Surprise Cake Net Worth – What happened after Shark Tank?

What is Surprise Cake?

Surprise Cake is best known for their Surprise Cake Popping stand. Surprise Cake Popping stand is an innovative cake stand that has a hidden middle component, which reveals a surprise.

This hidden treasure is 6.0 inches tall with a diameter of 2.8 inches and can hold a wide variety of different gifts.

The gift pod is a loaded plastic tube that shoots all types of goods from the middle. This popping stand is not made only for cakes, it can also be used with cupcake displays and even a store-bought cake.

Surprise Cake is an e-commerce company with majority of their sales coming from their website and Amazon.

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Overall Score: 97/100

What is Surprise Cake Net Worth?

Company Name

Surprise Cake


Liz Charm


No Shark






Woburn, Massachusetts

Net worth

±280, 000

Who is The Owner of Surprise Cake?

Surprise Cake was founded by mother and entrepreneur, Liz Charm.

Liz previously worked as a baker and came up with the Surprise cake invention when she had a dream the night before her daughters twelfth birthday.

She managed to seal a brand-new cellphone inside a plastic bag and somehow put it between the different layers of cake. As soon as her daughter blew out the cake, ir started to ring leaving her daughter and guest stunned!

Today, Liz works on her Surprise cake company full time with her son, Jordan Long.

Jordan is an engineer and with his expertise they can create the most ingenious surprise pods, making the perfect mother-son team.

Why is Surprise Cake so popular?

Aside from the uniqueness of the idea, Surprise Cake is willing to attempt many ideas their customers pitch to them, which makes them even more popular.

Shark Tank Appearance – Did it Go Through?

Liz and Jordan enter Shark Tank with the hope to accept an investment of $200,000 for 8% equity. With this creative idea to an old party trick, the Sharks were excited about the product.

When Liz and Jordan pitched their idea of selling pre-made and packaged cakes to customers, the sharks did not seem to take the bait, very quickly losing interest in the idea. Between that and the high valuation of the company, they walked out of the tank with no offer to accept.

Where is Surprise Cake Company Today?

Surprise Cake is doing very well!

Although Surprise Cake did not manage to seal a deal on the Tank, they are still doing very well despite it all.

However, after featuring on Shark Tank, sales spiked drastically which helped the company reach the incredible goal of $1 million by 2020. They have also managed to secure the “Amazon Choice” tag, so they are doing more than okay!

Currently, Surprise Cake are focusing on product development and expanding the business.


Surprise Cake continues to excel in their industry and are constantly trying new and exciting ways to make their product stand out and remain relevant and their customers love it!

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Overall Score: 97/100