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Grant Cardone is a larger than life Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Property Investor who has worked his way up from the bottom to generating a Net Worth of around $400 Million.

I first came across Grant through one of his best selling books, Sell To Survive which chronicles his journey to the top by becoming an expert salesman, motivational speaker, sales coach and then eventually becoming an Multi Business Entrepreneur with almost 2 Billion Dollars in Property Investments.

These days, Grant is a Marketing and Sales Genius who is almost Omnipresent on social media and he has a cult like following of young Entrepreneurs trying to 10x their lives and achieve similar levels of success as Grant.

‘You can’t Achieve Success Without First Being Criticized.’

Grant Cardone’s Quick Facts




Lake Charles, Louisianna

Martial Status



Elena Cardone


2 – Sabrina & Scarlett

Top Tip

Success Is Your Duty


Entrepreneur, Real Estate Mogul , Motivational Speaker


Miami, Florida

Net Worth

$400 million

Grant Cardone Net Worth 2020

Grant currently holds a net worth of close to $400 million and runs a large organization in Miami, Florida, USA who undertake a wide variety of different business services and are involved in many areas from:

  • Sales Training

  • Property Investment

  • Property Funds For Investors

  • Social Media Management

  • Digital Marketing Agency

  • Authoring Books

  • Motivational Speaking Gigs

  • Business Conferences (10X Growth Conference)

Grant Cardone’s Books

  • Sell To Survive

  • If Your Not First Your Last

  • Sell Or Be Sold

  • Be Obsessed Or Be Average

  • Closer Survival Guide

  • The 10X Rule

  • The Millionaire Booklet

Grant Cardone Top 10 Tips For Success

  1. Success Is Your Duty, Goal And Obligation

  2. Make Time For What Makes You Money

  3. Negativity Is Not Cool Or Acceptable

  4. Ignore Those Who Haven’t Achieved What You Want To Achieve

  5. Have A 10X Target And Never Lower It

  6. Work Hard – You Have No Business Taking Weekends Off

  7. Passive Income Is The Key To Wealth

  8. Don’t Buy A Family Home – Rent Instead

  9. Never Lower Your Targets

  10. Never Take Advice From A Quitter

Grant Cardone Bio & Life Story

Grant Cardone’s Wife – Elena Cardone

Elena Cardone was living in California, enjoying her single life when Grant decided that she was the one for him.

The feelings weren’t mutual however, and Elena had no interest in millionaire Grant to begin with, he was ‘too short and not her type’.

In typical sales master fashion, Grant wouldn’t let it go however. He called her every month for over a year to ask her out and the answer was always no.

He even got her to agree to meet his brother at one stage which was really Grant in disguise.

He finally got her to go out with him when he rented out the entire Gun Range to bring her for a date and the rest is history.

They Now live together with their two kids in a top floor penthouse in Miami, Florida and Elena plays a pivotal role in the business along with the kids who are often present in their social media posts.

Elena can be said to be a bit of a tom boy with an extensive interest in Guns, Muay Thai and other tom boyish sports.

Check out the interview below to see how the two met and fell in love:

Early Life

Grant grew up ‘poor’ in Lake Charles Lousianna, USA. He was the son of an immigrant father who worked hard his whole life so that the family could move into the middle class.

His dad eventually bought his dream house and the family settled in. It was Grant, his twin brother, Mother and Father.

He father unfortunately passed away suddenly from a heart attack and the mother immediately went into preservation mode, selling the house and downsizing.

Grant made a promise to himself that he would not have to worry about money like that in later life.

There was a lot of downs before there would to be any ups in Grant’s life however.

He became addicted to Drugs and quickly went on a downward spiral, ending up going through Rehabilitation before finally making it out the other side towards wealth.

He told the Counsellor at the rehabilitation centre about his lofty goals and the counsellor told him he would never be able to achieve those goals and to lower his targets.

Grant left with a burning desire to prove that counsellor wrong and he saw it through.

Grant Cardone’s Education

Despite the many problems in Grants early life, he did manage to graduate from high school and amazingly he also graduated from college with a degree in accounting.

To this day, Grant is a big detractor from the school system and college in general arguing that it doesn’t teach you the essential skills you need to be successful in life:

  • Selling

  • Making Money

  • Keeping Money

  • Multiplying Money

First Steps Towards Wealth

Grant’s first path into sales came at the end of a fishing trip. He had caught a lot of Snapper fish and had no way to keep them fresh.

He was faced with a dilemma to make use of them or throw them away so he decided to call door to door and try to sell the fish.

He had also been working at a car dealership as a salesman and at that moment, he decided to learn everything there was to know about sales and to master it.

He ordered tapes online and listened to them intently, disagreeing with a lot of what he was hearing.

He started writing down the objections and obstacles he was getting and to put together  library of responses. Little did he know that he would change the sales landscape forever with his work.

He became passionate, showing up first and leaving last every day and quickly rose to prominence as the top car salesman in the area.

The Speaking Gig

Grant then went on to teach organizations about sales training, speaking around the country and clocking up thousands of air miles in the process before burning out and becoming disillusioned although he was making good money.

Cardone University

He then created the Cardone University which was a product he could sell to organizations instead of speaking at events and he put his sales skills to the test selling the product.

Grant’s Net Worth rose as he began to sell more companies on his platform, often calling to businesses unannounced to sell his product before the days of the internet.

Moving Around

Grant states that moving on when his city got stale was an ultimate key to his success.

He moved from Lake Charles to Houston, Texas before heading out to California where he met, wife, Elena Cardone.

After a disastrous Tax Hike in the state of California, the family decided to head for Miami, Florida where they are still based today.

Delving Into Property

As the money started to pile up, Grant was looking for an investment vehicle to put it into.

He quickly got into property and bought a single family home in Houston, Texas that he rented out and got a steady paycheck coming in but after almost a year, the family moved out and the cash flow stopped entirely.

Grant learned from his mistakes and started buying multi unit family apartments with high occupancy rates that he would rent out to different families to get a steady paycheck flowing in.

Grant has become so good at investing that he now allows other people to invest into the deals he is doing with Cardone Capital.

You can invest $5k – $10 or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into Cardone Capital and you will own a piece of the property that Grant purchases allowing you to get the steady paycheck coming in and own a piece of real estate without any of the hassle.

But all of that was nearly called to a grinding halt by the great crash of 2008.

Overcoming The Crash

Even though Grant had invested wisely, the bank that he had his loans with recalled those loans without a single payment missed.

They claimed that since the value had dropped, the loan was eligible to be recalled.

Cardone had $300k in cash, which he cleverly placed into Escrow so the bank couldn’t touch it which allowed him to come to a deal with the bank about extending the loans which they did.

Back then the banks were getting out loans for nothing and Grant couldn’t believe what people were doing before it caught up with them.

He said people he knew went down then and never came back up in the 2008 Crash But Grant thankfully made it out without a scratch.

Delving Into Authorship With His First Book

Grant wrote his first book ‘Sell to Survive’ following the Economic crash of 2008.

Sell To Survive Summary

The book focusses on Grant’s early life including the fish story and how he went to work at the Car Dealership and became a selling expert.

The subject matter of the book is that in life, you are always doing 1 of 2 things, Selling or Being Sold to.

The book discusses the characteristics of sales and why the best sales people are children as the persist diligently until they get the sale, following up as many times as it takes until they make the sale.

Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission:

  • You need to sell your boss on giving you a raise

  • You need to sell your girlfriend on marrying you

  • You need to sell your wife on what restaurant to go to.

And it also gives tips on how to make sales.

  • Cold calling with repeated follow ups

  • Setting Meetings

  • Handling Objections

  • Even How To Close The Sale

A real class book from a growing library of Grant’s authorship.

Other Books By Grant Include:

The Millionaire Booklet:

One of the most crucial ways to become a millionaire is to do the math:

You need to sell 5 products a day at $500 to make a million in 1 year.

10 Products at $250

100 Products at $25

By breaking the math into smaller chunks to task becomes realistic in your mind and you are better able to visualize success and work towards obtaining.

It’s a small book that can be read in an hour and promotes starting a business and investing the profits in passive income.

The 10X Rule

The 10X Rule developed a cult like following for Grant Cardone.

This book is all about taking massive action in your life towards achieving your goals.

It is also about aiming for bigger goals.

If you aim to make $100k and you hit $70k, you might feel successful but you would be much better 10Xing the target and aiming for $1 million.

Even if you hit $150k or $200k it is still much better than $70k.

By Setting a higher goal for yourself, your brain starts immediately working on plans and ways to increase your earning potential and get you out of small minded thinking.

If You’re Not First Your Last

More Classic Cardone Literature.

Be Obsessed Or Be Average

You only have two choices!

Sell To Survive

A Play By Play Guide to selling anything.

It gives all of Grants methods and techniques for selling in any environment.

The Closers Survival Guide

Play By Play guide to making sells with the exact words to say and how to handle any objections or rebuttals.

Growing And Scaling

As Grant scaled up his online sales platform and profits began to grow further and further.

Grant turned to properties to build his wealth and to generate passive income.

He developed an ideal type of apartment that he liked to invest in and pushed forward with those types of deals.

Grant liked to invest his money in large, multi unit family apartments that enjoy steady income streams and high occupancy rates.

He likes multi unit deals as there are management companies in place to look after the maintenance and repairs in the units and the deals are completely passive.

The biggest test for Grants property empire was when Covid struck and we were in a depression.

After taking a haircut and letting staff go, Grant’s property business continued to thrive.

Cardone Capital

The investment model has become so successful that it is now open to accredited and non Accredited investors who can invest as little or as much as they want in the deals, receive a cut of the rental income and still have the value of their investment in place.

It is an attractive deal for many, to generate passive income without the work of actually buying the units.

The 10 X Growth Conference

Every year for the past 4 years, except this year because of covid, Grant has put on the largest show for Entrepreneurs in history.

Because Grant is so effective at sales, he can literally sell out stadiums with his events and get huge mega stars like Snoop Dogg and Daymond John to attend and talk to his adoring fans and help them to change their lives around.

Grant is the opposite of so many wealthy entrepreneurs in that he didn’t shy away from attention with success, instead he chose to show the world everything about his life and so many entrepreneurs, including me are very grateful to Grant for his openness.

Grant Cardone has had one of the biggest impacts on my business career to date and I count him as my number 1 mentor. Without having met him yet.

Entrepreneurs Who Have Appeared At The 10X Growth Conference Include:

  • Dana White

  • Usher

  • Rick Ross

  • Kevin Hart

  • Magic Johnson

  • John Travolta

  • Brad Parscale

  • Steve Harvey

  • Russell Brunson

  • Tai Lopez

  • Tim Story

A star studded even that has attracted more entrepreneurs than any Entrepreneurial event in history.

Grant Cardone’s 10X Bootcamp

Grant Cardone’s methods have been so eye opening to so many people that he now runs Bootcamps every month at his offices in Miami where business owners can come to try and 10X their businesses.

Grant talks to groups as a whole and offers individual advice to the participants as part of the sessions.

It is also an excellent way for business owners to connect and network with like minded people.

Grant Cardone Owning A Jet

Grant Cardone was advised strongly by his accountant not to buy a jet as it didn’t make any financial sense.

Grant’s rule of not taking advice from people who don’t have you want to achieve held firm and he bought the jet.

He now owns a GulfStream 550 which cost an estimated $50 Million.

The real price of owning the jet is the fuel costs but it saves Grant a ton of time and allows him to fly anywhere in the world without restrictions.

Grant has visited Europe and even as far as Singapore in the Gulfstream 550 which can do a lot of miles without needing to refuel.

Grant’s Lifestyle

Grant is a man that works hard and likes to play hard, vacationing with his family many times throughout the year.

His favourite places to visit are St. Barts, Europe and Asia.

Grant doesn’t own any summer houses though, choosing to rent them instead.

Grant Cardone’s House – he Rent’s He Doesn’t Own

Grant Cardone does not believe in owning the house you live in for a number of reasons:

  1. It doesn’t make you any money or passive income

  2. It ties you down and limits your freedom

  3. You will need to carry out all repairs and maintenance.

Grant argues that the middle class goal of buying a home is a load of baloney and with the current market prices it is actually hard to argue,

Piling all of your life’s earnings into a house when it isn’t going to earn any money is not a wise investment.

Grant argues that you should use that mean to invest in increasing your skills and learning how to generate passive income for you and your family.

Grant argues that success is you duty, goal and obligation.

“Rent what you can buy and buy what you can rent” is one of GC’s favourite quotes.

Grant Cardone On Not Spending Until You Earn

Grant believes in minimizing spending, like so many other successful entrepreneurs and only buying luxuries from passive income you have developed.

So, if you see Grant with fancy cars and nice watches, you know it is because he has earned them, passively, 10 times over before actually making the purchase.

Grant Cardone’s Twin Brother

Grant Cardone is not alone in this world, he also has his twin brother, Gary Cardone and the two are an uncanny resemblance of each other.

Gary is also a successful business man and has appeared on Grant Cardone’s internet show, Power Players to talk about his trials, tribulations and successes to date in life.

The Middle Class Is Dying

The old middle class sayings of a penny saved is a penny earned, buying a family home and saving money for compound interest are dead and they are no longer ways to make money anymore.

The interest rates are now so low, that it would take you 80 years to double your money.

The answer is to learn how to make money by yourself so that no matter how the economy is, no matter who the president is, you are able to make money and thrive successfully in any situation.

Grant Cardone Success Quotes

“The Secret To Happiness Is Production.”

“Success Is My Duty, Goal And Obligation.”

“Never Take Advise From A Quitter.”

“Rent Where You Live, Own What You Rent To Others.”

“The Middle Class Is Dying, There Is No Compound Interest Any More.”

“I Love Problems, They Are Opportunities To Create Solutions.”

“Haters Are People Who Have Given Up On Their Own Dreams And Now Want To Attack Yours.”

“Anybody That Suggests You Do Less Is Not Your Friend.”

“Everything In Life Is A Sale And Everything You Want Is A Commission.”

“The Most Difficult Obstacle To Sales Is Obscurity.”

“Approach Everything With A Whatever It Takes Mindset, Set High Targets And Never Lower Them.”


Grant has been very successful following his own advice, creating revolutionary concepts and changing an entire industry by himself. Never take advice from someone who hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve.

His message is to increase your income, achieve success and built wealth for you and your family.

Remember, Success is your duty, your goal and your obligation.