Ezoic Vs Adsense – Which Is The Better Ad Platform

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Most people in the blogging space have heard about using Google Adsense as a way to generate income from their web traffic.

A lot of these people will have actually gotten around to trying out Adsense too and the vast majority of this group have probably realized that it is not very good.

Adsense, is by far the easiest Ad Network to get accepted to and it has no minimum traffic threshold, making it ideal for brand new websites to make their first income. Once you increase your traffic, however, there are plenty of premium ad providers like Ezoic, willing to take you on as a publisher.



No Traffic Minimum
10,000 Monthly Sessions Required
Easy Approval
Easy Approval
Easy Installation & Setup
Easy Installation & Managed Set Up
Unoptimized, Intrusive Ads
Machine & AI Optimized Ads
Google Ad Network ONLY
Google Ad, Double Click, Premium Ads
EXTREMELY Low Earnings
BETTER Earnings
No Video Player
No Video Player
Forum Support
Dedicated, Responsive Support
No Community
No Community

Rating: 62/100

Rating: 88/100

Who Runs Adsense & Ezoic On The Websites

For those who don’t know, both Adsense and Ezoic place Display Ads throughout your website and advertisers are will to pay for their companies ads to be the ones shown to your audience.

When the visitors engage with or even see those ads on your site, you receive a percentage of the amount paid by the advertiser to be there.

Most people are aware of Adsense, the general concept and how little money you can make by using it with a small sized website.

Those people have probably not thought about the prospect of getting thousands of visitors a day to their website and getting even a couple of cents each from each visitor, which builds up significantly over time.

Creating a website with tons of traffic is tough work and there are different advertising management companies you can use along your journey to maximize the amount of revenue you generate for yourself.

Adsense and Ezoic are two of the first Ad Management platforms bloggers will be able to use due to their low minimum traffic requirements.

Key Benefit Of This Type Of Monetization

One of the key benefits of blogging is that all the work is up front so once you have the articles written and the traffic flowing in, you should be able to earn passive income through display ads for years to come.

So, like many other businesses, you can work almost for free or at a loss for the first year and then have a bunch of money for no work for years to come, it is all about delaying gratitude.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the bare bones, no frills attached, anyone can use it but it doesn’t pay that much, beginners answer to display ads.

Google Adsense is like the bar or nightclub is a city with no dress code and everybody always gets in.

Once you adhere to Googles Community guidelines, you can apply for Google Adsense and there is no minimum traffic requirement or cover charge with Google Adsense.

The approval process is quick and easy, nobody actually physically looks at your site, it is done be a machine and you should get an answer back within one day.

Once accepted to Adsense, you place one line of code in the header of your site on every page, hit the big Auto Ads on button and the Ads will start serving.

Fill in your payment and tax info and when the revenue gets to $100, you will get the money deposited straight into your bank account.

Auto Ads

Before with Google Adsense, you would need to put all the Ads on the website yourself and then monitor how they performing and change them manually.

Then along came Auto Ads and they looks after all of the for you, placing an array of banner ads, sidebar ads, in content ads and footer ads on your site.

While it sounds great on the surface, this is done to increase the value of the ads on your site, not the amount of revenue it will produce.

That means that will stick ads in every possible area, often covering the content and they will load the ads in with no consideration for site speed and performance.

Google Ads also only utilize the Google Ad Network which people pay for through Google Ads and it doesn’t have access to the premium ad partners that better Ad management companies use to offer you higher RPM’s (Revenue per thousand visitors).

Ezoic Are Premium Ad Management Providers

Most people quickly learn that Adsense sounds great but it doesn’t deliver the results that web publishers expect or deserve.

Their use of standard ad inventory and their hands off approach to setting up and managing the ads, ensures, that it is impossible to get the highest RPM’s possible for your traffic and that is where companies like Ezoic come in.

Ezoic Are Certified Google Publishing Partners

Off the bat, Ezoic are Google certified publishing partners and have a better library of ads to place on your site with the Double Click Google Ad Exchange and other premium ad partners which immediately push your earnings up.

Ezoic Minimum Traffic Requirements

Ezoic requires a minimum of 10,000 pageviews a month to be considered for their platform. This works out at around 330 pageviews a day which you could expect to hit at around the 6 month mark, give or take a few months on a brand new site.

You can get around the 10,000 requirement if you are a member of Income School’s Project 24, and you can check out Income School here.

Approval And Set Up Process

The Approval Process is relatively quick with Ezoic, they should let you know within 24 hours whether you are going to be accepted to the program or not but from my experience with 4 sites, we have been able to get them all on without any issues.

Set Up Process

Once approved, Ezoic will need to connect to your site to place the ads and gather the data, monitor and continually optimize your Ads for success.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

WordPress Plugin

The simplest way to connect Ezoic up to your site is with the wordpress plugin.

You just install the plugin, sign in with your credentials and it will be connected automatically.

This is simple but not as effective as the the DNS option.

The DNS Option

This kind of scared me at the start when we were asked to change our sites DNS.

You certainly don’t want anything going wrong with your DNS on a prized asset like a blog.

Ezoic actually sits between the Ad Platform and your hosting company to deliver the Ads in the most effective way possible and we haven’t had any issues despite some initial scepticism.

Ad Setup

Once approved and connected, your Ad Success manager will kit our your website with all of the ideal Ad Placements to generate the maximum amount of revenue.

Ad Testing

Once the Ads are up and running you should see your RPM’s increasing instantly over what you would have earned on Adsense but the party doesn’t stop there.

Ezoic is one of the only companies that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to continually optimize your ads.

It not only optimizes the positioning of your ads on the page, it optimizes the amount of ads on each page as well to generate the maximum amount of revenue possible while still compromising the user experience as much as Adsense.

Split Testing

Ezoic run different ad formats on the same page to see what produces better results and they do this continually, using machine learning to improve your ads for maximum revenue as time goes by.

Layout Tester

The layout tester continually tries out different ad layouts to find the optimum solution for your site and your theme.

Site Speed

One of the biggest complaints with Ezoic is that the ads are intrusive and they slow the speed of the site down considerably.

To combat this, Ezoic have added the site optimization feature where they will come in and make sure your site is firing as fast as possible, even with the same amount of ads on the page.

When you compare to Adsesne who load the Ads with Javascript, it still seems a more attractive solution.

Ezoic Premium

Once you hit a certain traffic threshold and have been with Ezoic for a certain of time, you may get asked to join their premium advertisers program.

This is where you pay them to give you access to their premium Ad partners.

Yes, you heard that right, YOU PAY THEM, to put ads on your site.

The rationale is that you make more money back for you than what you pay and they have various different plans to suit everybody.

Depending on how much you want to pay and the length of the contract you sign, the more additional revenue they will give you.

This isn’t going to be for everyone but we tried it and it did appear to work.

This was at a time when we had low RPM’s due to Covid though, so it is hard to know, check out the screenshot.

Increased RPM’s

The bottom line about why you would want to switch from Adsense to Ezoic comes down to money and everybody knows it.

Ezoic did not disappoint in this regard across any of the 4 sites we have move across do them.

Our increases have ranged from 2-300% across each of our sites so if you want to earn more from your Blog, Ezoic are a great option for small to medium sized sites.

Pro And Cons Of Both Platforms

Pros Of Adsense

  • No Minimum Traffic
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Auto Ad Placement
  • Great Option For Brand New Advertisers To Start Earning

Cons Of Adsense

  • Low RPM’s
  • Slow Your Site Down
  • No Support
  • Intrusive Ads The Block The Content

Pros Of Ezoic

  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Higher RPM’s
  • Excellent Set Up And Support
  • Great Dashboard Dashboard
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Good AD Placements
  • Low Minimum Requirement (10,000)
  • Easy Approval


  • Pay For Premium
  • Slow Site
  • Intrusive Ads
  • Heavy Handed Ads

Adsense Vs Ezoic Dashboards

Ezoic give you complete control over your Ad placement but I have always just left the initial set up as it was.

Adsense Auto Ads don’t give you any control over where the Ads end up.

Despite this, Adsense actually has a nice enough dashboard that tells you the amount of clicks you got and the amount your received.

It has detailed figures on your earnings today, yesterday, for the week and for the month and these can be compared against the previous period to see your progress. Revenue per click and revenue per thousand visitors is also readily available.

You can also go into the new reports tabs and see your earnings across a ton of different metrics.

Th dashboard on Adsense is not too bad, even if the revenue is rather Scant!

Ezoic Dashboard is nice too, it gives the Earnings and RPM for each site in a nicely laid out dashboard and it gives you complete access to all of your Ad Placement holders on each site in the Monetization tab.

If you see an Ad you don’t like, you can simply remove it.

In the Earnings Tab you can see your earnings by device too, but not by country.


Ezoic is far better provider than Adsense for one major reason, Extra Revenue.

You will get between 2x or 3x increase in what you were earning from Adsense and that be substantial enough for you to invest more time in growing your blogging business, and eventually focussing on the business full time.

Once you get a little bit larger there is another company called Mediavine who will take you on from 50,000 sessions per month.

The entry requirements are a little bit more strict but the RPM’s should be a substantial increase over Ezoic as well.

We saw a 6X increase in our main site when moving from Ezoic to Mediavine and the Ads are much better.

Our suggestion to new sites is