Gallant Net Worth 2022 – What happened after Shark Tank?

What is Gallant? IS GALLANT?

Stem cell therapy for dogs.

Gallant is a company that works in conjunction with your veterinarian. They offer stem cell banking for your pets for future use if your pet faces any of the common health issues.

Gallant offers stem cell storage plans for cats, dogs, and horses.

What is Gallant’s Net Worth?

Company Name



Aaron Hirschhorn


Lori Greiner and Anne Wojcicki







Net worth

$4.5 million

Who is The Owner of Gallant?

Aaron Hirschhorn was the Founder and CEO of Gallant.

Prior to his venture as CEO and Founder of Gallant, Aaron Hirschhorn has a background of being an analyst for two years and then continued to become the Founder and CEO, and Chairman of DogVacay.

Tragically, Aaron passed away in early 2021 from a surfing accident that happened in Miami, Florida.

He unfortunately is no longer able to see the success of his company, but the company strives to continue making him and his family proud!

Why is Gallant so Popular?

Gallant is at the forefront of stem cell research for canines.

The mission of Gallant was to provide dogs with regenerative care the same way it is offered to humans.

Gallant stores discarded reproductive organs in an FDA-approved lab. Then if a person’s dogs encounters medical or health issues where the stem cells have the possibility of being a solution to their medical issue.

Shark Tank Appearance – Did it go Through?

Aaron Hirschhorn entered the Tank seeking $500,000 for only 2% of the company.

At the time he had 4 key patents that he believed would protect the space and lockout any competition in the multi-billion-dollar market.

Seemingly suspicious to the Sharks, Aaron explains that the reason for the low equity share is because he has other investors too.

His currently valuation of the business (in 2019) was $25 million. Impressing the sharks immediately!

Gallant is went out looking for a partner that is willing to help them financially and also provide strategic guidance.

Lori Greiner and Anne Wojcicki partnered up to structure a deal with Gallant. In the end, they offered Aaron $500,000 for 5% equity.

Where is Gallant Company Today?

Gallant is currently still open for business and has introduced, in addition to their $95 monthly plan, a one-time setup of $205.

Although Aaron passed away, Gallant is still determined to stay true to his mission and continue his legacy on.


The Sharks loved the vision behind Gallant, and it is even more loved among pet owners.

Not only does Gallant help facilitate improving your canine friend’s quality of life and it is also a hassle-free process for the pet parent.

Gallant is now a multi-million-dollar business that is helping grow stem cell research for canine. And it continues to make history – keeping Aaron’s legacy alive.