How To Get Over The Fear Of Losing Money In Business

The Biggest Risk in Life Is Taking No Risk At All

As our money builds up it can cause some serious anxiety about how best to put it to use. Using smart thinking to weigh up the potential options is going to be your best bet. Having a lot of money can be like an anchor around your neck and those who inexperienced with the use of money can easily squander it, think lottery winners. You want make a list of potential options for the use of the money in a way that will put it to the best use like investing in assets, starting businesses, buying property or generating passive income.

There are more options than ever in online business right now and a lot of them don’t require any initial investment to get started.

Find Out Where The Fear is Stemming From

There is probably an underlying reason why you fear losing money in business.

Money is just a representation of the value that you have added to the market and we can always make more money.

Time on the other hand is the most important asset that we have and you can’t buy more time when it runs out.

Are you sure you are not just afraid of losing all the time you have invested to make that money?

The thing is that the time is going to pass anyway and not increasing your experience, knowledge and expertise by taking on new opportunities is a huge mistake.

If we are persistent in our efforts and keep improving our skills, our money will natural flow and increase as well, we just need to make sure we are investing in the right things. We need to move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset where we understand that there is unlimited opportunity available in the world.

The other reason you might have this fear is if their is a problem in your business and you are not sure whether the income will keep flowing in or not.

If that is the case you probably need to put systems in place to mitigate this risk also like making your clients sign contracts for your services etc.

For An Employee Looking To Start An Online Business

When I finished college, I got the dream job for a large pension company in Dublin. It was a safe and secure job that promised wage increases every year and it was really comfortable.

I think almost everybody that I worked with had the secret dream of striking out on their own and starting their own business but the fear is what held them back.

When looking at the older people around the office, it was clear they had already given up and they were looking forward to their pension when they hit 65.

What kind of life do you have when you are looking forward to being 65?

One thing that every successful person has in common is that they have jumped when it was scary to do so.

The fact of the matter is, if you are in employment, you can mitigate the risk of losing all your money substantially by educating yourself for a few months before you quit, learning from those who’ve come before you and making sure that the idea is actually feasible.

The fear of losing money in business is an interesting topic and it is something I have experienced personally in my businesses and personal life.

You have obviously already built up some money through employment or business if you are now afraid of losing it and that is a good sign.

Fear Of Losing Money In Business

When I had just started my business, it was a pay check to pay check affair and everything that came in was used to expand the business.

As businesses grows, the expenses can easily pile up and lead to financial anxiety or Chrometophobia as it is commonly known.

This is more common place than you think, when you are just starting out, you have nothing to lose and you can go all in with every hand. Once you don’t get into debt, you can simply learn from your mistakes and move forward cleverly.

As you start to build a stockpile of cash, it can be a stressful experience deciding where to invest that money for future growth and this is something that can trip a lot of entrepreneurs up, they are not use to having something to lose.

Shark Tank Mogul and founder of Fubu, Daymon John  summed this pehonina up well in his book, ‘The Power Of Broke’.

Entrepreneurs will pass up on good opportunities because they don’t want to put their capital at risk, even when they know that spending the money will lead to more money coming in, in the near future.

The fear of losing money is one of the more justified phobias out there but it can also be an obstruction to your business growth or stop you from getting started altogether.

There are plenty of people who want to take your hard earned money and it is your job to decide where it goes.

Should you keep outsourcing or hire a full time employee. Should you start investing the money into assets or should you spend the money on advertising and marketing.

It really depends what you are looking for. Do you want to have a large business with employees or do you want the freedom of being a solopreneur, running everything by yourself and outsourcing the work that you can.

Just like any phobia, we can mitigate it as much as possible by following a couple of practical steps:

Make A List Of Your Expenses And Eliminate Ruthlessly

You need to be ruthless with your expenses in business. Make a list of expenses in your personal life and business and eliminate the ones that don’t increase your bottom line.

Decide which ones are adding value and which ones you can do without. Are you paying $50 a month for Tv channels when you could just stream, do you have expenses phone contracts you don’t need.

Any software you are paying for that you are not getting a return from, you need to cut them quickly.

If you are worried about losing money, the best place to start is eliminating spending that doesn’t add to the bottom line!

Education Is The Key To Removing Risk From Decisions

Few people know how to make money, even less now how to keep it and almost nobody knows how to multiply it.

With the Digital marketing business we had a lot of money and income but it was dependent on all of the customers and we needed somewhere to invest the money to generate passive income that wasn’t reliant on customers paying up on time.

The best way that we found was through authority sites but we only figured that out by investing in an online course that cost $2,000.

Most people who are afraid of losing money would baulk at that cost and it was the first time we had invested that kind of money too but the webinar made sense it terms of creating a passive income stream separate from my main business.

We money we have spent on the course has been paid back multiple times and although you might think about.

We have compiled a ton of knowledge around blogging and authority sites with affiliate since then and you can find out more about it here if you are interested in investing in an authority site or blog.

There are tons of other courses to invest in like Print On Demand, E-Commerce and Dropshipping so just make sure it is a reputable course before you invest your money and make sure you are willing to put the work in.

Read Books

I can’t stress enough how important reading books is for your development as an Entrepreneur. People have spent their whole lives learning from their mistakes and they have put everything they learned into a book or audiobook that you can read and soak up the knowledge within a day or two.

Biographies of business owners and the books from people who have gotten over their fear of losing money can help you endlessly to achieve your goals.

Check out our list of books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs here:

Invest In Assets – Not Liabilities

“An Asset Puts Money In Your Pocket A Liability Takes Money Out.”

Robert Kiyosaki made a whole career based on this main concept. He stressed the importance of not buying a house as it will tie up all your cash but focus on creating passive income through businesses.

Before you spend money ask yourself whether it is truly an asset or a liability and if it is the former, try your best to avoid it.

If you can put your money in passive income assets they will make you money while you sleep and will require very little input from you to maintain:

Assets Include: Rental Properties, Digital Assets like blogs and Air BnB’s.

Liabilities Include: Expensive houses to live in, Expensive cars, Expensive Clothes.

There are occasions when these could be assets but generally speaking it is best to avoid anything takes money out of your pocket with putting any back in.

Weigh Up The Pros And Cons Of Each Potential Use

Before diving in and investing your money in an asset, you should do the most research possible.

Write down every possible way that you are thinking about investing the money and list the pros and cons of each and give them a score out of 10 for their potential return.

Just by listing each potential use, you will force your subconscious mind to go to work on uncovering any potential problems with each plan and it will present you with the option that is most suitable.

Try the make the data as accurate as possible by doing your market research in each area.

Don’t Buy A House To Live In

If you take out a big mortgage on a house, it will tie up all of your capital that you could use to learn different skills, invest in courses and make yourself more valuable to the market.

A house can’t be an asset for you and the bank and if you plan to be an employee for 30 years and pay down your mortgage, that is not going to make you wealthy.

Not only do you have to pay each month, your freedom to move around is gone, you need to furnish the house, pay for repairs and maintenance etc.

Why not start the business and increase your earning first and then move into owning a house.

A better way to invest the money would be two apartments, one to live in and one to rent out. That way the profit on one could cover a lot of the costs on the second apartment that you would live in.

Online Business Are The Best

Online businesses are going to be far more likely to succeed because you have a lot less expenses, you don’t have to pay rent for a premises, you don’t need staff, there’s no overheads and you can even start in your spare time while you’re still in your job.

Best Online Businesses To Start

Authority Websites

Websites and Blogs that attract thousands of visitors per day can provide handsome returns through Ad Networks, Affiliate Market, Digital Products and Online Courses. Even POD.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing involves selling other peoples products and they will give you a percentage of each sale, if you find the best products and markets, you can earn upwards of 30 – 30%.

Amazon is the most famous affiliate program and it has been around for 20 years. They offer a commission of 3% of most markets.


Youtube is the place to be these days, not only can you sell your digital products and course but you can also push affiliate offers and once you hit 1,000 subscribers, you can run Ads that bring in generous advertising fees.

Print On Demand

An attractive business model because you don’t need to hold any stock, you partner with a company like Printful or Teespring and once you generate a sale, they will create the physical product and send out the order.

When orders come in they go directly to the supplier and they look after the rest.


All the benefits of selling products without the costs and hassle of having a physical presence.

If you can utlise SEO, PPC, Shopping Ads and Youtube for your E-Commerce store, you can have a steady stream of high converting traffic with considerably less overheads.


Dropshipping is like E-Commerce but somebody else looks after the shipping. You generate the sale with your markup and then you buy from the company who has the product and keep a % of the sale as your profit.

Lot of people will source these products from Alibaba and places like China but you can also find suppliers in Europe and in the USA and put them directly on your store with applications like Oberlo.

Digital Marketing Agency

This is how I started out in business and you don’t need to invest any money to get started only the basic skills you need to create a website, do SEO or run Paid Ads for your clients.

These skills are going to be crucial for any business so it is a great place to get started.


Overall, you invest your money for the best returns but also to create the type of life that you want. Do you want a lifestyle business or do you want a large company with a lot of employees.

Do your research and don’t sit on your money and save because inflation will reduce its value significantly over time.