Fit Fighter Net Worth 2022 – What happened after Shark Tank?

What is Fit Fighter?

Fit Fighter is a free weight, resistance training device made from recycled fire hose.

Fit Fighter is a series of free weights made from recycled firefighting hose pipe and steel pellets.

Along with the weights, there is also a training app that models the training Sarah Apgar did as a fire fighter.

What is Fit Fighter’s Net Worth?

Company Name

Fit Fighter


Sarah Apgar


Daniel Lubetzky






New York

Net worth


Who is The Owner of Fit Fighter?

Founder and CEO of Fit Fighter, Sarah Apgar is a former Iraq war veteran and firefighter.

With her strong background in business and passion, she was inspired to create her own company and training regimen following her time in the army.

Apgar used her knowledge and inspiration to create Fit Fighter based on the drills she performed during as a volunteer Fire Fighter.

Why is Fit Fighter so Popular?

Fit fighter steel hose is the perfect home fitness tool.

With its durability and versatility, it can be used anywhere at any time. Despite the many advantages this tool comes with in terms of physicality, the free weights are made from recycled goods and are filled with pellets making them eco-friendly and user-friendly too.

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Overall Score: 97/100

Shark Tank Appearance – Did it Go Through?

It was Sarah’s lucky day when she entered the Shark Tank. She went in seeking $250,000 investment for 15% equity.

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5, Sarah Apgar entered the Shark Tank seeking $250,000 for 15% for her innovative hose weight system and accepted an offer of $250,000 for 25%, from Daniel Lubetzky.

Where is Fit Fighter Today?

Following the show, Apgar hit $250,000 in sales and in three months she managed to do $900,000 in sales.

Apgar used the pandemic as an opportunity to expand her business further by creating an online training platform.

Additionally, Lubetzky assisted in getting the equipment sold in ‘Dick’s Sporting Goods’ which resulted in an additional $250,000 in sales.

Currently, Sarah is working on a certification program. In the meantime, she offers monthly or yearly memberships on Fit Fighter where there is an array of workshops one can take.

The success of her story has also kept Sarah humble. A portion of every sale from Fit Fighter, is donated to Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation, which aids in helping first responders, their families and health care workers.


With the help and trust of Shark, Daniel Lubetzky, Fit Fighter is continuing to grow in size and in revenue.

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Overall Score: 97/100