eCreamery Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

Did somebody say ice cream? In fact, that’s what eCreamery is all about.

Started by a pair of business partners in Omaha, Nebraska, eCreamery brought their dessert delivery business to Shark Tank in hopes that they get more than just a bite from the investors.

But did the Sharks get more than just a delicious dessert? Keep reading to find out more about how they’ve developed a net worth of over $2 million since appearing on the show.

eCreamery Quick Facts



Company Net Worth:

$2 million


Dessert delivery

Asked For:

$250,000 for 33%


Becky App and Abby Jordan

Asked For:

$250,000 for 33%


No Deal



What is eCreamery?

eCreamery is a dessert delivery business that ships custom made ice cream to their customers.

They are delivered right to the customer’s door anywhere in the United States. This ice cream can be created as a gift item.

The claim that eCreamery was an ‘end to vanilla gifts’ (pun intended, maybe).

Their ice cream shop in Omaha consists of over 40 percent of their sales. The rest of them come from their online sales.

Who are Becky App and Abby Jordan?

Becky App and Abby Jordan are co-owners of eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato in Omaha, Nebraska.

They created eCreamery in 2007 and had generated $2 million in sales before appearing on Shark Tank.

At the time of their appearance, they were on track to making $750,000 in annual revenue (making $60,000 in profit).

What happened during the pitch?

App and Jordan approached the Sharks for $250,000 in exchange for 33 percent of the business.

They played it smart and provided ice cream samples to the Sharks, each with their own custom flavors and Shark Tank-themed names such as the InvestMINT mix, Shark Bait, and others.

The Sharks did enjoy the ice cream. But it was time to get down to business.

Robert said that despite being impressed by how eCreamery works, he wasn’t happy that the business was acquired by a previous investor before App and Jordan appeared on Shark Tank.

Early on, Kevin threw an offer at them. The offer was $125,000 for 25 percent of the business.

However, the offer would be better if another Shark got involved.

Daymond, Robert, and Barbara bowed out as well. Mark however did like the idea, but believed that their competitors would capitalize on the idea and deliver for less. For that reason, he bowed out.

With no Shark willing to join Kevin on his offer, he rescinded it and thus App and Jordan walked away empty handed.

The Investment

No Shark decided to bite on the investment.

However, Kevin came close to making an investment offer so long as another Shark joined him. With no deal, the Sharks were all out.


Even though eCreamery did not land a deal with the Sharks, their appearance on the show boosted their business.

However, they did get a few celebrity visitors including Omaha’s own Warren Buffett and Sir Paul McCartney.

As the sales and value of the company went up, Barbara Corcoran stated in an Omaha-based publication that she regretted not investing in eCreamery.

Aside from their online sales, eCreamery also distributes ice cream throughout the Omaha area including HyVee stores, restaurants, and theaters.

Even today, most of their sales are done via online and ice cream from 50 different flavors and 40 mixes are included.