Jason Schanne Net Worth 2022 – Jason Armande Schanne

Imagine being famous for being attached to a celeb?

Well in the case of Jason Schanne that is the way it works! There have been rumors that he is a businessman in his own right, but nothing has been confirmed. He is not active on any social media platforms, except sometimes appearing on his partner’s Instagram posts.

His partner, Bruno Tonioli, is the popular Italian choreographer and well-known dance competition judge with straight, blunt comments on the show ”Strictly Come Dancing”.

Jason’s business dealings remain private and nobody knows what his daily activities are, although he is sometimes a model in London. He maintains his physique by going to the gym regularly and follows strict diets to keep his body in shape.

Jason’s Stats

First Names:


Second Name:


Second Name:



Model, Businessman



Birth Date:

5 August 1986

Birth Sign:




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Currently Lives:


Net Worth:

USD $8 Million

Jason is personal and Bruno is just “Out There”

Jason’s long-term relationship, (duration and specific nature remain under speculation) with Bruno works very well because their personalities are so different. Bruno is very open about walking around naked at home and even stringing up the Christmas lights in the nude.

Watch him discuss his ventures in the most upfront and direct way. He explains in detail that to have a perfect physique some have to go to the gym four times a day. Our genetic body make-up just differs from person to person.

Jason might watch him from the shadows or from home when this is all occurring –  unless this is the night Bruno convinces him to show the world his admirable physique.

Wealth or Fame?

It is a well-known fact that Bruno is much wealthier than Jason. This openly gay couple has been together for decades. There is clearly more than money and fame keeping this mysterious relationship together.

Even at celebrity events, you don’t often see cameras clicking pics of them together, but if you catch them glimpsing at each other across a crowded room, you may see the unseen.

Unconfirmed sources claim they have been together since 2000. They celebrated a commitment ceremony after season 19 of Strictly Come Dancing, and there are fan-tantalizing rumors that they are officially married.

It is believed that Jason has a strong net worth from his modeling career but not nearly as much as Bruno’s rumored USD $16 million. But when you are in love does money really matter that much?

Interesting Facts

  • He has one tattoo on his hand that can be seen on some Instagram pictures.
  • Jason and Bruno have been in a relationship since 2000 – or maybe since 2010 according to some sources …
  • In 2012 they had a commitment ceremony attended by Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, and Perez Hilton among others
  • Jason Schanne and Bruno Tonioli are one of the most famous gay couples in celebrity circles
  • Jason keeps his personal life strictly private
  • He has no Twitter or Instagram accounts
  • There is a huge age difference between Jason and Bruno
  • Jason is 35 and Bruno is 65
  • Jason is a huge animal lover
  • One of the rare photo’s of Jason on Bruno’s Instagram
  • Jason enjoyed climbing and cricket at school

More to Come…

This couple that enjoys their private time together appears to be yin and yang, the black and white, the two halves that form a whole.

They are so different and as the saying goes “opposites attract”. The outgoing, public personality of Bruno Tonioli and the low-key personality of Jason Schanne could be what keeps their relationship so special.

They live in London, so Bruno commutes during the “Strictly Come Dancing” recordings, which must mean he doesn’t want to be far away from Jason for extended periods. This shows that whatever anybody may say, an often-apart relationship can work if you put in the time and effort.

So, if you find yourself in a similar relationship or similar non-mainstream circumstances, decide if you are willing to put in what it takes. Go for it, creating wealth in the process by grabbing the opportunities of money and love along the way.