SoapSox Net Worth 2021 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Do all parents look forward to bath time with toddlers? Definitely not!

Some kids simply hate getting clean and two entrepreneurs saw that as a gap in the market.

Did their SoapSox impress the Shark Tank sharks and general public enough to make their fortune?

Find out how they have generated a net worth of an estimated $15 million today.

SoapSox Quick Facts



Company Net Worth:

$15 million – Estimated


Plush bath toy with soap pocket


Ray Phillips, Alvin Uy

Asked For:

$260 000 for 10% equity





What is SoapSox?

Each SoapSox item is a plush toy with a dedicated pocket for soap—bar soap or liquid soap.

Dunk it in water, work up a lather and you have a cute bath time friend that kids can use in the place of wash cloths or sponges. This makes bath time more attractive, resulting in fewer complaints when it’s time to get clean.

Who is the Owner?

The idea came from Ray Phillips who volunteered at a traumatized children’s treatment facility.

He had to modify a child’s toy to contain a sponge and allow the child to take it with him into the bath, before the kid would willingly get washed. He realized many parents can find plush bath toys helpful too, if kids felt they’re taking their favorite toys into the water.

Ray partnered with a friend who was involved in product design—Alvin Uy—to bring the idea to life.

What is its Net Worth?

The pair used a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling, collecting over $51 000.

A few years ago, at the time the company visited Shark Tank, they estimated their value at $2.6 million. These days, platforms like Owler report their annual revenue at around $8 million.

Shark Tank Appearance

On the show, as reported by WatchMojo, the pair hoped for $260 000, while willing to part with 10% of their company.

This was a company the investors could immediately see the value of, with multiple offers coming their way. Some sharks—Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec—were even willing to purchase the entire company for $1 million.

What Happened on the Show?

In a surprising turn of events, the entrepreneurs turned down all the lucrative offers.

They were dream chasers who wanted a partnership, not part with their company or even lose too much of its equity.

Where is the Company Today?

This brand’s online store is going strong, so it’s clear they didn’t really need a shark to get them to realize their dream.

Also, you can purchase the toys from popular online platforms and brick and mortar stores.

Disney Connections

A huge boost was collaborating with Disney Baby as mentioned on

On the company’s website you’ll find multiple designs with new ones coming onto the market at times. This now includes Disney characters and Snow Patrol figures.


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