Find Powerful Expiring Domains For Your BPN With Register Compass – 10 Step Guide


  1. Register For RegCompass.


Register Compass

To get started, you will also need to sign up. Sign up for Register Compass here to get started with powerful domains that will rank easily.



  1. Keyword Research


If you are looking for powerful domains, you will want to get the keywords that people look for in the domain name you end up acquiring. We recommend Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension so you can see all the search terms related to your niche. We Would also recommend the Google Keyword planner tool to get rough estimates on the search numbers for your niche.



  1. Configure Your Domain Search

Domain Search


Configuring your search with the keyword you want included is how we can find the good domains. The domains we are looking for are usually .coms, .nets, .org, .info but you can use others if it is for a PBN.


We want publicly available domains that are on auction. We need to sign up with Go Daddy so that we can bid on and host our domains. If you are not signed up, you can do so here.


Next we want to probably make sure the DA or Domain Authority is above say 5-10.

Other items of importance:


Page Authority – Can signal the homepage’s trust

Moz Rank

Moz Trust


We can also ensure that it has been indexed with Google.


4 The we are ready to start looking at domains

SEO Configure Search


So we are now starting to see the domains we are after. Alexa Rank is where the site ranks in terms of traffic on the internet. The Lower the number the more traffic that domain generates, so you may want to sort by the ones with the most traffic.


  1. What I prefer to do is sort descending with Domain Authority.


You’ll be able to see the current bid price. The better the domains and the close we are to the end of the auction the higher the current bid will be.


We want to find a domain that catches our eye and move onto the next step.



  1. Checking the domain on Internet Archive:


Internet Archive - Way Back Machine


The next most logical step to take is see what the domain looked like back in time with the Internet archive:


Once you have sussed out that it is a similar niche and the old content was good. You can start to see that this is a promising domain to put a bid on but we are not quite ready just yet. There are a few more things we would like the check.


  1. Majestic SEO

Majestic 3


We want to check the site out on Majestic SEO to see a number of things.


The Trust and Citation Scores we want to be close enough to each other.


We can also check out the websites backlink profile which will determine how the site ranks.


We can see the anchor text of the links. Make sure everything looks natural and if you appear to have a good number of backlinks it may be time to make your first bid.


  1. Check The Backlinks With Moz, SEM or A Hrefs



Check The Backlinks With Moz Pro Or SEM Rush Or A Hrefs you can check out the links that are coming in. We want reputable domains. You can see for this domain that the referring domains are quality and that this is a beautiful domain for rankings purposes.



  1. Placing Your Bid



Now that you are sure that this is the domain for you, you can go ahead and make you bid on go daddy.


Only put in what you are willing to pay for the domain and fingers crossed you will get it.


  1. Keep An Eye And Adjust Bids Where Necessary


Once the bid is placed you can keep an eye on everything from the Go Daddy dashboard.


If you bid is the winning bid, you will be asked to complete you purchase. The Domain Name Servers will take up to 7 days to transfer to your control so you need to wait and then set them correctly when that it is done. Once the DNS is all sorted you are ready to start putting your site together.