want To Do, There Is Nothing Else I Want To Do. I Hate Vacations And I Hate 3 Day Weekends, I Just Want To Get Back To Work.

“I Walked Out Of My Job One Day and My Friend Asked Where I Was Going, I Said I’m Quitting, I’m Going Into The Fight Business. He Said That Was The Dumbest Thing He Ever Heard.”

“The Thing Is, I Can Always Go Back To Being A Bell Boy Whenever I Want. What’s The Worst That Can happen If You Actually Go After What You Want In Live.”

“The Thing You Would Do For Free, You Need To Figure Out A Way To Do It.”

“Every Major Success You Have in Your Life Is Going To be Immediately Surrounded By Negativity. Like Online, But The Thing Is That Their Opinion Doesn’t Matter. Unless Your Somebody Like Me Who Uses It To Fuel Them.

“Nothing Comes Easy, Success Isn’t Easy, You Have To Go Out And Grind For It Every Day, It Is Not Just Going To Fall In Your Lap.”