Phoozy Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Phoozy founders Josh Inglis and Kevin Conway appeared on Shark Tank seeking a whopping $500,000 with a 10% stake in the business.

Want to know if the deal went through?

Want to know how the company reached its current estimated valuation of over $12 million today?

Keep reading to find out what Phoozy is, if Keven and Josh got their investment from the Sharks.

Phoozy Quick Facts



Company Net Worth:

$12 Million *Estimated


Phone Protector


Josh Inglis and Kevin Conway

Asked For:

$500 000 for 10%


$500 000 for 8% + Royalty


Lori Greiner & Robert Herjavec

What Is Phoozy?

Phoozy is a protective cellphone cover made from NASA space suit material. The thermal material protects your phone from harmful UV rays and extreme low and high temperatures.

It prevents your phone from overheating in the sun and insulates your phone when temperatures drop below zero.

Furthermore, Phoozy also provides drop protection. The case also has float protection so that your phone floats if you accidentally drop it in water.

The brand makes covers for various Android and Apple smartphones.

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Overall Score: 97/100

What It’s Net Worth, Revenue & Breakdown

According to Trend Net Worth, Phoozy’s net worth in 2021 is estimated at $1.3 million.

The price of the phone covers varies depending on the type of phone you have. The cost of the Phoozy cellphone covers range between $20 and $99.

Kevin Conway stated that Phoozy made $1.9 million in the first 36 months of sales.

The company also made $700,000 revenue back in 2019 and predicted that they’d make $1.5 million by 2020.

Was their prediction correct? Well, recent data shows that the company has made an estimate $4 million in revenue since their inception in 2017. That’s quite a feat!

Who is the Owner – What’s Their Net Worth?

Phoozy is owned by Kevin Conway. He is a famous NASCAR driver with a net worth of $1.9 million.

He was also the 2010 NASCAR Cup Series Rookie of the year and is currently a Lamborghini factory instructor.

On the other hand, Josh is a digital marketing expert and is the co-founder of Phoozy and an ecommerce specialist for The Home Depot.

Why Is Phoozy So Popular?

Phoozy is a popular product because it allows you to take your devices with you on outdoor adventures.

Most people leave their smartphones or tablets at home when doing outdoor excursions for fear that their devices will get damaged by the elements.

But with Phoozy you can protect your device from overheating in the sun or freezing over in cold temperatures.

The smartphone cover has recently been upgraded to different colors such as gold, silver and black. The newer casings have extra paddings for additional protection.

Shark Tank Appearance – Did It Go Through?

Kevin and Josh appeared on season 12 of Shark Tank. The two founders stepped onto the stage seeking $500,000 for 10% stake in the company.

Fortunately, the deal went through as Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner offered the duo $500,000 investment with 8% equity and $1.5 per case.


Phoozy have been incredibly successful after Kevin and Josh’s Shark Tank appearance.

The company has a website where you can buy your protective covers that come in various colors and styles. The company also sells covers for laptops and tablets.

What do you think of Phoozy covers? Would you ever buy one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Overall Score: 97/100