Pipe Easy Net Worth 2021 – What Happened After Dragons’ Den

Known as one of the most relaxed pitches ever on Dragons’ Den, the episode featuring Teirnan McCorkell is one worth following up on.

This laidback flooring expert developed a clever yet simple tool that helps tradesmen measure any floor surface in order to cut out holes for pipes.

This measuring tool is completely unique, and at the time Teirnan approached the Dragons in 2019, he had not yet acquired the patent for the product. He also hadn’t sold any, or tested the market for the product.

Having done none of these crucial beginning stages of bringing a new product to market, did Teirnan get what he came for on Dragons’ Den?

Having built the company to a net worth of over £1 million, let’s find out more.

The Pipe Easy Pitch

Teirnan asked for a very specific amount of £41,000 for a 15% stake in his company, Pipe Easy—a company that had not yet performed at all.

His pitch was super relaxed, including a simple demonstration of what the measuring tool could do and how it had made his life easier as a flooring expert.

This inventor was particularly looking to get his investment from Deborah Meaden, but before she had a chance to give her opinion on the product, three other Dragons had their say.

First to speak was Tej Lalvani, who was apprehensive to invest because he didn’t know whether the market would be large enough. Second was Theo Paphitis, who declared himself out for the same reason. Next was Peter Jones, who also chose not to invest.

By this time, Teirnan was looking rather nervous, but his preferred Dragon, Deborah Meaden was up next.

She started off on a positive note, saying how much she liked the product and admired the entrepreneur for his ingenuity. However, she also declared herself out for market related reasons, leaving only one Dragon left.

Teirnan’s Lifeline

It was Sara Davies who saw potential in the product and its inventor.

Sara mentioned her experience bringing a similar type of product to market, and offered Teirnan the full amount. However, she wanted double the equity Teirnan was initially willing to give away.

At £41,000 for a 30% equity share, Teirnan grabbed the offer and accepted, much to the amusement of the Dragons, who thought Teirnan was one of the most down-to-earth people ever to approach them on the show.

Final Thoughts

This episode was fairly recent, and we haven’t yet seen the full growth potential of Pipe Easy.

What we do know is that the product was successfully brought to market, appealing to all tradesmen, bar electricians.

Pipe Easy now has a very professional website, is being advertised on social media, and enjoys much publicity thanks to the expertise of Sara Davies, who also promised to distribute the Pipe Easy product to hundreds of hardware stores nationwide and internationally.

Time will tell how much this company will grow in the near and distant future, but with a Dragon on board, we predict good things for Teirnan and his company.