Emma Jesson Net Worth 2022 – From TV Weathergirl to $14 Million?

Emma Jesson is a household name in the UK as the recognisable face of ITV Weather. She is synonymous with sunny “bye-bye” sign offs.

Starting as a quirky addition on the national breakfast TV, she moved into the role of becoming a weather presenter across the UK. Emma is especially well-known in the Midlands, Northern Regions and Wales.

Emma produces and presents weather features in her wellies from her home and also presents countryside programmes. Glamming up to host and present live events, she is renowned for thinking on her feet.

Love and other stuff

Emma admitted that she had been dating Bill Roache the Coronation Street Star in 2010. She would not reveal how long they had been dating as he was married at the time. His wife Sara died in March 2009 after a sudden heart failure.

She told reporters at the time that the 36-year age gap had never been a problem between them, and they had always enjoyed each other’s company and loved spending time together.

Heartache for the ITV weathergirl Emma Jesson came when she was apparently dumped by Bill Roache, when he told her he had to focus on his “spiritual path”. At the age of 80 Roache wanted to focus on spreading a mystic message of love.

Spreading the Love

How has the legendary Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow, been spreading his “mystical message of love”? In various interviews with The Mirror, Piers Morgan, and others he stated that he had bedded over 1000 women.

This, we must assume, is “spreading the love” in his own special way.

Possibly his nickname “c…roach” is quite apt in this situation, but we will not speculate further, and leave this rumour where it belongs.

Emma’s view

Emma Jesson said “Our relationship in terms of love is definitely finished, Bill’s spiritual beliefs became more of a priority last year. He wants that to be his path now, and I accept that he needs to be at peace with himself”

“We always knew 2012 would be a big year for him. Spiritually it was an evolutionary year and really important to him”.

Nothing’s gonna stop me now!

The adventurous Emma Jesson scuba dives, sails, windsurfs and is an avid swimmer.

She is moving to Majorca with her mum “Mummy J” to relax, breathe in the fresh air, explore La Palma, and continue her life living in the sunshine.

Emma’s parents have been going to Majorca since 1964, and Emma has been going with them since childhood. The vibrance and memories that Majorca brings has a special place in Emma’s memories.

Emma Jesson FAQ’s

First Names:


Last Name:







19 October 1970

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Birth Country:

United Kingdom

Currently Lives:


Net Worth:

USD $14 million

What does the future hold?

Emma has a gift for presenting, public speaking and hosting events. Her long standing media career has taught her the different aspects of reporting, presenting, stage and floor management, and researching.

Emmas media savvy has also steered her into voiceover and video work and event hosting, such as bespoke lady’s events and raceday trips. Whatever her next step, she will glamourously step forward and carry on making the rest of her life a success.

Emma started her television career as a runner, and look at what she has achieved!

If you see yourself as a television personality, start doing anything for a media studio and work your way up from there. If you aim to be a presenter, anchor, or actor on a daytime television series, remember you may have to start small to achieve big things … maybe $14 Million?