Proven Skincare Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Ming Zhao and Amy Yuan are the co-founders of the first AI influenced skincare company, Proven Skincare.

Ming Zhao appeared on the 21st episode of the 11th Season of the popular ABC series, Shark Tank. She went on to the show with the hope of impressing the sharks and getting an offer of at least $500,000 for 5% of the company.

Ming Zhao went on to the show with alot of hope, the question is, did she walk away with a deal? Let’s find out!

Quick Facts About The Proven Skincare Shark Tank Company

Proven Skincare Shark Tank Episode

Season 11 Episode 21

Business Type

Artificial Intelligence Based Personalized Skincare


Ming Zhao & Amy Yuan

Asked For On Shark Tank

$500,000 For 5%

Offer Accepted On Shark Tank

No deal


No deal

Net Worth

$10 Million

What Does The Proven Skincare Company Do?

Proven Skincare uses Artificial Intelligence to make customized skincare products for its clients.

They are the first company in the skincare industry to mix personalization, big data, and AI to give their clients the best possible results.

You can check out their Youtube Channel or Instagram Account to learn more about the brand.

How Was The Proven Skincare Idea Born?

Ming Zhao was a successful private investor before starting the Proven Skincare company.

She got the idea to start the company after experiencing problematic skin with difficulty finding the right skincare products for herself.

What better way to get the perfect skin than to tackle the problem yourself.

What Offer Did They Walk Away With After Their Shark Tank Episode?

Ming Zhao walked into the Shark Tank episode with hopes of getting an offer of $500,000 For 5% of the company. Unfortunately, she walked away with no deal.

Where Is Proven Skincare Today?

After the Shark Tank episode, Ming Zhao went on to create a very successful skincare brand.

The company’s revenue and profits have picked up speed and in 2019 they made over $3 million and now have $24 million in revenue run-rate in less than two years of launch.

The Proven Skincare products are available for purchase online from their online store but before you buy their products, you will need to take their quiz to see what formula will work with your skin!

Yes, the Proven Skincare team walked away without a deal from the Shark Tank show, but the proof is in the pudding, they are successful! The secret is, they kept going and kept working hard.