Shark Tank Net Worth 2022 – Which Sharks Are Worth The Most

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I’ve Been Watching Shark Tank For Years. It is an Entrepreneurs dream show where contestants come in, trying to get investment for their businesses to make it to the big leagues.

The Wealthiest Shark In The Tank by far is Mark Cuban with a whopping net worth of $4.2 Billion. He is followed by Kevin O’Leary $500 Million and Kevin Harrington $450 Million who left the den after the second season.

The list of the main sharks wealth is listed below and it is worth noting that Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban’s net worth is more than double the others net worth’s put together.


Net Worth

1 Mark Cuban

$4.2 Billion

2 Kevin O’Leary

$500 Million

3 Kevin Harrington

$450 Million

4 Daymond John

$300 Million

5 Robert Herjavec

$200 Million

6 Barbara Corcoran

$90 Million

7 Lori Greiner

$80 Million

So you can see we have got some heavy hitters in our line up, read on to find out more about each Shark, their profiles, bios, how they made their money and some interesting facts about each of them.

About Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a reality show where budding entrepreneurs get to pitch their products to hungry sharks and hope to take them on as investors.

The 6 minutes on the show can be enough to catapult these Entrepreneurs to mega success even without the backing of a mega rich shark.

The main things the entrepreneurs need to get right is the product, the amount of equity on offer and their pitch.

There is so much pressure on the contestants that each have to see a psychiatrist after their appearance to evaluate their mental state and make sure they are ok.

While the UK and Canada have Dragons Den, these can’t compete with the sheer volume, size and numbers that you can generate within the USA on Shark Tank.

While my school friends watched TV series like the Sopranos and The Wire, I was always hooked on Shark Tank, knowing I would be a successful Entrepreneur one day.

Interesting Facts About Shark Tank

  • Shark Tank first aired in 2009 and is currently in its 12 season.
  • The show runs every week on Friday Nights.
  • The Show Receives Over 100,000 Applications For Each Series.
  • Shark Tank Will Also Reach Out To Exciting Brands To Have Them Appear On The Show.
  • The On Air Exposure Can Be Worth More Than Access To The Sharks
  • Most Deals That Are Agreed, Don’t Actually Go Through
  • Contestants Can Stand In Front Of The Sharks For Up To 1 Hour
  1. Mark Cuban Net Worth $4.2 billion

Mark Cuban Quick Facts

Date Of Birth: 07/31/1958
Relationship: Married
Spouse: Tiffany Stewart
Net Worth: 4.2 Billion
First Business: Micro Solutions
Grew Up: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Descent: Russian

Mark Cuban grew up the son of Russian immigrants to America in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Like many successful entrepreneurs he showed an interest in business early, selling garbage bags to his neighbors at only 12 years old in order to buy an expensive pair of basketball shoes he had his eye on.

After leaving the Kelly school of business in Indiana with a degree in management, he went to work for a company called Your Business Software. He was fired after one year however, when he chose to do a deal for the owner instead of opening the shop.

How He Made His Money

After being fired, he quickly went into business for himself with micro solutions where he leveraged his clients from his old job.

The company was basically a vendor for different software packages and he eventually sold the company for $6 million profit.

Cuban then got super rich in the .com bubble where many others failed. He and a college friend started which would livestream the first ever Victoria’s Secret online event.

The company was eventually sold for $5.7 billion in Yahoo stock.

Cuban cleverly hedged his bets against the Yahoo stock, famously buying a private just for $40 million online in 1999.

He also bought the Dallas Mavericks in the year 2000 for a cool $258 million.

Cuban would go on to form various other successful businesses before winding up on the second season of shark tank as a full-time shark.

Mark Cuban On Shark Tank

As mentioned, Cuban has been an ever present on shark tank since the second series.

He has invested in close to 100 deals worth almost $25 million.

Some of his notable investments include:

  • Ten Thirty One productions – $2 million invested
  • rugged maniac obstacle course – over $1 million invested
  • beatbox beverages – over $1 million invested

Mark Cuban Net Worth $4.2 billion

  1. Kevin O’Leary – Net Worth $500 Million

Kevin O’Leary Quick Facts

Date Of Birth: 07/6/1954
Relationship: Married
Spouse: Linda O’Leary
Net Worth: $500 Million
First Business: SoftKey Learning
Grew Up: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Descent: Irish

Kevin O’Leary, also known as ‘Mr. Wonderful’ was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

His father was a salesman of Irish Decent and following his death Kevin want to spend time in the United States, Tunisia, Cyprus and Cambodia where his step dad worked for the United Nations.

O’Leary went on to obtain a degree in environmental studies from the University of Waterloo before receiving his MBA in Western University in 1980.

During his MBA in entrepreneurship, he did an internship where he learned a lot of the key marketing skills that he would use to generate his fortune.

How He Made His Money

After a brief stint as a TV producer with two of his MBA friends, O’Leary got down to business.

He sold his stake in special entertainment television for $25,000 to one of his partners and he started the SoftKey Learning company.

After weathering stiff competition, soft key would rise to prominence acquiring many of its rivals including the learning company of which it took on its name.

Matell bought the learning company for $4.2 billion in 1999 at the height of the bubble and quickly started making serious losses.

O’Leary was soon to depart with his wealth intact although they did suffer some lawsuits from various shareholders who had their value wiped out overnight.

O’Leary went on to have some success with storage now Holdings and then set O’Leary Holdings, an investment firm.

The firm would eventually be sold in 2015 making O’Leary even wealthier than he already was.

History on Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary first appeared on Dragons den, the Canadian sister to the American show.

O’Leary believes that his blunt personality helps misguided entrepreneurs to finally see the likes and is part of the reason he earned the nickname Mr. wonderful.

His shrewd business acumen means that he invests in companies on shark tank through an investment company of his own.

Notable investments include:

  • Plated – netted O’Leary over a 1000 times
  • GrooveBook – sold after only 18 months of the deal being done and netted a huge return.

Mark Cuban Net Worth $500 Million

  1. Kevin Harrington – $450 Million

Date Of Birth: 10/15/1956
Relationship: Married
Spouse: Crystal Harrington
Net Worth: $450 Million
First Business: As Seen On TV LLC
Grew Up: Cincinnati, Ohio
Descent: Irish

Following not far behind Kevin O’Leary is another man of Irish Decent in Kevin Harrington.

Harrington grew up in a blue collar, hard working family in Ohio before showing an Entrepreneurial streak very early on.

He sold newspapers as a boy of only 9 years old before setting up his first real business, sealing driveways in the summer sun at only 15.

He then found mentors like Zig Ziglar who helped him to take his game to the next level and by the time he got to college, he had already created his first $1 million business.

How He Made His Money

Kevin Harrington is the undisputed king of the infomercial.

He spotted an opportunity when Primetime tv ended and nothing was airing.

He set up As Seen On Tv and the rest is history. The infomercial was born.

He would go on to have varied success with plenty of other ventures, dedicating his life to helping Entrepreneurs to find their potential.

Other Ventures Include:

  • The Kevin Harrington Business Development Inc
  • Thane International Inc
  • Reliant International Inc
  • ResponzeTv Inc
  • H & H Imports Inc
  • Absolutely New Inc

Kevin Harrington On Shark Tank

Kevin Harrington was on of the original Sharks on the show but he left at the end of the second season.

Maybe he slightly regrets leaving as the show has become so popular ever since.

Despite only being involved for 18 shows, he invested over $1 million in 13 deals.

His largest deals include:

  • A Perfect Pear: $250k – 25% Acquired
  • Caffeindicator: $200k – 50% Acquired
  • Element Bars: $150k – 30% Acquired
  • Nubrella: $100k – 26%

Net Worth $450 Million

  1. Daymond John – $300 Million

Daymond John Quick Facts

Date Of Birth: 02/23/1969
Relationship: Married
Spouse: Heather Taras
Net Worth: $300 Million
First Business: FUBU
Grew Up: Queens, New York
Descent: African/American

Daymond John is one of my favourite Entrepreneurs On Shark Tank.

He rose to fame with the athletic apparel brand Fubu, that he grew from his moms apartment way back in the day.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York but grew up in the vibrant neighbourhood of Queens, Hollis

He was part of a program that allowed him to work 1 week and go to school the next, which raised his entrepreneurial spirit.

How He Made His Money

Fubu was born in his moms house, after his parents divorced.

He saw hats that were popular but overpriced and when his mom thought him how to sow, he went to work making his own hats which he sold for half the price.

He and his partner then got into screen printed t-shirts and they would go to major events and different neighbourhoods selling the clothes from the trunk of his car.

Daymond work part time at Red Lobster to support the business and turned his attention towards hip hop influencers to boost the brand with massive success.

He got LL Cool J to wear the brand name and the rest is history.

Fubu is now a brand with global sales in excess of $6 billion.

Since then, I really enjoyed Daymond John’s book, The Power Of Broke. When you are broke it is easy to go all in every time but when you built up some equity you need to be a bit more careful.

Daymond John on Shark Tank

Daymond John was an original member of Shark Tank and went on to invest almost $10 million across over 60 deals.

Notable Deals Include:

  • TITIN – $500k – 20% Acquired
  • SpikeBall – $500k – 22% Acquired
  • One Sole – $500k – 35% Acquired
  • Hells Bells Helmets – $500k – 50% Acquired

Daymond John Net Worth $300 Million

  1. Robert Herjavec- Net Worth: $200 Million

Robert Herjavec Quick Facts

Date Of Birth: 09/14/1962
Relationship: Married
Spouse: Kym Johnson
Net Worth: $200 Million
First Business: BRAK Security
Grew Up: Toronto, Canada
Descent: Croatian

Robert Herjavec has the distinct honour in having appeared on Dragons Den Uk, Dragons Den Canada and Shark Tank.

Herjavec was born in Croatia but his family fled the communist country when he was just 8 years old, emigrating to North America.

The family eventually settled in Toronto and his father took a low paying job at a local factory.

Herjavec would go on to graduate from the University of Toronto with a degree in English Literature and Political Science.

Herjavec worked many part time jobs to support himself and his family and his work ethic brought him to the top of the pile before long.

How He Made His Money

Herjavec is another of our Sharks to make his money during the .com bubble.

He went to work for LogicQuest. A company who original didn’t want him to work there until he offered to work for free.

He rose through the ranks at the company before being fired and starting out by himself.

He launched an internet security company called BRAK from his basement which was eventually sold to AT&T for over $30 million.

Robert then created the Herjavec group which is an online security provider and reseller which has grown to over $200 million in annual revenue, accounting for a large share of Roberts wealth.

Robert On Shark Tank

As a Canadian resident, it is no surprise that Robert made his way onto the Canadian version of Shark Tank, Dragons Den for it’s first 6 seasons but eventually moved over to Shark Tank when the offer came.

Robert is one of the most trigger happy sharks, investing over $18 million across 126 episodes of the show.

His Notable Investments include:

  • Zero Pollution Motors: $5 million – 50% Acquired
  • Tipsy Elves: $100k – 10% Acquired
  • SynDaver Labs: $3 million – 25% Acquired
  • The Red Dress Boutique: $600k – 10% Acquired

Robert Herjavec Net Worth $200 Million

  1. Barbara Corcoran – Net Worth: $90 Million

Barbara Corcoran Quick Facts

Date Of Birth: 03/10/1949
Relationship: Married
Spouse: Bill Higgins
Net Worth: $90 Million
First Business: The Corcoran Group
Grew Up: Ney York, USA
Descent: Irish

Barbara Corcoran is a descendant of Irish Catholics and grew up in a large family in New York as one 10 children.

She had a mixed education, flunking out of many high schools before graduating college with a degree in education.

She went on to work many jobs. Including real estate and eventually set up on her own with her boyfriend of the time.

How She Made Her Money

After finding out her boyfriend was cheating with her secretary, she struck out on her own with the Corcoran group which she eventually sold for $66 million in 2001 to NRT.

Barbara Corcoran On Shark Tank

As well as being the 3rd Shark to compete on Dancing with the stars, Barbara has invest over $6 million of her own dollars on 53 deals in the Shark Tank.

Her Notable investments include:

  • Coverplay: $350k – 40% Acquired
  • Loliware: $300k  – 13% Acquired
  • Shutterplay: $300k – 33% Acquired
  • Tom And Chee: $300k – 15% Acquired

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth $90 Million

  1. Lori Greiner – Net Worth $80 Million

Lori Greiner Quick Facts

Date Of Birth: 12/09/1969
Relationship: Married
Spouse: Dan Greiner
Net Worth: $80 Million
First Business: Clever & Unique Creations
Grew Up: Chigago Illinois
Descent: USA

Lori Greiner grew up in Chicago, USA. She eventually majored in Communications in Loyola University Chicago before trying her hand at designing and selling Jewellery.

How She Made Her Money

Lori would go onto patent a Earring organizer which eventually got picked up by J.C Penney and Lori was on her way.

She went onto to patent tons of other fashion accessories, electrical, travel and storage items and she started to build wealth.

She then moved into QVC and became known as the ‘Queen of QVC with her new brand, ‘Clever And Unique Creations’.

Lori Greiner On Shark Tank

Lori Joined Shark Tank in 2012 and has invested almost $10 million in 61 deals across 78 episodes

Some of her notable investments include:

  • Ruffle Butts And Rugged Butts:$600,000 – 9% Acquired
  • Biaggi: $500,000 – 33% – Acquired
  • Angel Lift: $500,000 – 15% – Acquired
  • Better Life: $400,000 – 17% – Acquired

Lori Greiner Net Worth $80 Million