IllumiBowl Net Worth 2021 – What Happened After Shark Tank

This clever product is a toilet seat that offers a toilet bowl light. This helps you to aim when you are peeing in the dark so that you do not miss the toilet.

The entrepreneurs pitched this product with the slogan, “Pee Responsibly” when they went on Shark Tank and have went on to build an impressive estimated net worth of over $1.4 million since the show aired and gave them much needed exposure.

IllumiBowl offers various light colors and styles of light to make your bathroom targeting when tired much easier.

This was the result of the founders realizing that peeing in the dark was tough to do and that turning on the light in the bathroom would just wake you up.




Company Net Worth:

$1.4 million


Motion-Activated Toilet Light


Matt Alexander and Michael Kannely

Asked For:

$100,000 for 15% stake


$100,000 for a 25% stake


Kevin O’Leary


Matt was studying business while attending college and happened to realize that he was really tire of being blinded by the bathroom light when he had to get up in the middle of the night.

He had the idea of making a toilet bowl light so that this would not be necessary.

Matt reached out to his brother-in-law about the idea and the pair realized that there was no similar product on the market. This led them to use Kickstarter to crowd-fund the prototype that got the ball rolling.

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Overall Score: 92/100


The pair introduced themselves at #1 and #2 which elicited groans from The Sharks. However, their pitch was convincing to at least some of the Sharks.

Robert pointed out that there was a product for this and it was called a night light.

Kevin asked how likely you would be to get shocked if you used this product but the pair assured him no one could be zapped while sitting on the toilet at night.

Robert also asked bout how they would try to market this product and Matt and Michael said that they wanted to get into retail stores.

Daymond was interested and so was Lori but Kevin O’Leary won out at the end. He told Lori that she already had the Squatty Potty and didn’t need this item as well.


Kevin came up with the offer of $100,000 for 25% equity in the company.

Robert said he could not improve on this offer and Lori also admitted that she would not be able to top it. Kevin won out as Matt and Michael accepted his offer.


Kevin was able to get the product into True Value, Bed Bath & Beyond and the team is working on other retail locations to market the product.

They sold several hundred thousand of their product after the episode aired and have begun developing additional products that they are keeping under wraps for now.

They have disclosed that they are working on a motion sensor that turns the light on and off.

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Overall Score: 92/100