Naomi Simson Net Worth 2021 – Bio, Wiki, Husband, House and Shark Tank

Naomi Simson is a famous Australian blogger, businesswoman and entrepreneur and was also a cast member on Shark Tank Australia worth $40 Million. She is also the founder of an online gift retailer called Red Balloon.

Among Naomi’s many feats she’s written three books and was ranked as one of the top 30 tech influencers by Business Insider. Find out more about Naomi in this week’s bio.

Naomi Simson – Quick Facts Table

Date of birth

22nd of February 1964

Marital status



Graduated from the University of Melbourne

Social media

Twitter and Instagram

Net worth

$40 million


Entrepreneur, businesswoman



Most famous book

Live What You Love

Where Does She Rank Among Other Sharks



Glen Richards

$700 Million

Andrew Banks

$300 Million

Janine Allis

$66 Million

Steve Baxter

$50 Million +

Naomi Simson

$40 Million

Naomi Simson Bio and Early Life

Naomi Simson was born on February 22, 1964, in Australia. At a young age, Naomi wanted to be an artist but her mother encouraged her to have a business career.

She attended the University of Melbourne and graduated with a commerce degree in 1984.

Before founding RedBalloon, Naomi worked in corporate where she was part of the marketing for big companies such as Apple, KPMG and IBM.

How Did Naomi Simson Make Her Money?

Naomi Simson started with blogging and later RedBalloon gift company to establish an Net Worth of $40 Million

With plenty of experience, Naomi began her business journey and so she founded RedBalloon in 2001 which is an experience gifts company. She began developing the company at home by investing $25,000 of personal investment.

In 2017 Naomi started the Big Red Group that operates other companies such as Albert AI, Adrenaline and Redii. But developing RedBalloon isn’t Naomi’s only way of making money.

She’s also the author of two bestselling books: Ready to Soar and Live What You Love.

Did Naomi Simson Appear In Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is an Australian business reality TV show that ran for 4 seasons in Australia but has successful versions in America, Canada & The UK.

The premise of the show is to allow business entrepreneurs around the world to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors.

These entrepreneurs try to persuade the panel to invest in their ideas.

Noami appeared as the Red Shark on Australia’s Shark Tank among other celebrities for four seasons.

What Are the Biggest Deals She Made On The Show?

Fairfax media revealed during an investigation of Shark Tank that Naomi never made any investments in Business deals on the show.

But in an interview, Naomi did mention that she did make investments and some of them were not what she expected.

More About Naomi Simson’s Company

Naomi grew her RedBalloon company to 46 employees by 2011. Her idea was to sell experiences rather than physical gifts.

From 2001 through to 2012 the company sold more than 1.7 million gift experiences. Additionally, customers can also buy experience gift cards from retailers such as Target.

The gift experiences that RedBalloon offers are the following:

  • Rally driving

  • Skydiving

  • Hot air balloon

  • Coastal stays

  • Fine dining

  • Day spas

  • Brewery tours

These gift experiences are perfect for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Companies also use gift experiences for employee incentives.

Who is Naomi Simson’s Spouse?

Naomi Simson was married to Peter Simson but unfortunately the couple got divorced in 2011. She was married to Peter for 20 years.

But not all was lost in the land of love for Simson because she found a new partner to share her life with.

After her divorce from Peter, Naomi started dating Stuart King. The coupled tied the knot in August 2016 at her home in Sydney. It was a large wedding ceremony with at least 90 guests.

Do Naomi And Her Spouse Have Children?

Simson has two children from her previous marriage: Oscar and Natalie Simson. She’s also a proud stepmom to Stuart’s two children from his previous marriage.

The famous entrepreneur stated that her teenagers and Stuart’s children are different but they respect and love each other.

How Old Is Naomi Simson?

Naomi Simson is 56 years old. She was only 37 years old when she started her experience gift business.

Naomi Simson Social Media Accounts

If you’d like to interact with Naomi you can by connecting with her on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @NaomiSimson. Or if you’d like to see her many paintings you can visit her Instagram account @naomisimsonpaints.

You can also read plenty of blogs from the famous entrepreneur on her website at Here you will find blog posts about marketing, branding, SmartPhone addiction and more.

RedBalloon – Get the Experience Gifts You Want

If you’d like to give an experience gift to a loved one then you can visit the RedBalloon website where you can find plenty of fun activities to purchase.

There’s no need to be bored in Australia this year. Simply pick the experience you’ve always wanted and buy it directly off the site.

What About The Books Naomi Has Written?

Naomi has written many self-help books but her most famous of them all is called Live What You Love where she highlights her life lessons and shows you how to:

  • Find your purpose

  • Channel your passion into your career

  • Learn how to be persistent

  • How to stay positive

  • Finding meaning in your career

Another best seller of Simon’s is called Ready to Soar: Turn Your Idea into a Business.

This book shows you how to bring your creative ideas to life and how to get people to invest in them.

Many people have found inspiration in Naomi’s books and have used them as guides for their business ventures.


We hope you learned more about Naomi Simson in today’s celebrity bio. As you can see Simon has many incredible achievements. But there’s more to her than books, TV shows and investments.

The entrepreneur is also a public speaker and even did a TedTalk about the generosity gene.

Naomi Simons has won several awards for her achievements including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Lifetime Achievement Silver Stevie Award.

So if you’re feeling down in the dumps because your business hasn’t been doing well or you feel like you haven’t achieved enough, use Naomi Simons as an inspiration.

Get her books so you can learn all the tricks of the entrepreneur trade that Simon has used throughout the years.