Lovepop Cards Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Viewers of the popular investment show, Shark Tank have been wondering about a particular duo of entrepreneurs, Wombi Rose and John Wise, who bagged a deal with Kevin O’Leary.

This shark invested a tidy sum of his hard earned money into a company called Lovepop, a variety of greeting cards with 3-dimensional innards.

After receiving an investment of $300 million from Shark Kevin O’Leary in 2015 and with spiraling sales since the show, Lovepop has developed an estimated net worth of over $150 Million at present. 

Let’s take a further look at exactly how Lovepop is doing today.

The Success of Lovepop Cards

The company has taken the greeting card industry by storm, with their innovative 3-D in-card designs and elegant display of thoughtful messages.

Wombi Rose and John Wise have a vision to further market their product as a means for people to express their love & care for friends, family and colleagues.

Wombi Rose and John Wise used their investment from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary to purchase a sophisticated laser cutter.

This device cuts their designs in a way that’s compatible with greeting card insertion, and has become a massive game changer for the two entrepreneurs.

The two are now looking into dominating the wedding invitation market and have even bagged deals from award ceremonies, high end events, and classy parties.

The viewership of Shark Tank has also been a huge publicity boost for the company, and has given the duo a sales lift without much online marketing efforts on their part.

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Lovepop Net Worth this Year

When Wombi Rose and John Wise first appeared on Shark Tank, they had managed to clear $300,000 in sales within a period of 18 months. Today, the duo has generated a total of $8.7 million in sales—a mere one year later!

This is mainly due to the uniqueness of their product, as well as Kevin O’Leary’s involvement and business mentoring. Thanks to these factors, Lovepop has recently celebrated the sale of their 1 millionth card.

Kevin O’Leary’s Influence On Lovepop

As an investor in the Something Wonderful platform, Kevin O’Leary sees massive potential for Lovepop in the future.

He has already given Wombi Rose and John Wise a clientele boost by recommending their product to his wedding coordinator contacts, but now wants to expand even further.

In a video update of Lovepop, Kevin O’Leary has expressed his strategy to market the product more aggressively by selling online directly to customers, as well as integrate more of his wedding gift ventures with the company.

Kevin has also laid out suggestions & strategies to sell Lovepop cards in bulk to retailers, which should further elevate sales.

Final Thoughts

Wombi Rose and John Wise are excellent examples of entrepreneurs that built their company well from the start, and asked for an investment for something that the company needed to improve its visibility and quality.

Kevin O’Leary has grabbed this opportunity with both hands and has expressed deep satisfaction at his new business partners’ ability to make Lovepop run.

The company is set for huge future success, as the three business-savvy guys continue to look for ways to expand to various relevant markets.

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Overall Score: 99/100