Is Adsense Worth It In 2022 – How To Profit On Your Content

Can you still make money with Google Adsense in 2022? – Absolutely Yes! but not as much as before

Is it profitable and worth your time? It might be for some people but there are better alternatives for most.

Google Adsense is a way that Bloggers and content creators get paid for their traffic by placing ads on their website and receiving a small fee when someone interacts with those ads. Adsense is a way to make money for small amounts of traffic but there are other platforms that will allow you to generate much higher revenues than Adsense once your traffic builds up a bit.

Can You Still Make Money With Adsense?

So we know that Adsense works by placing Ads in your content and as your traffic clicks those Ads, Adsense will give you just a little bit of revenue.

The amount of revenue that they give will vary drastically from niche to niche as the willingness to spend and the disposable income of the visitors to your site varies.

Think about it, if your site is about Wedding Rings and your site is full of men looking for information on paying for a ring that may cost $10,000 +. You can be sure that advertisers will pay a lot more than someone who is visiting a boxing news site with no intention of spending any money.

So you get the picture, Advertisers bid on the space on your website and the more valuable it is, the more revenue per 1,000 visitors (RPM) you will be able to achieve.

You Can Also Earn With Video Audiences On Youtube

Adsense is also available for video producers on Youtube where the same principals of supply and demand apply.

You will earn a lot more for videos in a niche where people are willing to spend as opposed to just seeking information.

How To Make Money With Adsense

#1 Build A Niche Site Or Blog And Gain Traffic

Almost everybody has heard about blogging as a way of making money but few have taken it seriously enough to make a full time living.

Creating a successful blog requires an incredible amount of hard work and dedication and it starts with picking a niche you are passionate about and that is large.

The next step is to do your keyword research and come up with topics for blogs. Your blogs need to have titles that people are searching for and you need to create content that is better than what is ranking in the number 1 spot currently.

Once you have written enough and allowed enough time to pass so they reach page 1, you will start getting traffic and you can place the Adsense ads within your content to start making some money.

#2 Create A Successful Youtube Channel

Once you reach a certain level of viewers and subscribers on Youtube, you can also start to run Adsense ads on your videos.

A combination of blogging and Youtube is a powerful combination to build a solid audience although it will take a lot of time and effort to create the right types of videos and content to start generating views and ultimately subscribers.

Minimum Youtube Requirements

  • 1,000 Youtube Subscribers
  • 4,000 Views within the past year

Standards And Guidelines

One thing that you need to ensure when you go to advertise on Adsense is that your content is unique, isn’t overly sexual or offensive and follows along with the community guidelines or you risk being banned from the platform.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn

The RPM of an advertising platform is the amount of money you will receive per 1,000 visitors to your site.

Having run Ads on Adsense across 3 different niches, the highest RPM I have received is about $3 – $4 and the lowest would be less than $1.

With Youtube, we receive around the same RPMs but I have heard of different Youtubers making $7 RPM which is pretty competitive once you get going but it will take a while to be accepted on Youtubes advertising platform.

Time Of The Year

As I write this, we are coming up on Christmas and this is the ultimate season where everybody is spending as much money as possible on their loved ones and around this time of the year, you can expect to see a nice increase in RPM’s through Ad Sense and other providers.

We have just hit $30 RPMS in September. Awesome!

Where to Place The Ads

Google Adsense used to be a completely manual affair where you would pick out the Ad sizes that you wanted and add them to your site manually.

This is a lot of work and you have to constantly tweak and test your ads to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Google now also offers Auto Placement Ads, and they will aim to place the ads in the best position on your site to make the most money.

Auto Placement might not work as well but it will get you up and running and you can then focus on creating more and more quality content to increase your traffic.

There are also plenty of Alternative services out there that will do a lot of that work for you, for a small percentage and they will all aim to get you a higher RPM, usually very successfully.

Before we get into that, lets take a closer look at Affiliate Marketing And Google Ads Arbitrage.

Affiliate Marketing

It is probably not going to take you too long to realize, the power of Affiliate marketing for your authority site.

One of the things that people search for the most online is product reviews and this is true across almost every niche.

Most companies will offer you some money if you send a customer their way, through your websites link and they will pay you a percentage of that sale, usually around 3 – 10% but a lot higher for certain industries like CBD where we see 20 – 25% Commissions.

Amazon has the best affiliate program to this day, offering 1 – 8% commission across a range of industries and for traffic from every country.

If you can get Affiliate marketing and Display Ads running in unison, it can be a recipe for awesome profits every month that are completely passive.

Google Adsense Arbitrage

It sounds like something you could go to jail for but trust me, it is completely legal and within the community guidelines.

Arbitrage basically means acquiring traffic through a paid source like Native Ads, Pay Per Click Campaigns or social media.

Why I mentioned Affiliate marketing first is that if you have a page that is generating a lot of Affiliate marketing commissions and does well with Google Adsense, the revenue you get per customer will be high enough to run a lot of ads and generate a nice profit.

If you can do this successfully, you can scale quickly and start earning a nice profit every month from Arbitrage.

Although this is a more advanced concept, it is something to keep in mind when creating Authority sites.

Who Is Google Adsense For?

Google Adsense is for every successful Youtuber and new Authority Sites, Niche Sites and Blogs until they get enough traffic to go to a premium ad management provider.

I say it is for new sites because the RPM’s are low with Adsense and to do it manually will take a lot of time.

Once you reach around 10,000 Visitors per month, there are plenty of Ad Management companies willing to take you on and as you advance further to 50,000 and 100,000 sessions per month, there are premium services willing to take you, where we have personally earned $30 RPM’s just from traffic alone.

Adsense Pros And Cons


  • Easy To Get Approved
  • Quality Dashboard
  • Complete Control Of Your Ads
  • Auto Placement Available
  • Only Ads Available For Youtube


  • Low RPMS
  • Slows Your Site Down

Site Speed

Before we look at alternatives to Adsense, it is important to note that placing the Adsense code and ads on your site will slow it down and this is a ranking factor for Google.

This is why a lot of seasoned bloggers will wait until a site hits the threshold to be accepted for a premium Ad Management company like Mediavine.

This isn’t a nail in the coffin but you need to make sure you are doing everything possible on your site to keep your side speed high like using a premium wordpress theme and not bogging the site down with code heavy features like Gifs and large images.

Alternatives To Adsense

While most premium Ad Providers will only accept you with 10,000 hits a month, there is a way to get onto our first Platform with any amount of traffic.


Once your site hits 10k sessions per month, it is probably time to ditch Google Adsense for your website and migrate over to the guys at Ezoic.

Signing up with Ezoic should see you increase your RPM’s to at least 3 times what Google Adsense will pay you and with 10k sessions being such a low threshold, you should be able to get there quite quickly.

Ezoic is a company founded in 2010 on the realization that UX had a big impact on revenue earnings and they set out to create the best end to end Ad platform for publishers.

They make use of Artificial intelligence to constantly tweak and update both the amount of Ads on your page and where they are placed.


Beat The 10k Threshold

If you are a member of Income School Or Know A Rep, You Can Get In With Any Amount Of Traffic.

Either sign up for Income School or just get in touch with them an ask nicely if you can skip the minimum traffic requirement step.

That way you can start earning more, more quickly.

Total Control Over Your Ads

After you go through the simple onboarding process, your account manager will place all the Ads on the site in the optimal positions for earnings and if you are unhappy with any ad placement, you can remove them yourself or have your account rep remove them for you.

Quality Dashboard

The Dashboard in Ezoic is one of the selling points. If shows you your revenue, RPM’s and it has plenty of other tabs like Analytics, Speed, SEO and Design to help you to maximise your earnings.

Site Speed

One of the big downsides people see with Ezoic is their site speed slows down. Ezoic have a service to go through your site in detail and bring it back up to speed which is crucial to many and this service is free.

Ezoic Premium

After you stick around with Ezoic for long enough, they will offer you the chance to try out their Premium offering which sounds a bit counter-intuitive at first glance but guarantees a positive return.

This is where you pay them for direct access to their premium suppliers. Most people will balk at the sound of this and it does seem wrong but the guarantee is that you will make more than you pay each month with premium.


Site Speed

A lot of people still complain about the effects on site speed from having Ezoic, even after the site speed option has been applied.

Intrusive Ads

There is a common conception among the form in Income School that the way Ezoic posts their ads is a lot more intrusive than other options like Mediavine or even monumetric.

Hit Or Miss RPM’s

Some people achieve really high RPM’s and some RPMS barely beat Adsense. It appears to be pot luck which way it goes for you but we have had 3 sites on Ezoic and the RPM’s have ranges from $3 to $10 to $15. There are plenty of Ezoic alternatives too.

Overall Score 85/100

Check Them Out Here:


Monumetric is a service that takes on smaller sites as well but you need to pay them $99 set up fee if your site is between 10k – 80k sessions per month.

Monumetric offers a better ad experience and whether you get better RPM’s with them or not will come down to the niche and the traffic you get.

Better Ads, Better RPM’s and the option to use videos with Ads are all real positives of Monumetric but having the shell out $99 will be a deterrent for many too.

Overall Score 88/100

Check Them Out Here:


Mediavine are the best Ad Management company I have worked with by a mile.

From the time I submitted my application, it took 4 weeks to get approved and up and running but from there it has been better than smooth sailing.

Another setback for Mediavine is that you need 50k sessions to get approved, this is up from 25k sessions in 2020.

We have achieved RPM’s of over $30 with Mediavine which is well over double what we were getting with Ezoic and 10x what you can get through Adsense.

At these RPM’s you can easily make a full time income from just Mediavine. We are doing over $4k just in display ads right now plus another $4k from Affiliate. I’ve been doing this for 18 months which is an amazing return from only 1 of our many sites and other businesses like E-Commerce.

You get videos with Mediavine and an epic dashboard that gives you full control plus access to the thriving Facebook community.

If you can apply for Mediavine then go for it, they are the best around.

Overall Score 98/100

Check Them Out Here:


Starting a Niche site, Blog or Youtube is not easy. It take a lot of hard work, skills and dedication which is why I recommend to everyone to take a blogging course or take a Youtube course so you can start off the way you need to continue.

Don’t be stubborn and get started with the right advice so you don’t waste time money and effort.

Adsense is great for small blogs to make your first few dollars but once you get some traction move to a better service.

Adsense is the only option for Youtube but you can make good money and you don’t have much of a choice.

Thanks for reading our blog and have a great day.