Shemie Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Shelton Wilder came to the Shark Tank not to pitch her business, but to actually start it!

She launched her business in the Tank after carefully planning a strategy that she believed would launch the Shemie in the most explosive manner possible.

Without any sales in hand, Wilder pitched the Shemie, asking for $60 000 for 20% of her business.

Would a Shark want a bite of this saucy proposition?

Did Shelton want the investment or the exposure?

Find out who they have gone out to be out of business in 2021.




Company Net Worth:

Out of business


Line of modernised woman’s slips


Shelton Wilder

Asked For:

$60 000 for 20%


No deal


No sharks

Monthly income:

Out of business

What is Shemie?

The Shemie, pronounced shimmy, is a fashionable and reimagined woman’s slip.

Coming in three basic styles and four colours, it is a complete under-garment or garment-in-itself for the modern woman of any size.

The Shemie is modern and sophisticated. It is, as Wilder described it, the sexy staple to every woman’s wardrobe.

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Overall Score: 91/100

Who is Shelton Wilder?

Shelton Wilder was a personal stylist at Nordstrom when she stepped into the Shark Tank.

She had also previously been a woman’s fashion purchaser.

Having a foundation in the trends unique to the woman’s fashion business gave Wilder an advantage when inventing the Shemie.

Wilder currently has a successful real estate career, although the Shemie is no longer available.

What happened during the pitch?

Shelton Wilder and two models entered the Shark Tank wearing different versions of the Shemie. After allowing the Sharks to see the product, Wilder made her pitch for $60 000 for 20% of the business.

Watch her saucy, spirited pitch here. The Sharks loved her. (Not Kevin O’Leary!)

Wilder revealed that she had a verbal agreement with Nordstrom: she needed to build up her inventory and they would carry her line in their stores.

Lori Greiner was doubtful of the verbal agreement. She was also puzzled that the business was only essentially six weeks old.

Robert Herjavec asked what her sales were. Wilder indicated that she had soft orders: the store would place an order once she had the product. Kevin O’Leary said that this was just a complicated way of saying “no sales”.

O’Leary therefore found her valuation ridiculous and demanded an explanation. Wilder answered that she was a dedicated hustler, who would make the business work. O’Leary was not happy with her explanation and went out.

Wilder went on to reveal that a previous similar brand, of her design, had been launched with a partner, but that the business closed down. The business had, however, sold $150 000 worth of slips in 18 months.

Herjavec asked why she had given up on the previous brand that had already proven itself. Wilder admitted to having overcome an addiction and being clean and sober for two years.

The previous brand of the product held bad memories for her. She wanted a clean start in more ways than one.

All the Sharks except O’Leary, were respectful of her story. Greiner liked the product but believed there were similar products already on sale. She said she believed Wilder could do it alone and went out.

The other Sharks revealed similar reservations and although they agreed that Wilder deserved a second chance, a business without sales was just too risky. They all went out.


Although there was no investment deal on offer, this was not a disaster to Wilder. She had strategically put a Kickstarter campaign into place that launched after the Shark Tank episode aired.

The exposure from Shark Tank allowed her to bring in $30 000 from the Kickstarter.

The Shemie made appearances at various fashion shows and Wilder got her product into some of the hottest fashion magazines in the world, such as Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmo.

Wilder had successfully launched the business on Shark Tank, without having made a single sale!

The Shemie is no longer available. Wilder is a top luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles and CEO of the Shelton Wilder Group.

See an interview with Wilder here: Shark Tank Failure to Real Estate Success.

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Overall Score: 91/100