Tej Lalvani Net Worth 2022 – A Closer Look At The Dragon

Tej Lalvani along with plenty of others who end up in the Entrepreneurial space, experienced considerable hardships in his youth, his family fled from India during the troubled times of partition with Pakistan and they eventually made their made to the UK where Tej went onto to become a successful student and the business mogul we see today.

Tej Lalvani has a net worth of around £420 million as the CEO of Vitabiotics. After completing his studies, Tej went to work in the family business, Vitabiotics, as a forklift driver, eventually becoming the CEO. His medical and nutritional education played perfectly into this new role and he scaled the company to new heights before winding up on Dragons Den in 2017. After making a considerable number of shrewd investments and developing an impressive property portfolio, his Net Worth currently stands at around £420 million pounds and growing.

The Corona virus has only had a positive impact on his companies bottom lines as more and more people invest their money in health products where Tej reigns supreme.

Quick Facts

Full Name:

Tej Lalvani

Date Of Birth:

13 July 1974

Birth Place:



Tara Ruby




CEO, Vitabiotics, Investor


Health, Investment, Property



Where He Ranks Among Fellow Dragons

Despite only joining the show in 2017, Tej has become well known for being willing to invest whenever he feels the price and the opportunity is right but where does he stack up in Net Worth against his fellow dragons, past and present:


Net Worth

Peter Jones

£450 Million

Tej Lalvani

£420 Million

Duncan Banytyne

£300 Million

Theo Prophitis

£250 Million

Touker Suleyman

£200 Million

Deborah Meaden

£40 Million


Unlike other members of the den, Tej Lalvani isn’t exactly self made, he made his fortune through the family company, Vitabiotics which was set up by his father in 1971. The company became one of the best know vitamin and supplement businesses in the UK and Tej would eventually steer the brand to new heights with well known products like Wellman, Wellwoman, Perfectil, Pregnacare among others.

It seems that Tej’s education in medicine and nutrition was a sort of grooming process to take over the family business and although he started off driving forklifts in the warehouse, it is a process that paid off handsomely and continues to do so.

Vitabitiotics has team up with plenty of famous stars like Nicole Scherzinger and Tess Daly and while his father is still chairman, Tej looks after the marketing and advertising side of the business.

Together, they produce a revenue in excess of £300 million and are sold in more than 100 countries

Who is Tej lalvanis Mother

If Tej’s father is somewhat of a success, his mother also deserves a mention as a former Miss India and Miss World runner up

Tej Lalvanis Wife

Tej married girlfriend Tara Ruby in 2011 and the pair have gone onto to prosper together, growing an impressive property portfolio of over £100 million.

Although the pair like to keep to themselves as much as possible, they were married in an exclusive and extravagant wedding in London in 2011 and went onto to have at least 2 kids while Tara also runs a photography business.

Tej Lalvani Bio

Tej is said to be the most trigger happy of all Dragons, investing more times than any other dragon in only 3 years and he has been hailed as the ‘Young Entrepreneur Of The Year’ at the Asian business award in 2012 as well as being the ‘Young Entrepreneur Of The Year’ according to global organisation TIE in 2013.

Like many successful Entrepreneurs, Tej rises early every morning and firmly believes in a work life balance, devoting plenty of time to his family and kids, to be there when they need them.

Outside of his success in business, he is also a keen musician, playing the guitar, keyboard and drums to a proficient level.

One of his big dreams for Vitabiotics is to expand in the colossal Chinese market.

Other Notable investments From Tej Lalvani On Dragons Den

Look After My Bills

Nobody likes to pay their Utility bills and yet they keep coming. It can be exceedingly frustrating to see companies offering all kinds of discounts, only to new customers and Henry De Zoete saw an opportunity, to move it’s customers account to the best deals every year and make sure they were paying the least possible.

Tej quickly jumped on board and they 10x’d the brand within 1 year to 150,000 customers:

De Zoete Said: “We count ourselves very fortunate to list Tej as one of our investors in Look After My Bills. He invested on Dragon’s Den when we had 15,000 users, and within a year we had 10x’d in size and sold to one of Britain’s best known companie’s GoCompare. Tej’s advice and profile helped us build a highly trusted brand and market effectively to a mass audience, all in double quick time. He is simply a fantastic person to have on your cap table!”

Splento – The Uber for Photography

With Tej’s wife committed to the photography niche, it is no surprise to find Tej investing in the Uber of photography that makes hiring a professional photographer as easy as hailing a cab and with the perfect investor-founder relationship, they have scaled the company to new heights together:

“Right investors give you wings, and these wings come in different shapes and sizes. We’ve been very lucky to have Tej Lalvani our investor because of the value added both through advice and limitless Rolodex of connections across a whole range of industries. There are 945,000 results on Google for “product-market fit”, 7,770 for “founder-market fit” and only 515 for “founder-investor fit”, yet the latter one can make all the difference in your journey from 0 to 1.”

Foman Grigoriev, Founder

Hanna Sillitoe

A jump into the well known health and wellness sector for Tej Lalvani as he backs as entrepreneur in hannah who struggled really badle with eczema in her teenage years before going on to develop her health cream and educational brand, focussed on teaching young women how important it is to take care of what they are putting in their bodies.

Together with expert help from Tej, they have been able to scale the brand quickly and impressively together.

“I accepted an offer from Tej on last year’s Dragons Den. Having learned some deals in the Den fall through at due diligence stage, I felt daunted at how complex this might be. Thanks to Tej’s team and their hard work and dedication, they superbly guided me through the process from start to finish. We finalised the deal in record quick time and I signed with Tej the week before my episode aired. Since the show, they have been arranging retail introductions, supporting my PR strategy and helping me to make decisions for the business – big and small. His team are constantly on hand and asking questions is made as simple as sending a direct message, often with an immediate response.”

Hanna Sillitoe, Founder


We look forward to seeing more of the heavy handedness from Tej in the den and his ability to invest in deals quickly and pull the trigger and we are sure that growing his portfolio to 1 billion will not get in the way of his work life balance in the coming years.

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