Moment Drink Shark Tank Net Worth 2022

Moment Drink is an all-natural drinks company founded by entrepreneurs, Aisha Chottani and Faheem Fajee.

They appeared on the 12th season of the popular show, Shark Tank and shared the concept of the company to the Sharks. To make the company a reality they needed an investment deal of at least $200,000 for 10% of the company.

Did they get this deal and where are they today? Read on to find out a little more about Moment Drink.

Quick Facts About The Moments Drink Shark Tank Company

Moments Drink Shark Tank Episode

Season 12 Episode 6

Business Type

All-Natural, Botanical Beverage For Mind, Focus, And Stress Relief


Aisha Chottani And Faheem Fajee

Asked For On Shark Tank

$200,000 For 10%

Offer Accepted On Shark Tank



No deal


In Business

Net Worth

As of 2021 – Revenue of $5 million

What Does The Moment Drink Company Do?

The Moment Drink company sells natural drinks that are made with the purpose of relieving stress.

They are sold as anti-stress meditation in a canned beverage that claims to be free of caffeine, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other nasties.

You can learn more about the brand and product by watching this Youtube Video or by following the brand on Instagram.

How Was The Moment Drink Idea Born?

The Moment Drink was established by a husband and wife duo Aisha Chottani and Faheem Fajee. Both of them have years of experience in high-powered positions as management consultants.

Naturally, with those kinds of positions, you will have a busy schedule which can lead to stress and anxiety. The couple couldn’t even meditate to regain their clarity and focus and they wanted a solution for this.

Naturally, being entrepreneurs themselves, they started looking for stress-relieving benefits of natural substances like botanicals and adaptogens.

After this, they began wondering if they could formulate a drink from them. Just then and there, their research started and the idea for the Moment Drink brand was born.

What Offer Did They Walk Away With After Their Shark Tank Episode?

Aisha Chottani and Faheem Fajee appeared on the SharkTank show with the hopes of securing a deal of at least $200,000 for 10% equity of the company.

Unfortunately, non of the sharks offered them a deal and they walked away from the show with no deal made.

Where Is Moments Drink Today?

After their Shark Tank episode, the Moment Drink team never gave up hope and they went on to be very successful with the brand and company.

They are currently selling over three flavors of the Moment drink. The flavors areHibiscus Dragon Fruit (with hibiscus petals, dragon fruit, black cherry, and Ceylon cinnamon), Rooibos Blood Orange (with rooibos tea, blood orange, and thyme), and Tulsi Lemon (with Meyer lemon, tulsi/holy basil, and cardamom).

You can purchase the drinks straight from their online store, or from Amazon. They offer an online subscription package on their website and you can even purchase their drinks for wholesale reasons.