KINApparel Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

Philomina Kane simply wanted to give her hair and scalp some TLC with a satin lined hoodie.

What she ended up with is a possible clothing empire. And when she appeared in front of the sharks in 2021, there were not one but two sharks willing to partner with her.

What was it about her KINApparel that made the sharks look her way?



Company Net Worth:

$1.5 Million


Satin lined hoodies and other apparel


Philomina Kane

Asked for:

$200,000 for 10% equity


$200,000 for 30% equity


Lori Greiner, Emma Grede

What is KINApparel?

KINApparel refers to ‘keep it natural’. It’s a line of products, especially hoodies, that all contain satin fabric.

This is to reduce friction between a wearer’s skin or hair and the garment. This means less frizz for your hair and more comfort.

The KINApparel line also includes hats, pillowcases and bonnets.

Another USP of the KINApparel line is that it caters for certain hairstyles. For example, the hoods are large to accommodate big hair and dreadlocks that often don’t fit inside the hood of an average hoodie.

How did KINApparel Start?

Philomina Kane was a Princeton student when she cut off all her hair and needed a solution when wearing a hoody.

She would wrap a scarf around her head to limit friction and then thought of making a satin lined hoodie to solve her problem.

And why not sell it to others, right?

Selling it seemed easier than with many other businesses because of her popular YouTube channel with 200,000 followers. Here she documented her hair care journey after cutting off her hair. Her viewers enjoyed her ideas and then also loved her hoodies!

Family Controversy

When she pursued a career in the clothing industry, Philomina’s family—originating from Ghana—wasn’t very supportive.

They dreamed about her having a career in global health.

However, she has a history in the haircare industry, since family members owned hair salons in The Bronx. She even helped with marketing for a haircare company, so perhaps it was inevitable that her future would have something to do with hair?

Why Visit the Sharks?

Philomina’s product was popular with her audience but she had to find a way to improve production.

She only had $500 worth of stock, $150,000 in the bank and a lot of orders. She couldn’t keep up!

KINApparel on Shark Tank

On Shark Tank Philomina requested $200,000 and wanted to give 10% equity in return.

Some sharks opted out but both Lori Greiner and Emma Grede were passionately interested. Emma was involved with some of Khloe Kardashian’s clothing products, Good American, making her the right person to work with.

In the end both of the lady sharks entered a deal with Philomina, agreeing on $200,000 for 30% equity. Philomina was so overcome on stage that she was in tears.

Will You Wear a Hoody Too?

You better place your order before they’re sold out! KINApparel received 1,500 orders after the Shark Tank episode aired, says

The brand also sells jewelry and shea butter, so it seems it’s expanding already.