Dragons Den Canada Net Worth – Which Dragons Are Worth The Most

Dragon’s Den is one of Canada’s most popular reality TV shows. It runs on the CBC network and has 17 seasons under it’s belt – making it one of the longest-running reality TV shows in the country.

The show includes a panel of wealthy investors who hear the business pitches of entrepreneurs with various ideas and small businesses. The drama ensues when they hear a business that they like and try to get a piece of it while competing with each other.

Keys To Victory On The Show:

  • A Great Product Or Offer
  • An Attractive Equity Stake
  • A Great Performance In The Den


Some ideas are so good that the Dragons chomp at the bit to get a piece of the action. The combination of new and exciting ideas from ambitious entrepreneurs and the cut-throat competition that can make or break million dollar deals enthralls millions of viewers across the country.

The show has developed a devout following in the nearly 2 decades since its been on the air and many people want to know who is the richest dragon on the show.

In the following article, we will rank the Dragons in terms of net worth starting with the richest and ending with the least wealthy. We will also be giving you a brief bio on them including how they amassed their wealth.

Dragons Den Canada Net Worth’s


Net Worth

1. Jim Treliving

$700 Million

2. Kevin O’Leary

$500 Million

3. Lane Merrifield

$350 Million

4. Manjit Minhas

$200 Million

5. Robert Herjavec

$200 Million

6. Michele Romanow

$187 Million

7. Michael Wekerle

$100 Million

8. Arlene Dickinson

$80 Million

9. Bruce Croxon

$20 Million

10. Dianne Buckner

$10 Million

11. Vincenzo Guzzo

$1 Million



1 – Jim Treliving – Net Worth: $700 Million

How He Made It

Jim Treliving started out as an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounty Police force. He began his fortune by purchasing a franchise of Boston Pizza.

Throughout his career, Treliving expanded his wealth by investing in real estate companies, sports leagues and by founding his own portfolio group.


Interesting Fact

Jim Treliving is an avid hockey fan. Like many Canadians, he has a passion for the sport that he shared with his son, Brad.

Brad is the assistant general manager of the NHL team the Phoenix Coyotes. Jim himself even began his own minor-league called the Central Hockey League.


2. Kevin O’Leary – Net Worth: $500 Million

How He Made It

O’Leary began his career as a hungry entrepreneur looking for the next big opportunity. He found it in the 80’s when he realized that there was a lot of money to be made in educational software.

O’Leary began the company SoftKey. The company was predicated on developing software that was geared toward child education.

Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s O’Leary’s software company acquired industry rivals to become the leading educational software company.

Fun Fact

Kevin O’Leary was born Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary but is better known by the title he gave himself “Mr. Wonderful.”


3. Lane Merrifield – Net Worth: $350 Million

How He Made It

Lane Merrifield is one of the youngest Dragons to appear on the show and he made a name for himself much like O’Leary: as a technology entrepreneur.

You may know Merrifield from Club Penguin, the social network platform that built him his fortune. The platform is geared towards children and offers a fun, interactive and safe social media network for them.

Lane made his mint when Disney acquired Club Penguin for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fun Fact:

Lane is one of the youngest cast members of Dragon’s Den and holds the record for youngest  executive vice president that Disney has ever had at the tender age of 28.


4. Manjit Minhas – Net Worth: $200 Million

How She Made It

Minhas made her fortune in beer. Along with her brother, she founded Minhas Brewery which became very popular in Canada and the United States.

The little brewery pumped out 120 craft beers and since then, has expanded into spirits and wines that are sold all over the world. After the success of her brewery company, Minhat took to investing in other companies which helped her grow her wealth.


Fun Fact

Minhat is known as the “beer baroness” and has earned the title of one of the top 100 women entrepreneurs in Canada.

On the show, she is known for her blunt personality and for straight talk with entrepreneurs.


5. Robert Herjavec – Net Worth $200 Million

How He Made It:

Robert grew up the son in Toronto, Canada where he received a degree in English Literature and Political Science.

He blagged a job at LogicQuest by working for free and was eventually fired from the position.

He went on to start up his own company called BRAK Security which he sold to AT & T for over $30 million.

Robert appeared in the first two seasons of Dragons Den Canada before moving over to its American sister ‘Shark Tank’.

Fun Fact:

Robert is a descendent of Croatian Immigrants. They fled the then communist country is search of a better life.

Robert’s father would often get drunk and talk badly about the government and was arrested multiple times.

He was a hard working who instilled a lot of positive traits in Robert growing up like working hard and not complaining/



6. Michele Romanow – Net Worth: $187 Million

How She Made It

A lot of the dragons made their fortunes in the tech industry and Romanow follows suit. Romanow is the co-founder of Clearbanc which helps ecommerce and online businesses with revenue sharing.

The software company was founded in San Francisco but Romanow is certainly a Canuck, having been born in Calgary, Alberta.


Fun Fact

Romanow is only 35 years old despite being the 5th wealthiest Dragon to appear on the show. She was named among the 100 most powerful women in Canada 5 years ago.

Romanow is known for bringing her relatable, millennial perspective to the show and is ethnically Ukranian.


7. Michael Wekerle – Net Worth: $100 Million

How He Made It

Michael Wekerle has one of the most unlikely paths to wealth of the 10 Dragons on our list. Wekerle attended York College but dropped out without a degree.

At this time, he found himself employed manning the phones at the Toronto Stock Exchange. But he soon rose in the ranks and began trading stocks.

After a while, he struck out on his own and in 2012, he began his own firm and called it Difference Capital.

Fun Fact

Wekerle hosts an annual music festival called Wekfest. The proceeds of the concert go to various charities close to Wekerle’s heart.


8. Arlene Dickinson – Net Worth: $80 Million

How She Made It

Dickinson had a very rough go of it in the beginning. She began at an advertising firm but was fired about a year and a half later.

Freshly divorced and unemployed, a former college-mate of hers reached out to her and asked to her to join her new marketing firm Venture Communications Ltd. as an unpaid partner.

The two made the firm a success and Dickinson eventually bought out her partner and became sole owner.

Fun Fact

To support herself as she worked as an unpaid partner at Venture Communications Ltd., Dickinson depended almost entirely on credit cards. Dickinson was also born in South Africa.


9. Bruce Croxon – Net Worth: $20 Million

How He Made It

Remember Lavalife? Yup, that was Bruce Croxon. Croxon founded Lavalife and grew it into one of the most successful online dating platforms of the early 2000’s.

But Croxon got his start as an entrepreneur that specialized in telecommunications. Eventually, Lavalife was sold for millions of dollars.

Today, Croxon has a more expansive portfolio – he even owns a wellness spa business.


Fun Fact:

Croxon lives in Toronto Canada where he pursues a more personal interest: the great outdoors. He serves the Trans Canada Trail as a board member and he joined the cast of Dragon’s Den in it’s 6th season.


10. Dianne Buckner  – Net Worth: $10 Million

How She Made It

Dianne Buckner also made her fortune in an unusual fashion: she began as a journalist but she always had an interest in small business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

These were her roots, but she really made it by striking out on her own and developing her own finance-oriented TV programs such as “Venture” and “Live it Up.”

Fun Fact

Dianne Buckner is one of the few Dragons to have made her wealth in the broadcast television business. Today, she still serves as a news anchor on the CBC News Network.


11. Vincenzo Guzzo – Net Worth: $1 Million

How He Made It

Vincenzo Guzzo has perhaps one of the most diverse portfolios of all the dragons but he began his career in the cinema industry.

If you live or are from Quebec, you have probably heard of Cinemas Guzzo – one of the most popular movie theater chains in the province.

Aside from the theater business however, Guzzo is known as a successful entrepreneur with ties to the construction and medical industries. He even owns his own line of Neapolitan style pizzerias.

Fun Fact

Guzzo is the son of immigrant Italian parents and has strong ties to his country. In 2012, he became a member of the Order of Malta.

He is the proud father of 5 children and holds the nickname of Mr. Sunshine because he typically makes public appearances in yellow garb.


Last Words About the Dragons

The eclectic nature of the cast of Dragon’s Den and their unique paths to wealth is one of the most endearing things about the show. Some of the cast members came from nothing but rose to become some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.

They stand as examples of the wonderful and various iterations that the entrepreneurial spirit can take and inspire millions of people around the world.

Today, Dragon’s Den is still going strong no matter who the lineup consists of. Despite their net worth, all the Dragons bring something unique and alluring to the program.