LARQ Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Justin Wang, the founder of the LARQ brand, created a reusable water bottle that cleans itself.

He proposed his business to the Sharks on Shark Tank’s 12th season in the hopes of getting a $500 000 investment.

This is the world’s first-ever self-cleaning and purifying water bottle, so he had high hopes going on to the show and had the highest asking investment price the show has ever had.

How successful was he in getting his asking investment? Let’s find out!

Quick Facts About The LARQ Shark Tank Company

LARQ  Shark Tank Episode

Season 12 Episode 21

Business Type

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle


Justin Wang

Asked For On Shark Tank

$500,000 For 1%

Offer Accepted On Shark Tank

$1.5 Million For 4%


Kevin O’Leary & Lori Greiner


In Business

Net Worth:

$32.5 Million

What Does LARQ Do?

LARQ is a company that makes and sells self-cleaning water bottles. Their water bottles are perfect for fitness and wellness enthusiasts who need to hydrate often.

You will never have to manually wash your bottle, thus eliminating parts that will compromise your water through bacteria buildup.

How Was The LARQ Idea Born?

Justin Wang noticed that traditional water bottles would develop a bad odor and smell over a certain time, which means they are infected with bacteria and viruses.

Those infected traditional water bottles could be very dangerous. This motivated Justin to develop the LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle.

How Does The LARQ Product Work?

Using patented technology the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle uses a patented UV-C LED technology to eliminate as much as 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, and more from your bottle.

What Offer Did They Walk Away With After Their Shark Tank Episode?

Kevin O’Leary & Lori Greiner agreed to work together and offered Justin an amazing investment opportunity of $1 million for 4% equity in LARQ, which Justin was more than happy to accept.

Where Is The LARQ Company Today?

Since the SharkTank episode, LARQ has been featured on a handful of news outlets and is considered to be one of the best water bottles on the market today.

LARQ has also expanded its offering of products. You can also purchase the LARQ products online on their website, and through the various eCommerce platforms or wholesalers worldwide.

Justin Wang created LARQ with an amazing idea and great plan. He stood his ground, did what he had to do and went to the SharkTank show with a plan.

At the end his product amazed investors and he became one of the most popular SharkTank stories. It just goes to show that if you are determined, you will succeed.

Check out this video to learn more about LARQ and its other products!