ReadeREST Net Worth 2021 – What Happened After Shark Tank

One of the smallest products featured on Shark Tank, ReadeREST inventor, Rick Harper, pitched the idea over 10 years ago.

People are wondering what happened since then, if the ReadeREST product is still on the market and how it has maintained an estimated net worth of around $2.5 Million.

Let’s remind ourselves of this nifty little gadget and take a look at how the company is faring in 2021.




Company Net Worth:

$2.5 Million – Estimated


Magnetic Clip for Eye Glasses


Rick Harper

Asked For:

$150,000 for 15% equity


$150,000 for 65% equity


Lori Greiner

What is ReadeREST?

ReadeREST is a magnetized hook that attaches to your clothing. You simply attach one side to the inside of your shirt, and the other on the outside. It’s small, unobtrusive and serves as a hook for your glasses when they are not on your head.

The purposes of ReadeREST are preservation of the user’s favorite glasses, convenience, and simplicity. Rick came up with the idea after throwing away countless pairs of his own glasses due to small accidents.

A product that simple may not have impressed the Sharks, but let’s see how it went way back in 2011 when Harper boasted his product (and his personality) on Shark Tank.

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Overall Score: 96/100

Shark Tank Appearance – Did it Go Through?

Rick Harper entered the Shark Tank with a feigned stumble as an illustration of what happens to people who are not wearing their glasses. He also wanted to show the panel that his glasses—which were attached to the ReadeREST on his shirt—had not fallen off or gotten damage during the fall.

He went on to pitch his product, explaining the frustration of those who carry their glasses around often damaging them. He went on to ask for $150 000 in exchange for 15% of his company.

Four of the Sharks dismissed the idea s too simple, and didn’t choose to invest in an idea they simply didn’t regard as big enough. But Lori Greiner—who had already sold $20 million in eye glass products—jumped at the opportunity to invest.

Lori asked for a much larger equity than what was being offered. After some consideration, Rick harper accepted an offer for all of the money at 65% equity.

Where is ReadeREST Today?

The company, ReadeREST is still in business in 2021. It seems this simple idea has become invaluable to those who wear glasses (even those who wear sunglasses).

Within the first year after Shark Tank, Nick Harper and Lori Greiner had managed to sell $1.4 million’s worth of the product. Not bad considering the low overheads of manufacturing them!

Where Can ReadeREST Be Purchased?

Rick Harper has quite the personality, which may have played a part in Lori’s decision to invest in him.

Today, the ReadeREST can be purchased online, but they are also sold in many retail stores that deal in eyeglasses.

The ReadeREST product has evolved to include many different styles, making it a continual top seller for online stores and optometrist stores.

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Overall Score: 96/100