Deborah Meaden Net Worth 2022 – A Closer Look At The Dragon

You probably know here from the hit show Dragons Den but she has also appeared on shows like Dancing with the Stars and has run a ton of successful businesses.

Deborah Meaden has a net worth of £60 million English Pounds through various business sales and investments. Deborah Meaden is the perfect example of women coming out on top. This British businesswoman ran her family’s holiday business and has a net worth of £60 million this year.  With an interesting life story, she is a woman that we can all admire and learn from. 

What was her rise to riches? And what can we learn from this driven woman? 

As she said herself: “Every business has ups and downs. What matters is knowing when to push on through and when to change course, but most of all to love what you do.”

Deborah Meaden – Quick Facts

Full Name:

Deborah Sonia Meaden

Date of Birth:

11th February 1959


Paul Meaden




Manager, Investor, TV personality


Textiles, Hotel Industry


Somerset, UK

Where She Ranks Among The Top Dragons



Deborah Meaden

£60 Million

Nick Jenkins

£150 Million

Peter Jones

£450 Million

Tej Lalvani

£420 Million

Duncan Banytyne

£400 Million

Theo Prophitis

£250 Million

Touker Suleyman

£200 Million

Early Life Before Wealth

Deborah Meaden was born in Somerset, and at a young age, her parents got divorced. Her mother then decided to move Deborah and her sister to the coastal town of Brightlingsea. She attended a boarding school called Godolphin, and in high school, she attended The John of Gaunt School. At the age of 16, she left school in 1975.

Its also interesting to note that at the young age of 8, she was already making money by leading pony rides. 

Deborah Meadens’ Rise To Riches

The first thing that Meaden did when she left school was study business at Brighton Technical College. Once she had completed her studies she then went on to work as a salesroom model, and then moved to Italy to where she began a glass and ceramics export business. 

She was 19 years old at the time but sadly the business failed 18 months in. This didn’t stop Deborah though from working hard to get to the top. Instead of giving up, she and a partner bought one of the first Stefanel Textile companies in England. Later, she sold out to her partner for  £10 000. 

From here on, Meaden had many successful retail and leisure companies. In 1988 though she decided to join her family in their amusement arcade business. 

From 1992 onwards, she really made her money by working for Weststar Holidays. In 1999 she led a management buyout and gained the majority shares in the company. Just six years later she sold the company and made a partial exit with her shares which remained at 23%. The company was sold for £33 Million to Pheonix Equity Partners. By this time Weststar was had over 150 000 people each year and were making over £11 million before EBITDA

Her shares were then liquidated when the firm was sold to Alchemy Partners for  £83 Million. She received £19 Million from this.

Then in 2009, she and partner Douglas Cordeux acquired Fox Brothers a textile company that was established in 1772. And then in 2011, she started an online luxury goods store called The Merchant Fox.

Which Businesses Did She Invest In On Dragons Den

Deborah invested some  £3,746,000 in the show. The investments are listed below: 

Most of these businesses seem to be a raging success! 

Tv Appearances

Besides having a successful career, Meaden has also appeared in a few TV shows over the years. She has appeared in ove 32 different TV shows.

 Some of these shows include: 

  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • GMTV
  • Hustle
  • Beast of Man
  • The Great British Bake Off

Personal Life

In 1985 Deborah met Paul, her now-husband at Westar. They then separated and she went on holiday to Venezuela. They were then reunited and wed in 1993. They have no children but many pets.

Deborah Meadens Home

Deborah and Peter own a period style home in Somerset.  They purchased the residence in 2006 after selling Westar. The home has gone through major renovations, only using period-accurate materials. 

You can imagine the cost of restoring such a residence with original furnishings and materials. The property rest on 6 acres, has 10 bedrooms, and numerous animals. From horses to pigs, to dogs and cats. 

Other Interesting Facts About Deborah Meaden

  • In 2009, Medan published a book called Common Sense Rules. This book is aimed at Entrepreneurs and Deborah shares the do and don’ts of how to become rich. And shares her experiences as well as others of what they did to find success financially. 
  • Deborah Meaden is an atheist.
  • Meaden is an ambassador of the World Wildlife Fund, as well as the Marine Conservation Society. 
  • In 2019 she voted for the Liberal Democrats
  • Her favorite movie is the Shawshank Redemption
  • She loves Rugby
  • Her favourite continent to visit is South America


This Dragons story is one of excellent success!  With common sense, hard work, and wise choices she was able to accumulate incredible financial wealth. Remember these wise words when it comes to achieving your own success (This is Deborahs Motto, and should be ours too) 

“If I wanted to achieve something meaningful I had to do it for myself.” – Deborah Meaden