Kahawa 1893 Coffee Shark Tank Net Worth 2023 – What Happened After Shark Tank?


Who doesn’t love a hot cup of Joe?

The business of coffee can be lucrative; there’s no doubt about that, so when Margaret Nyamumbo stood before the investors in the Shark Tank, would she succeed or fail in selling her dream?

What is Kahawa Coffee?

Kahawa 1893 coffee is grown in Kenya and directly sourced from female farmers.

It’s unique in the fact that customers can tip the farmers who sow the coffee beans, and those tips are matched by the company themselves.

With 16 different flavours, Kahawa 1893 coffee offers a broad variety for coffee lovers.


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Who is the owner of Kahawa Coffee?


Margaret Nyamumbo is the founder and chief executive officer of Kahawa Coffee.

She was raised on a coffee farm in Kenya, and one of her driving ideas behind her company is to ensure that female farmers, who grow the majority of coffee in the country, are compensated for their efforts.

This isn’t always the case because they don’t often own the land that they farm.

And that’s where her unique tip idea, where money can be sent to the women farmers by scanning a QR code, was born.

When Nyamumbo appeared on the programme, $20,000 in total had already been donated.

Shark Tank appearance: The investment


While Nyamumbo was excellent during her presentation, the Shark Tank investors immediately raised their eyebrows when she announced that she was looking for a $350,000 investment for a 5% portion of the company.

From a financial perspective, the business had turned over $2 million in the last year, with projections of $4 million in the year to follow and $10 million the year after that.

Impressive numbers indeed, which certainly gained the Shark Tank investors’ attention.

Emma Gerde was the first investor to make her case known, offering $350,000 but at 12.5%.

That saw Robert Herjavec step in and offer a partnership with Gerde while contributing another $350,000 at 12.5% for a total investment of $700,000 at 25% ownership.

Nyamumbo suggested a counteroffer to Gerde of 8%, which she immediately declined.

Nyamumbo then suggested $150,000, $200,000 in debt, and 8% equity, which Gerde and Herjavec agreed to.

That saw both Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner put their hats in the ring with the same offer, forcing Herjavec and Gerde to change their offers to the full $350,000 investment for 8% equity.

Nyamumbo eventually decided that Gerde was the Shark Tank investor that she wanted on board, and the deal was struck.

Where is Kahawa Coffee today?


Following Shark Tank, Nyamumbo and her business venture with Kahawa Coffee continue to grow, with many stores throughout the United States stocking the brand.

What is Kahawa Coffee’s net worth?

Currently, Kahawa Coffee has a net worth of $5 million.


Margaret Nyamumbo and Kahawa Coffee are massive success stories, but the true winners are female Kenyan farmers who receive compensation for their hard work thanks to the unique tip system used by the brand.


Overall Score 93 out of 100

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