Muff Waders Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Earl and Buddy are from Holstein, Iowa, a tiny hamlet with less than 1,500 inhabitants. Both of them come from the Midwest (aka Earl and Buddy).

They like to spend time outside, competing in events, and they do so on a regular basis more.

They continue to enjoy all of these activities. After formulating the concept, Earl linked up with Buddy and went looking for a manufacturer, meeting with well over 80 businesses in the process but failing to find one.

Even though they were attempting to establish a business in order to achieve the American Dream, Earl and Buddy never gave up, eventually locating a Minneapolis-based company willing to produce their unique overalls.

Muff Waders Quick Facts


Muff Waders

Company Net Worth:

$500k – *Estimated


Muff Waders

Asked for:

$25,000 for 20%


No deal


No Shark

Monthly Income:


What are Muff Waders?

They are a pair of extraordinarily heavy bib overalls with an insulated cooler pouch built into the chest area, large enough to hold a six-pack of beer, soda, water, or an energy drink.

In addition, an insulated pouch for a bottle of water, as well as a koozie, can be found on each of the four legs.

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Overall Score: 96/100

Who is Muff Waders?

Taylor Nees and Garret Lamp, two friends, came up with the concept for Muff Waders while having a conversation about it.

Earl and Buddy are the names that have been given to them. Then, one day, they had an epiphany while watching a football game and decided to put their theory into action.

After sketching it out on a napkin and taking a few deep breaths, the concept became a reality!

What happened during the pitch?

Shark Tank featured Muff Waders in Season 7, Episode 10, as part of an attempt to collaborate with one of the show’s well-known entrepreneurs, which ultimately failed.

In exchange for the money, they were seeking $25,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in their company, which they were willing to give up in exchange for the money. Even though the stakes are pretty high, the investment could very well be the key to the company’s ultimate success.

The Investment

Cuban received a 20 percent ownership stake in the company in exchange for $25,000 in cash.

Cuban was a compelling candidate as an established businessman with Kanga Coolers and Beer Blizzard Ice Cubes.

Dude Wipes and Manscaped, both available on Amazon, are examples of other “manly” products he has backed in the past.


Unfortunately, none of the Sharks expressed an interest in accompanying the two Iowans on their journey to negotiate a business agreement with the Muff Waders Company.

However, they intend to continue to grow as a company while still providing a customized product to their customers!

We wish them the best of luck for the future of their company and hope to see even more from them!

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Overall Score: 96/100