Paskho Net Worth – What happened after Shark Tank?

What is Paskho?

Paskho was founded 7 years ago. It is an eco-friendly lifestyle apparel designed with sustainability and passion.

They take pride in manufacturing clothing that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and long-lasting.

Paskho creates the designs and gives back by offering employment to members of the community that need it the most, by getting them to sew.

Paskho has become an established and recognized brand among many celebrities.

What is Paskho’s Net Worth?

Company Name



Patrick Robinson


No Shark


No/ None


No/ None


Hudson, New York

Net worth/ 12month revenue

±$5 million

Who is The Owner of Paskho

Patrick Robinson is the owner of Paskho.

Robinson has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry

A large portion of Robinson’s goal is sustainability.

Fast fashion releases an absurd amount of greenhouse gasses, therefore by allowing his community of local makers to help create the clothing, he is helping the fashion industry become more sustainable.

Why is Paskho so Popular?

Paskho is eco-friendly, sustainable apparel offering jobs to marginalized communities.

By designing sustainable clothing, Paskho creates employment opportunities for Americans.

Paskho employs people from underprivileged communities and by doing this, they are reducing their carbon footprint so they can eliminate the need to set up a factory.

Shark Tank Appearance – Did it Go Through?

With 20+ years’ experience in the fashion industry, Robinson thought it was time to pitch his new business to the sharks, hoping they would take the bait.

Upon entering the Tank, Patrick was looking for an investment of $500, 000 for 2,5% equity.

Despite his impressive background in the industry and experience working with high-end designers, sales ($6.7 million) plummeted during the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Patrick mentioned he was also experiencing supply chain issues which resulted in the Sharks weary of investing and apprehensive to make any offers.

Regardless of his experience, the sharks dropped out for various reason and Robinson went home with no offer to accept.

Where is Paskho Today?

It seems as though things are going well for Paskho apparel!

It is easy to keep up to date with the company’s latest operations via social media and its products are available for shipping on their website or Amazon!

Additionally, 1% of their profits also go towards helping environmental activism. With the continued growth, customers reviewed the products as high-quality clothing that can be dressed to suit any occasion!


Overtime, the company has continued to revolutionize itself and provide employment opportunities to marginalized communities.

Despite hardships faced, Patrick remains determined to make a difference while producing eco-friendly clothing of the best quality.