SEO And PPC Working Together In 2022 To Maximize Your Market Share


I’ve been an Entrepreneur since 2015 and in that time we have scaled a Digital Marketing Agency to 6 figures, created multiple passive income streams through Blogging and Youtube and created multiple, successful E-Commerce and Print On Demand businesses.

I gave a talk about this very topic in 2018 at a business exhibition in Dublin and the fact remains that a unified strategy of SEO and PPC is the certified best possible way to grow your market share and expand your business quickly, effectively and sustainably alongside a crucial third ingredient, Remarketing.

We also want to measure all of our conversions and returns online to see our returns and the customers journey before they converted.

What Exactly Is In Involved In This Strategy?

This is a game of getting your target customers to see you three times in the first few seconds immediately after their search. You are effectively dominating the space by showing up at the top of all three places that are available for competition.

All searches are different but the main consensus is that they will quickly scan and just click on the first result that appeals to them and you want that to be you.

By showing up 3 times at the top of page 1 you are maximizing your chances of taking that business and pulling in another customer for life.

The 5 Steps To Digital Marketing Mastery

  1. PPC Ads
  2. Maps
  3. Organic SEO
  4. Remarketing
  5. Measure Everything

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click or Google Ads is basically paying Google to show off your companies website at the very top of page 1.

If more than one person want to show at the top, there is a search time auction to see who gets the top position and if the companies are paying enough, there can be up to 4 business showing their ads at the top of page 1 for any given search.

You pay 1c more than the person below you is bidding, so even if you bid $20, you may actually only end up pay $5 per click for example.

Your keywords will determine what searches you show up for and you should probably do some study about keywords or higher a professional to set these up for you. You want to keep them nice and tight and see which ones are converting over time.

The price per click will vary greatly depending on the value of a customer and how much competition there is. PPC is a great way to grow your business from the very first day but a large % of people will skip straight past the ads down to the map and organic listings.

Google Maps And Google My Business

Any business that is not showing up on Google Maps right now is doing themselves a great disservice. It is one of the best ways to generate traffic, customers and reviews that is available online today.

You can sign up for Google My Business easily online and they will send you a postcard to verify that you actually have access to that physical location before they verify and start showing your listing.

One quick Pro Tip for setting up your business on the map is to include the name of your business with the number 1 keyword you want to rank at the top of page 1 for EG. Barry’s Removal Service Dublin or Katies Luxury Spa New York or 5 Star Log Cabins Dallas.

That way when someone types in the keyword, you will show organically for free at the top of the map which can generate a huge amount of traffic.

Getting your customers to put 5 star reviews on your map will make you even more prominent, build trust with potential customers and increase your market share.

There are plenty of other GMB features to take advantage of like photos, posts and special offers that can spark interest in potential customers and get people in through your doors more often.

Organic Listings

Organic Listings are probably the hardest to achieve but still get the highest amount of traffic.

That coveted number 1 spot for the keywords you are targeting can make all the difference in your business and as such, enterprises are willing to pay a lot to get the top positions for the best keywords for their businesses.

Having been in the SEO game for a long time, we understand that it is a bit of dark art. All sort of online experts make all sorts of different claims about how to get to the top and stay there.

We have had number 1 spots for our customers for years before I got into professional blogging and that is something that really changed the game for me.

Look at the Analytics results here to understand that we know exactly how to increase traffic to a customers website and there are 5 main steps:

Having Pages For Specific Keywords:

You don’t just want to have one or two pages because Google wont rank that page for everything and it will only know one or two keywords to rank it for.

Have a page for every main business area you want to rank for.

Meta Titles And Urls:

Meta Titles containing the words you want to rank for and short Urls seem to do the best. We would include 5 words max in a url or maybe more for E-commerce but short URLs seem to rank the best in Googles Algorithms.

On Page Content Is Key

Most Agencies will promote the use of link building as the number one factor that will set you apart and keep you as number 1 but we believe that have good and engaging content on each page is just as important if not more so.

Internal Linking

Linking your pages internally tells Google how you want your website to flow and the pages that get the internal links are the ones that will show in the most prominent positions.

External Link Building

External link building is probably the most taboo part of SEO but it is still effective. Web 2.0s links, guest posting, private blog networks, directories all go into a solid SEO strategy that an make all the difference between being 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Google search results.

Is SEO On It’s Own Not Enough?

SEO and the organic listings will still get over 60% of the traffic from Google for almost every industry and getting to the top of the search result is probably the number 1 of objective for any business that I would set up.

SEO can definitely be enough to run a very profitable business with no advertising cost to be at the top of the search results but you are more than likely leaving money on the table.

We Want To Build A Funnel For Your Business

When a customer interacts with your business, that is just the beginning of their journey to becoming your customer. When you can get a customer back onto your site for a second time, they will convert at a much higher rate.

We Want To Remarket Until They Convert

Remarketing is one of the key tools that a business can use to increase it’s customer base and the best thing about it is that it is incredibly cheap.

If you are business that pays $10 for a single click, you can get that customer back on your site for about 30c – 50c through remarketing and even cheaper if you remarket with videos through Youtube.

With remarketing we can increase our customer base in a cost effective way and this can have a major impact on our cost to acquire a customer. If we have to pay $10 per click and we get a 5% conversion rate, we might only break even but when we get a solid funnel in place and get that conversion rate up to 10%, our budget is going to a much better use and our business grows as a result.

Youtube Remarketing

When someone visits your website, they are pretty much declaring that they are somewhat interested in your goods and services. When they go to Youtube and see your Ad, they will immediately remember your brand above all the others and when they are ready to buy they will come back to your site and convert.

It brings a certain increased professionalism to your business and sets you above the rest.

Youtube Ads are still in their infancy and you don’t need an expensive professional shot video to be successful. There are plenty of video animation softwares that will do the job for you and you can even hire an expert on Upwork to do a professional job and then hire a voiceover expert.

The cost of Youtube Ads is cheap, you only pay when someone watches to the end of your video and the cost is about 10 – 20c per full view. The amount of Youtube being watched is increasing exponentially and you can a huge amount of exposure for cheap.

Couple This With Display Ads

Google Display are cost effective, targeted and they get people back on your site. As we said, people visiting your site for the second time convert at almost twice the % in some cases and well though out, Dynamic or Static Remarketing Ads on the Google Display network is one of the key ways to increase your sales, profit and market share.

The current sizes for Display Ads are the following:

250 x 250 – Square

200 x 200 – Small Square

468 x 60 – Banner

120 x 600 – Skyscraper

160 x 600 – Wide Skyscraper

300 x 600 – Half-Page Ad

970 x 90 – Large Leaderboard

728 x 90 – Leaderboard

300 x 250 – Inline Rectangle

336 x 280 – Large Rectangle

If you are looking to build Google Display Ads we suggest finding a style or design that you like and getting a graphic designer on Upwork to create your New Display Ads or hire a digital marketing agency to get the job done for you.

Facebook Remarketing

I wouldn’t usually be the biggest fan of Facebook Ads as they are usually quite expensive and hard to turn a profit on but for remarketing they are excellent.

The higher the value of your customer, the more in makes sense to re-target on Facebook as you can get a click to your site for about 30c on already pre qualified, highly targeted lead.

Facebook works by placing a pixel on your site to measure activity and remember who has visited the site or particular pages within your site.

Conversion Tracking

It is essential to set up conversion tracking on your site to see who is becoming a customer and where they came from before converting. Did they come from Organic search, PPC Ads, Social or your display remarketing.

Are they first time visitors or returning visitors? Once you have the date built up, you can decide how much you are willing to spend to acquire each customer and when your system is an overall funnel, you can make a definite decision on whether the highly targeted leads through PPC are converting at a high enough rate to make the spend worthwhile.


We find that PPC traffic is some of the best around, second only to Organic search and once you have a finely tuned funnel with various levels of remarketing, you will generally want to fill that funnel with as much good traffic as you can, increasing market share, revenue, repeat customers and profits over time.

When we compare the options that we have today with what companies had to do in the past, we can clearly see that Digital Advertising is far superior to the advertising methods of the past where you would take out a billboard, tv ad or newspaper ad and everybody would see it whether they were a target customer or not and everybody would pay the same for the same space regardless of the value of their customer.

It was also impossible to get an accurate assessment of how much return you got from your efforts and also impossible to follow up or re-target your customers.

Digital Advertising is highly targeted, measurable, effective and with the remarketing available today, a good mix of PPC, SEO and Remarketing is the best possible way to grow your bottom line.