K9 Mask Net Worth 2022

K9 Mask is a company founded by Kerby Holmes and Evan Daugherty in 2019. They make replaceable, air filter masks for dogs.

The team appeared on the 6th episode of the 12th season of the hit ABC show, Shark Tank. They came onto the show with the hope to impress one of the sharks and score a deal of at least $200,000 for 20% equity in the company.

Did they get this deal and where are they today? Read on to find out!

Quick Facts About The K9 Mask Shark Tank Company

K9 Mask Shark Tank Episode

Season 12 Episode 6

Business Type

Replaceable, Air Filter Masks For Dogs


Kerby Holmes And Evan Daugherty

Asked For On Shark Tank

$200,000 For 20%

Offer Accepted On Shark Tank

$200,000 For 40%


Daymond John


In Business

Net Worth

Estimated $ 1 Million

What Does The K9 Mask Company Do?

The K9 Mask is an air filter facial mask designed specifically for dogs. The company has modeled its K9 Masks after the popular N95 respirator.

The product is produced by the Good Air Team for K9 Mask. The whole reason and concept of the k9 mask are to help dogs who live in areas where there are frequent wildfires. Their masks are capable of protecting dogs from the dangers of smoke inhalation.

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Overall Score: 94/100

How Was The K9 Mask Idea Born?

Kirby Holmes is the co-owner and CEO of the company, Good Air Team. He grew up in Texas and knows the problem wildfires can bring to dog owners and their animals.

In 2017, when the intensity of the fires on the West Coast reached a new high, Kirby, saw people walking around with air filter face masks and realized that the smoke truly made the air very very toxic.

The problem was that the poor dogs did not have any protection from it. He decided to change this and teamed up with his partner, Evan Daugherty to start the K9 Mask company.

What Offer Did They Walk Away With After Their Shark Tank Episode?

Kirby and Evan pitched their business to the sharks and they recognized the importance of having a face mask for your dog if you live in a place prone to harmful pollution or wildfires.

Daymond John offered the team an investment deal of $200,000 for 45% equity of the company. As this was the only offer they got, the team was happy to take the deal.

Where Is K9 Mask Today?

The K9 masks being sold by the company are made by hand in Texas, USA. It is designed to filter out any harmful chemicals and bacteria to keep your dogs safe, happy, and healthy.

You can find these K9 masks in four different sizes-small, medium, large, and extra-large. You also have the option to choose between five different colors – black, red, pink, orange, and blue.

K9 Mask has expanded its range to serve humans as well after the pandemic hit. They released a made-for-humans mask with the same materials and features. You can find all the K9 products on their official website for sale or you can purchase them directly on Amazon.

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Overall Score: 94/100