Extend Robotics Net Worth – What happened after Dragons Den?

What Is Extend Robotics?

Extend Robotics enables man and machine to work in harmony with one another.

Extend Robotics encompasses virtual reality by developing a human robot interface software which enables both advanced and novices to operate commercial robots remotely via a network.

Their aim is to enhance the idea of working from home onto a physical spectrum by expanding human capabilities beyond physical presence.

What Is Extend Robotic’s Net Worth?

Company Name

Extend Robotics


Dr Chang Liu


Peter Jones






Green Park, London

Net worth

Who Is The Owner Of Extend Robotics?

Dr Chang Liu is the owner and founder of Extend Robotics.

He believes that although technology may replace jobs, it should not leave anyone stranded. All humans should have the ability to be part of this revolution.

Extend Robotics works in such a way that it allows individuals to work from home, operating robots through their premium, virtual reality interface.

Why Is Extend Robotics So Popular?

Extend Robotics gives individuals the opportunity to be part of something greater than physical presence.

With the world evolving and technology advancing, Change is thinking ahead about how he can help individuals, ensuring employment security.

In addition, Extend Robotics is useful for many things. Healthcare, for example. If you need medical experts who are a couple hours away or do not have locally, will be accessible via this software. These robots could even be used in hospitality as bartending robots or for maintenance inspection.

Dragons Den Appearance  – Did It Go Through?

Dr Liu entered the Den with the hoping to secure an investment of £150,000 in exchange for a 5% equity.

All of the Dragons were sceptical about how far off the technology was in terms of caring of the elderly, in fact Stephen Bartlett mentioned that it made him quite sad.

However, luckily for Dr Liu, Peter Jones had other thoughts. He was interested in the company and how far it could go, suggesting that Extend Robot could get Gordon Ramsey to cook you a dinner one evening or receive business advice from Deborah Meaden.

Wasting no time at all, Jones went all in and offered the full amount except he wanted 25%. After some contemplation, Dr Liu agreed and was excited to welcome his “Super Investor” on board.

Where Is Extend Robotics Today?

Extend Robotics have shown no limit to their capabilities. They recently shared that their teleoperated robotic arm could be used for horticulture and agriculture.

The company continues to challenge the robotics industry and explore the operations they could achieve through their software and product.


Extend Robotics have grown dramatically since the airing of Dragons Den. With much interest and fascination, it leaves individuals hopeful for a future that may seem daunting and uncertain.

They continue to prove that if there is a will, there is a way. It is exactly that mindset that is helping this company become extremely successful.