Skinny Tan Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Dragons Den

There will always be women looking for better ways to improve their looks. Tapping into this market resulted in a fortune of over £5 million for two innovative women who started Skinny Tan.

Of course, they understood the need so many other women had. They simply took the time to find a practical solution. And they did.

What is Skinny Tan?

The Company

Skinny Tan is a self-tanning product that you can also use to help your body look better since it counters the appearance of cellulite.

The company has grown into a major corporation with a variety of products.

It was started back in 2012 in Australia.

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Overall Score: 94/100

The Owners

The brain power behind Skinny Tan was two ladies who themselves struggled with finding self-tanning products that worked well with cellulite cream.

They also wanted something that didn’t streak, smell bad or harm the environment. Their frustration with not finding a solution prompted them to create their own.

These women are Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson. They were originally from the UK but started the company in Australia where it quickly impressed the market.

With the hope of extending their business they went on Dragons’ Den in 2013, looking for help to enter the UK market.

Skinny Tan & Dragons’ Den—What Happened?

Appearance on Dragons’ Den

Luckily for them, their £600,000 in product sales in Australia impressed the judges enough that more than one wanted to invest in Skinny Tan.

As mentioned on, the Dragons almost fought over who would have the privilege of partnering with the two women.

Eventually, Kelly Hoppen and Piers Linney invested in Skinny Tan. Kate and Louise received £60,000 for 10% of the company.

After The Show

Kate and Louise wanted to use the money to grow their business by making an impact in the UK. The two dragons also played an important role in this process.

Both the dragons’ and Kate and Louise’s faith in the product proved to be correct, since Skinny Tan quickly became popular in the UK.

The brand grew very quickly, reportedly showing revenue of £1M in 2014, according to

Skinny Tan Today

Is it Successful?

Skinny Tan went from strength to strength over the years.

You can now find Skinny Tan products in many countries on five different continents.

Are they Still in Business?

The Skinny Tan brand is still going strong, but in the meantime it has been acquired by InnovaDerm.

The acquisition amount wasn’t shared but InnovaDerm apparently has a 80% stake while the founders are still involved and the dragons are still shareholders.

According to The Sun, at one time the company had over 20 employees and the yearly turnover was a few million pounds.


Kate and Louise definitely hit the jackpot with their beauty product idea and today they’re swimming in money while helping other women feel better about themselves.

But that doesn’t mean the fame and fortune changed these ladies. According to them, they still enjoy living the way they always did, which means their kids don’t even realize how rich they are.

Skinny Tan was probably one of the best investments a dragon ever made?

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Overall Score: 94/100