Mobcraft Net Worth 2021 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Mobcraft is a microbrewery which allows people to submit recipes for beers.

Each month a recipe that gets the most votes or pre-orders, will be made.

You can order the beer from Mobcraft or have it shipped when it is done being made.

Read on to find out how they’ve developed a net worth of over $6 million since appearing on the show.




Company Net Worth:

$6 Million – *Estimated


Vending machines for plant based milks


Henry Schwartz

Asked For:

$400,000 for 16%


No Deal


Henry Schwartz and Andrew Gierczak are the founders of this crowd-sourced brewery. Henry’s first foray into entrepreneurship happened when he opened and operated a skateboard store in Wisconsin. He started brewing beer as a hobby at first.

Andrew is the company advising consultant. The team were thinking up ideas for a business in 2012, and landed on the idea that they could create lots of really fun beers if they got recipes for these unique brews.

This was originally a crowdfunded business and continues to be run in this manner.


The Sharks offered mixed reviews of the beer flight they were given during the pitch and Mark offered some suggestions that Henry explained would not work since the “orders” are actually “pre-orders” for a batch of beer that has not been made yet.

Kevin O’Leary waded in and said that he didn’t like the idea that the company would build a new building. He suggested that Henry make money leasing out equipment in his current facility. He said that moving to a new facility would likely make the business take on yearly losses that could not be afforded by the investors.

Ultimately, none of the sharks made an offer despite lots of bantering about whether or not the idea was any good with impassioned results.


Ultimately, no deal was made and Henry maintains his current crowdfunded model for the business. Henry complained that The Sharks were very unprofessional in their reactions to his products.

Despite the lack of investment, the traffic to the company website tripled after the show and orders tripled along with this increased traffic.

New recipe submissions went up by fifteen times the usual amount. This was at least a nice way to offset the experience of being in the tank and not getting an investment.

Henry has stated many times that The Sharks just did not understand the craft beer business at all and that was why they chose not to invest in such a great business idea.


Henry and his partners have opened a taproom for the company in Milwaukee and craft beer enthusiasts continue to support the brand. The company continued to carve out a place for itself in the craft beer market but took a notable hit during the pandemic.

Currently the taproom is still open and offers food as well as craft beers. Crowdfunding has continued to support an annual revenue of $2.5 million for the craft brewery.