Frescos Naturales Net Worth 2023 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Think healthy, think variety, and think Frescos Naturales.

Juan Ignacio Stewart is the mastermind and founder behind this healthy beverage brand. He entered the tank seeking a 130K investment for 8% equity – but did the Sharks take the bait?

Let’s dive straight into what Fresco’s Naturales is, who owns it and how the pitch went. Continue reading for more.

What Is Frescos Naturales?

Colorado-born Fresco Naturales is a healthy alternative beverage company, and all they do is specialize in perfecting healthy drinks in a variety of different flavors.

Just a few of their sparking flavors include:

  • Rosa de Jamaica
  • Sparkling Tamarindo
  • Sparkling Maracuya
  • Sparkling Piña
  • Guayaba
  • Sparkling Mango

With all things good, there comes a price tag. Each beverage is sold for $19,99 for a 6-pack and is available at sleeted retail outlets throughout the United States.

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Who Is The Owner?

The founder of Frescos Naturales is Juan Ignacio Stewart.

His background is quite unassuming; he has made his success through the film industry and was a media and art director/ teacher for a couple of years.

The concept of Frescos Naturales came from his son, who suggested he start selling Rosa de Jamaica wholesale, as it did so well at a local market in his hometown.

He also started Green Belly Foods in 2015 and has another company called Gutmalon hot sauces which has done quite well for itself and is available in over 200 stores nationwide.

What Happened During The Pitch?

Juan appeared on the tank seeking a $130,000 investment for only 8% equity of his business.

The pitch started very well for the Latin American; the Shark’s enjoyed his pitch and liked that the beverages only had between 5g-10g of sugar and only 60 calories per can.

He continued his selling pitch by letting the sharks know his beverage was already available at Kroger’s four major retailer outlets, including 130 King Super Stores and 230 Ralph Stores.

Mr. Stewart continued by detailing the company’s finances. The company began with one flavor and sold an estimated $180,000 in beverages. According to the sheets, Frescos Naturales aims to sell $850,000 in 2023.

After an effortful pitch, the Sharks started chiming in. Unfortunately, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner all tapped out without convincing.

Daniel Lubetzky was the first Shark to show interest in the company. He countered with Stewart and said if he gets other sharks to invest, he will come in it.

Lubetzky mentioned to Stewart that he would take 25%, which he accepted. Kevin decided to backtrack what he said and decided to go in at 30%. Unfortunately, that was too high for Juan, who countered with 20%, which he declined.

The Investment

Juan accepted 130K for 25% equity which is 17% more than he initially anticipated.

He mentioned to Daniel they needed funds for production, but he did not budge with his offer and kept it at 25%.


The company is very much in production, and Juan Ignacio continues to focus on expanding it where he can.

It sounds like he has a gold mine in the palm of his hand!

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