Nursem Net Worth – What happened after Dragons Den?

What Is Nursem?

Nursem is a range of therapeutic skin products designed for hard-working and dry hands.

Nursem was established when Antonia Philp was forced to go on leave for two weeks when contracting contact dermatitis.

She grew tired of her hands constantly being dry, cracked and knew the other nurses were just as frustrated, her and her husband came together and started experimenting to create the perfect hand-cream formula.

What Is Nursem’s Net Worth?

Company Name



Antonia Philp and Jonny Philp


Tej Levani




£75, 000


Newcastle, UK

Net worth

±2.5 million

Who Is The Owner Of Nursem?

Antonia and Jonny Philp are the owners of the therapeutic skincare brand, Nursem.

During her time as a pediatric nurse, Antonia came up with the idea to create a special formula to treat dry, cracked hands.

She mentioned that on average, she would wash her hands about 50-60 times a day which started really playing its toll.

The couple noticed there was a severe lack of natural, and effective hand cream for hard-working hands. Thus, they made it their mission to develop their own natural and effective hand cream. That’s when Nursem was created.

They aim to supply every nurse, midwife, or healthcare professional in the NHS with their specially formulated hand cream by 2025, which they have labeled the ‘Nursem Promise’.

Why Is Nursem So Popular?

Nursem’s product formulas use naturally derived ingredients, focusing on what the raw benefit of the ingredient can offer. They pride themselves in creating true and natural products, eliminating the idea of any harsh chemical.

In addition, their product is 100% effective after taking place in numerous laboratory-based trials and research. Before putting a product on the market, they go through rounds of extensive testing before choosing the best fit formula. Nursem is also dermatologically tested and ensures clinical safety.

Dragons Den Appearance – Did It Go Through?

Every Dragon wanted a piece of Nursem.

Upon entering the den, Antonia and husband, Jonny were seeking for a £75, 000 investment in exchange for 1.5% of the company.

After receiving different offers from all the dragons, Antonia and Jonny decided it was best to go with Tej Levani, who offered £75, 000 for 5% of the company. Once his money was paid back, the share in business would move to 3% – a deal they could not let go.

Appearing on the den was a win for the dynamic couple, as they felt Tej was just perfect for their business and believed that he would lead them to the right path going forward.

Where Is Nursem Today?

Nursem continues to keep their promise, providing free hand-cream to nurses across the NHS.

In addition to that, they are expanding and growing their company one product at a time with the help of their extensive laboratory testing.


Nursem continues to grow and help those who have tired, cracked and dry hands.