Steven Bartlett Net Worth 2022 – A Quick Look At The Dragon

Steven Bartlett is an entrepreneur, businessman, investor, public speaker, author, and an influential voice on all social media platforms.

At age 21, Steven dropped out of university after having the realization that being in a lecture hall filled with hungover students is not going to get him where he wanted to be.

To which he created his frist company in his small bedroom in Manchester at 21. Steven Bartlett is the founder of his social media and marketing agency, The Social Chain. Steven went on to become one of the most influential social media companies to date.

Bartlett is only 29 and has jumped leaps and bounds to become successful. By the age of 23 he was a self-millionaire and made The Social Chain public at 27 years old.

At the age of 29, Steven is one of the UK’s most accomplished and talented entrepreneurs. As of May 2021, Steven was signed to become one of the newest investors on BBC’s show, Dragons Den. Naming him the youngest investor on the show to date. He brings a set of new eyes, opinions and business experience to the Den, making it more interesting and insightful on which companies enter the show and what he may invest in.

Quick Facts About Steven Bartlett

Date of Birth

26 August 1992

Age (2022)


Place of Birth




Marital Status

Not Married


No Children

Best Known For

The Social Chain


5 feet 11


Digital Marketing

Net Worth

£68 million ($96 million)

 Steven Bartlett Early Life

Steven Bartlett was born in Botswana to a Nigerian mum and a British dad. When Steven was two, his family moved to Plymouth, England where he mentioned that they ‘struggled financially in a nice, white, middle-class area’.

He is the youngest sibling of four and mentions his family struggle with the feeling of otherness, which he touches on in his recent bestselling book, Happy Sexy Millionaire.

Steven Bartlett Entrepreneur

Steven Bartlett is a businessman, entrepreneur, and social media mogul.

His success started at the early age of 21 when he dropped out of university and co-founded his first company, The Social Chain with his business partner, Dominic McGregor. The social media and marketing agency was created from the comfort of his bedroom in Manchester, UK. Five years later, Steven took the business public, and it now has an estimated net worth of £600 million.

Later, in 2017, Bartlett created a podcast labelled ‘The Dairy of a CEO’, which has featured many famous guests such as Liam Payne. Successfully, the podcast has been dubbed the most downloaded business podcast and has featured many different British entrepreneurs such as Ben Francis, founder, and CEO of Gymshark and Grace Beverly, founder, and CEO of TALA.

Steven is constantly finding new and innovative ways to keep up with the trends and the new and exciting ways to bring in different entrepreneurs. In 2019, The Social Chain and Lumaland, a German business which became The Social Chain AG and soon after, Steven left the business in 2020 to pursue other business opportunities.

At age 28, Bartlett got the opportunity to be an investor on the hit BBC show, Dragons Den. To date, he is the youngest investor on the hit show.

In addition to all of Steven’s companies, he also is an author. In 2021, Bartlett released his book, Happy Sexy Millionaire which soon became a Sunday Times bestseller.

As of today, Steven (29) has founded a private equity investment firm called Catena Capital and has co-founded an application builder, Third Web as well as an investment platform, Flight Story which is a communication and talent platform that offers companies with resources they may need to build a retail investor.

Steven Bartlett Net Worth 2022

Steven is the founder and former CEO of his first company, The Social Chain. According to Forbes, at age 26 Bartlett’s estimated net worth is £68 million ($96 million).

In 2020, Steven was named in Forbes’ 30 under 30 and have an astounding number of awards.

In addition, he has won awards including the Black British Business Awards and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Steven’s companies, The Social Chain and Media Chain have a collective value of  £600 million. Although he is no longer part of The Social Chain, it is the reason he became a millionaire at the age of 23.

Steven Bartlett Age, Weight And Height

Bartlett was born in 1992, on August 26. His height is 5 feet 11 and his weight is 75kg.

Steven Bartlett Social Media Presence

Over the years, Steven has accumulated an estimated 2 million followers across all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and his podcast. He has built himself a name in the influential world by covering a variety of different topics ranging from entrepreneurship, business, social media and so on. He is an inspiration to many and followers appreciate his honest and professional advice.

Steven Bartlett Additional Facts

Steven is currently a guest writer for Huffington Post and an advocate for Entrepreneur which has led him to speak at universities across the UK.


Steven Bartlett continues to be a success, grow his business and influence young minds through his podcasts and YouTube channel.

In addition, Steven is looking to invest in start-ups and help expand individuals companies, help grow them on a much larger scale on Dragons Den. Steven is determined and motivated on helping and educating those around him.