Peter Jones Net Worth 2022 – A Closer Look At The Dragon

You probably know Peter Jones from watching old re-runs of Dragons den on the tele or the brand new series and realized that Peter is a guy who is on the ball and rarely makes mistakes when he is on the show.

You are probably wondering how much he is worth in 2020 and where the wealth came from.

Peter Jones has a net worth of £450 million and is an Entrepreneur by nature, staring out young with his own computer company.

Through his own business endeavours and investing in opportunities that have popped up through the Dragons Den, he has amassed a fortune of over $450 million dollars including properties, investments, education centres and his own businesses. With such a fortune at a relatively young age, it is easy to see Peter Jones becoming a billionaire and beyond, in fact it is almost inevitable.

Peter hasn’t had it all his own way and he also gives a lot back to the community from the wealth he has built through his academies and foundation, so let’s take a quick look at the man, where he came from and the empire he has built to date.

While his net worth is actually down by $40 million in 2020 due to Corona Virus and we are looking forward to seeing how this tycoon responds as he continues to inspire the next generation of Entrepreneurs.

Quick Facts – Peter Jones MBE

Date Of Birth


Marital Stats



6 Children

Best Know For

Dragons Den


6ft 7” Or 2.1 Metres


Tech, Property, Investing, Food

Net Worth

$450 – $500 million

Compared To Other Dragons

As the longest reigning dragon, it is no surprise to see Peter Jones topping the leaderboard when it comes to the networth of dragons either with a quickly increasing net worth.


Net Worth

Peter Jones

£450 Million

Tej Lalvani

£420 Million

Duncan Banytyne

£300 Million

Theo Prophitis

£250 Million

Touker Suleyman

£200 Million

Deborah Meaden

£40 Million

Peter Jones Is Really Tall

Peter Jones Scales over 2 meters in height, coming in at an impressive 6ft 7″.

Peter Jones Early Life

Peter Jones had a rather uneventful upbringing, he was born in Maidenhead and went to the local schools for boys in the area. He did go to Private school for three years and hated it before leaving and he got into business very early after seeking out a job at his English teachers tennis academy, he worked there for a few years, building up his knowledge of the economics of the business and then taking his coaching exams and setting up his own school shortly after.

Peter Jones Entrepreneur

Peter set up his first company at 16 selling computers and while many are entrepreneurial at that age, Peter is one of the few who took the plunge that early and set up shop, eventually selling the company, which created his own brand of computers to IBM, but making a $200k loss in the process.

This is the kind of failure that many great entrepreneurs face at least once and he went from a plush 3 bedroom apartment to moving back in with his parents, giving up the Porsche and the BMW and eating some humble pie in the process.

Peter went on to start a Computer support business and a restaurant which gave him good experience but didn’t work out to well and at the age of 28, he was broke and had to find a job.

Peter Jones – Return To The 9 – 5

Peter was forced to take a job at Siemens to bring in some well needed cash and within 1 year he was running the companies Uk division before the company was acquired and he was back to his entrepreneurial endeavours where he would finally strike gold.

Peter Jones And The Phones International Group

Peter Jones set up the Phones International Group in 1998 and it was an immediate success and a big contributing factor to his overall success generating £14 million in the first year and £44 million pounds in the second year to Peter’s delight.

Peter’s career was back on track and he was about to become a Television star to boot with the introduction of Dragons Den.

The accolades started to pour in from this success and he was named one of the Times emerging stars of 2002 and his phones business was touted as one of the fastest growing businesses by the times in 2003.

Peter Jones And The Dragons Den

Dargon’s Den started in January 2005 and Peter puts the show down as one of the key reasons he has been able to grow such a large and diversified portfolio but also give back to the entrepreneurial community through his academy.

Dragons den has probably done more for Entrepreneurship than any other tv show in history.

Peter is the only remaining Dragon from the show and his continual spats with Duncan Bannatyne provided for excellent viewing throughout the years.

The shows clocked an impressive 17 series and is still running to this day.

  • Notable investments Peter Has Made on The Den:
  • Reggae Reggae Sauce By Levi Roots
  • Red Letter Days Acquired From Fellow Dragon
  • Data Select
  • Jessops
  • Wonderland Magazine
  • Bladez Toys

From his Dragons Den acquired portfolio, Peter generates over £250 million pounds in sales per year but more importantly it has provided him with a level of celebrity and a platform with which to give back to the Entrepreneurial community.

The Peter Jones Foundation

Peter Jones has used his personal fame to set up his own foundation with the mission of nurturing Entrepreneurial talent and helping small businesses to expand in the Uk.

The Jones foundation has provided over £500k to schools all over the UK to allow students to start their first businesses on an online platform as part of the Tycoon Program. The program is aimed at kids between the ages of 6 and 18.

The Jones foundation also allows youngsters to get a hands on, accredited education in Enterprise and Business along with offering GCSE and A Levels in business to their partner schools.

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy now also welcomes thousands of students through their doors every year as well with locations all around the UK.

Other Endeavours

Peter came up with the idea of the Inventor and sold this idea to a company in the States which has gone on to do big things and he has done this through his television.

The Peter Jones television company also aired the show Tycoon on Itv where the youngsters would start the first businesses and the show was a big hit with more views on the opening day than Dragons den and the Apprentice.

Peter is an Ambition Ambassador for the Sage group in the UK as well as being one of their customers and his property portfolio also attracts an increasing value and he is the face of BT business, taking over from Gordon Ramsey in the role.


Peter Jones started from humble beginnings, got rich, lost it all and came back even stronger. He is a world class businessman who has used his fame and time in the spotlight to give back and inspire the next generation of Entrepreneurs through  hhis foundation and academies. Having suffered a slight hit due to the corona virus in 2020, we are sure Peter is going to bounce back even stronger in no time at all and hit the dizzying heights of the billions.

Current net worth in 2020 – Reportedly $450 Million.