FroPro Ice Cream Net Worth – What Happened After Shark Tank 

When Ed O’Donoghue stepped onto Shark Tank Australia in 2018, he was already a quite successful bloke.

The former professional rugby player had already created a successful business that was stocked in major retailers across Australia and generating impressive sales figures.

He valued the business at $2.5 Million on the show, acquired an investor at a valuation of $1.25 Million and subsequently grew the company to its current net worth of approximately $10 Million Dollars.

The exposure from Shark Tank is always beneficial to businesses who are pitching their products and that has certainly been the case for FroPro to date, with plenty more growth and expansion on the horizon.


What Is FroPro

FroPro is a range of healthy Ice Cream, packed with protein, low in calories and with no added sugar.

The brand originally had a few flavours of Ice Cream and that was it, but since their appearance on Shark Tank, have expanded into a number of different ranges including plant based, school ice cream packs and chocolate singles.

Since the shark tank appearance the brand has grown to a net worth of over $10 Million


About The Owner – Ed O’Donoghue

Being a pro rugby player, eating healthy was of the upmost importance to Ed and finding healthy foods to snack on was always difficult.

After travelling to the UK and Ireland as a professional rugby player, he was inspired by the protein ice cream that was popular in the UK and upon returning to Australia, he saw an obvious gap in the market and went to work to fill it.

Ed says he was able to create a fitness ice cream product quite quickly, set up his manufacturing facility and went to work getting in stocked on shelves.

He started out in small, independent retailers before getting into 600 woolworths stores in Australia and 1000 stores nationwide – and that was all before Shark Tank!


FroPros Shark Tank Appearance

Fro Pro founder Ed, says he was cool, calm and collected going into the Shark Tank having dealt with Woolworths and other major retailers already in the days leading up to his appearance.

He says, however, as soon as he arrived into the shark tank he was ‘Sweating Bullets’.

‘Id rather be thrashed by 130kg blokes that do another shark tank pitch’ – jokes Ed as he reminisces on a very successful pitch.

One issue, noted by Janine Allis was that the packaging was not attractive and that it was a ‘fundamental flaw’. An argument quickly ‘Debunked’ by Steve Baxter who said ‘it wasn’t a fundamental flaw because it could be changed. A fundamental flaw would be if nobody wanted to eat the ice cream.’

With sales of over $1 Million projected with a profit margin of 16%, there were a number of sharks interested in the deal.

Glenn Richards and Steve Baxter both offered the $250k for 20% of the business and after careful deliberation, he decided to go with Glenn’s offer and couldn’t have been more excited to work with such an accomplished entrepreneur.


Did The Investment Go Through

FroPro is one of only 4 Shark Tank Australia deals to actually go through and used the investment to fund a massive marketing campaign, rebrand the products packaging and get the products into more stores nationwide with the hope of exporting the product in the future.


What Happened After The Show

Fro Pro has gone from success to success following their successful appearance on Shark Tank and gained huge exposure just by being on the show.

They have developed into new products and expanded the range of stores that now stock their products.

With a $10 Million Net Worth and plenty of opportunity to expand, the future is looking bright for  Fro Pro and it’s owner Ed’ O Donoghue.