Jim Treliving Net Worth 2022 – How Did He Make His Money

You may know Jim Treliving as one of the dragons on the T.V. reality series “Dragon’s Den Canada.” But who is this mogul and how did he get to be where he is today?

The story of Jim Treliving is a very interesting one as it stands as a testament to the possibilities of the entrepreneurial spirit. Treliving is truly one of the most diverse and successful entrepreneurs of our time with a story as diverse as his business portfolio.

And while he is a prominent public figure in Canada, surprisingly, many Americans don’t know very much about him. But if you are a young, hungry entrepreneur then Jim Treliving is someone you should know about.

His story has been an inspiration for business men and women around the world because like a lot of successful entrepreneurs, his beginning were humble.

But what makes Jim Treliving’s story stand out isn’t just the humble beginnings; it’s the amazing business savvy and insights this man took a chance on to build his wealth.

Jim Treliving has an incredibly diverse portfolio and exceptional nose for business opportunity. In the following article, we will explore the life and career of this entrepreneurial magnate.

Treliving’s Net Worth And The Seed Of His Enormous Wealth

Today, it is estimated that Jim Treliving’s net worth hovers around $700 million. That’s a lot of money but where did it all come from?

The story of Treliving’s wealth begins in Canada when he served as a Mounty. A mounty is essentially a Canadian policeman.

In more formal terms, Jim was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While he was working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, his business acumen caused him to take note of a little pizza chain that was growing in popularity.

That pizza chain was called Boston Pizza. At the time, Boston Pizza was a regional operation but Treliving managed to gather enough money to open a franchise Boston Pizza store in Penticton, British Columbia.

That was all the way back in 1968. Today, Boston Pizza is one of Canada’s most popular chain pizza restaurants, boasting 365 locations in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Quick Facts 


May 12th, 1941

Full Name:

Walter James Treliving




Virden, Manitoba, Canada


Venture capitalist, businessman, TV personality

The Road to Fortune

Jim was born into a middle-class Canadian family. After high school, Jim immediately entered the ranks of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

But things did not start smoothly for Jim’s entrepreneurial endeavors. When Jim first told his parents that he wanted to open a franchise store of Boston Pizza, they did not approve.

They were upset but Jim was unperturbed. He is quoted as saying, “It was my dream, it wasn’t their dream.” with regards to his attitude toward their disapproval.

This would be the guiding philosophy for Jim’s business endeavors for the rest of his career. While running his Boston Pizza franchise, Jim brought on an accountant named George Melville.

Melville and Treliving struck up a strong professional relationship and soon became full partners in the restaurant business. In 1983, Melville and Treliving acquired the entire Boston Pizza franchise when they purchased it from then owner, Ron Coyle.

This was the beginning of Treliving’s franchising empire. Boston Pizza is known as the feather in the cap of this successful venture capitalist but it was surely not the last franchise opportunity he would seize.

The Personal Life Of The Dragon

Today, Treliving lives in West Vancouver with his family. He married his wife Sandi who had spent 17 years in retail banking before they met.

The two were married in 2002 and for Jim, this was his third marriage. Today, Sandi engages in multiple philanthropic endeavors advocating for mental health awareness, healthy living and arts and culture.

They lived together with their children (both from a previous relationship of Jim’s) Brad and Cheryl until the two were of age and began their careers. Brad is actually the assistant general manager for the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes and Cheryl is the executive director of the Boston Pizza Foundation.

Jim and Sandi share an opulent manor in West Vancouver but they also own homes in Palm Springs and Dallas.

The Diverse Portfolio of the Dragon

In addition to owning Boston Pizza Co. International, Jim has acquired several other businesses either on his own or as part-owner through his investments on the CBC show Dragon’s Den.

He owns Stonebrook Benchlands which is a successful custom real estate company. He is also co-owner of the collective investment portfolio T&M group which he shares with longtime partner, George Melville.

Some of the companies they have acquired through the T&M group include Dermal Laser Centres, White Rock Commercial and the Mr. Lube franchise.

As a “dragon” on Dragon’s Den, Jim has also invested in a number of small businesses including Steeped Tea and Kids Can do Gourmet.

In addition to his business ventures which are various, Jim Treliving is also involved in sports. He is the owner of a small Canadian hockey league and his son is the assistant general manager of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Jim is also a board member of WPHL Holdings, Inc. and Global Entertainment Corporation through which he used to run the Central Hockey League.

The Central Hockey League was a mid-level amateur hockey league that operated from 1992 to 2014. Though it is now defunct, Jim still maintains his enthusiasm for the sport.

How Does Jim Compare To The Other Dragons? 

In 2006, after already amassing a great deal of wealth, Jim was asked to join the cast of the popular Canadian reality TV show, Dragon’s Den.

The show is the Canadian equivalent of Shark Tank. Both shows feature a panel of investors who hear the business pitches of various entrepreneurs who try to convince the Dragons or Sharks to invest in their companies.

The show is incredibly popular and has been running for 17 years.

Needless to say, all of the Dragons are accomplished business men, women or entrepreneurs themselves. So a lot of people ask, “who is the richest dragon?”

This is one battle that Jim does not win as the title of the richest Dragon on the show goes to it’s longest-tenured cast member, Peter Jones. Peter Jones is himself a successful entrepreneur who’s net worth is estimated near a billion dollars.

Final Thoughts on Jim Treliving

Whether you are a Canadian or an American, so long has you have ambition to do better, you could learn from the example of Jim Treliving. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Treliving is that he is not afraid to take risks.

He started out as a police officer and didn’t have any background in the restaurant business, the real estate business or as a sports organizer – all endeavors that he would undertake later in his career.

But no matter what he got himself involved in, he succeeded. Part of that success came from his ability to see potential.

He didn’t look at his own experience or perception of the venture but judged it unbiased on potential alone – an asset and attribute that all aspiring entrepreneurs should learn to emulate.